A twenty year old cruise passenger from North Carolina fell from a mast on the Carnival Ecstasy this morning, according to several local television stations. 

Channel 10 (video credit) says the passenger fell as the cruise ship was underway returning to the Port of Miami. Channel 6 says that the ship was docked as Terminal E at the port.  

The area was reportedly restricted.

There is no indication whether alcohol was a factor. 

The fall was equivalent to falling two stories, approximately 20 to 30 feet..

The man was taken to a trauma unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital where he later died.

Carnival released the following statement:

"Earlier this morning as the Carnival Ecstasy was approaching PortMiami, a 20-year-old male guest entered a restricted area and climbed up onto the ship’s forward mast. He subsequently fell and landed on the deck. He was initially treated by the ship’s medical team and later transferred to a local trauma center in Miami. Unfortunately, he has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones at this difficult time."

September 30 2014 Update: USA TODAY reports that the young man "had been on an awards cruise for Macomb, Mich-based Student Painters, the company’s owner, Steve Acorn, said Tuesday. A group of five or six climbed up on the platform as the Carnival Ecstasy returned to port at the end of a three-day cruise. "They had seen a group up there the night before and thought it would be a good idea to go there at about 5 a.m. to see the sun rise over Miami," he said. No drinking was involved. "They were up there talking … and the radar system went on," Acorn said. "Based on where you were standing, it caught Kendall and threw him down."

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  • Marianne Fearnside

    That is very sad.

  • Tim

    “initially treated by the ship’s medical team”… wait until the family gets the ship’s medical bill.

  • Mavaega Mavaaega

    Would be good to have ships alarm systems allocated to restricted areas at all times to alert ship crew when guest are trespassing.. cameras good be a good solution also.sad to here but guest entrance to restricted area could have been prevented

  • Mimi

    This is truly a sad story. Mavaega Mavaaega, I’m sure there were signs posted up that signified that the area was restricted to passengers. The ship did their part to warn the passengers that it is a restricted area. It’s not their fault that someone decided to break the rules.

  • Nope

    “Would be good to have ships alarm systems allocated to restricted areas at all times to alert ship crew when guest are trespassing.. cameras good be a good solution also.sad to here but guest entrance to restricted area could have been prevented”

    A sign isn’t enough?!?!

  • Mora Morae

    Unfortunately no matter how many signs or personel you have in a cruise ship. Most of the passengers have the mentality of “I paid for my cruise, I can do whatever i want” and that’s the result.

  • Cynthia

    Mavaega that’s the most stupid idea i have ever heard(with all due respect) , so tell me something how will the alarm difference crew from passenger?? should we put a chip to all passenger so it will sound when they trespass, or does it exist some kind of alarm the only gets activated with passengers?

  • “Nope” Your IP address indicates that you sent your message from Carnival Cruise Lines’ headquarters.

    My article does not address the issue of legal fault. But since you chose to sneak a comment in about the issue, here are my thoughts:

    No a sign is inadequate. It’s legally insufficient.

    It’s easily foreseeable that someone could try to access the area in question. Was a cage installed around the access to the mast? Was the area locked? Were security cameras in place? Was an alarm installed? Would an alarm sound if the cage was opened? What type of sign was used (show me a photo). Was it conspicuous and effectively informed the user of the dangers involved? If the area was so dangerous as people seem to say, did Carnival make certain that it invested adequate safeguards in the design, construction and warnings in place? Or did Carnival decide to cut corners and just place a $1.99 sign at the scene?

    Ask around your cruise line and tell me what your co-employees have to say.

  • Eileen

    You cannot cure stupidity with signs. People cannot be protected from their own risky behavior. It’s always someone else’s fault, preferably someone with lots of money.

  • Karlos

    Jim Walker, that is total BS and you know it! If people are too damn stupid to ignore the signs and access a blatantly restricted area, how is that carnivals fault? A bit of personal responsibility is all that’s required here. Why blame the moron when you can blame the faceless corporation with lot’s of $$$ eh?