This morning I read an interesting letter to the editor while reading the Nassau Guardian

It was from a Bahamian woman who cruised on a Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ship with her extended family on a Caribbean cruise to St. Maarten, St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands) and Nassau.

She and her family were distressed to see several safety warnings about Nassau in the NCL daily brochures. They also observed a sign on a deck on the cruise ship about the topic of passenger safety and the danger of Nassau Bahamasbringing valuables ashore in the Bahamas.  

There were no warning signs or brochures about the other ports of call, in St. Maarten or St. Thomas.

She complained about other issues, such as the port being dirty and disorganized, as well as the abuse of a horse carrying a surrey and passengers. She was disgusted and commented "how can we claim it’s better in the Bahamas?"

She summed up her feeling by saying: "I can tell you it’s not a pretty sight for passengers stepping off the ship, if they dare to do so after the safety warning about Nassau!" 

I have written extensively about the problem of violent crime in Nassau. Most U.S. passengers mistakenly think that Nassau is some type of tropical paradise immune from crime.  They don’t even begin to understand that the place is a far cry from the glossy images portrayed by the cruise lines until they disembark and it is too late.  

Most of my information in my prior articles comes from the local press in the Bahamas, with my favorite sources being the Tribune or the Nassau Guardian, as well as U.S. passengers returning from the islands with a horror story to tell. 

It’s a change to see to a Bahamian provide an insight into the Bahamas while traveling in the Caribbean and arriving at the port in Nassau,


Photo Credit: Wikitravel Creative Commons

  • Dencil

    There is no place in the world that is immune from crime and so the Bahamas is no different. Crime is a sin problem and until people get their lives together one can some how expect crime. As a Bahamian I have cruised almost the entire Caribbean and other countries and none of them were crime free and for the millions of visitors that came to our shores who were face with with the issue of crime the percentage was small. How come you do not write about those millions who came had a wonderful time and return a second, third and even a forth time. It seem to me that you have a personal axe to grind with the Bahamas because EVERY article that I have read from you are negative, please prove me wrong by forwarding some positive ones so that I can share them. I felt compel to reply to this one because as I read it I felt that you were gloating because you got your info from a Bahamian. As Bahamians we are doing our best to protect our citizens and visitors alike, if you have any solution share them instead of always trying to bring us down. I close with this, the cruise lines keep posting but they do not stop coming because they are MAKING millions of the Bahamas.

  • Bridgette Charlton

    What country does not have some negative aspect to it? Yes there are areas that can be improved as in every other country. Besides the Bahamas is more than just Nassau, there are many other beautiful, tranquil islands to be explored and enjoyed. IT IS BETTER IN THE BAHAMAS!

  • Ricky

    Labeling the entire Bahamas as a bad place because of have one questionable island is like saying “Oh my God, the police shoot and kill innocent teenagers in Ferguson? I’m never going to The United States” Its a very ignorant and juvenile thing to say.

    And even if tourists come here and have disappointment on ONE island out of 700, The United States calls itself the “LAND OF OPPORTUNITY” given the economic climate of the United States I wonder how many immigrants “even begin to understand that the place is a far cry from the glossy images portrayed by the” MEDIA “until they disembark and it is too late.”

  • W.Cobbs

    The Bahamas is like a divorce, you know it’s happening, but refuse to believe it’s happening. There’s a word for it, “Denial”, listen to your attorney —->(Newspapers) Their telling you everyday that your headed for the worse if you don’t change. Our parenting, attitudes, social thinking, corrupted government, littering, etc. But you keep talking about other places which have a much larger population than where we live, do we live in those other places or the Bahamas? I was born here and still live here, I’ve seen this place go down hill and wonder why I’m still here. Because I truly believe it will one day be great again. I can tell you this, “It use to be better in the Bahamas”, hopefully we can make that phase true again.

  • DF4

    Michael Brown the young man shot in Ferguson had a juvenile criminal record, second degree murder as a member of the Crips street gang. The county is trying to hide this information, but the U.S. Justice Dept. is on it. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Bahamians would take a known criminal’s side on this matter without knowing the facts. Your headlines always show family member’s crying over the killing of their sons who are known robbers and murderers wearing ankle bracelets, than having family member’s telling the press, “He was a nice kid, he never bothered anyone, he loved Jesus”. Then why is he dead, and why are the Bahamian police shooting without remorse? This is the Bahamian mentality, it’s O.K. what my child does, he’s bringing in money to the house, yea, but how he does it doesn’t seem to matter to you.

  • Kevin

    Fellow Bahamians, we have to listen to each other and try our best to make it better in the Bahamas, Bay Street is filthy and so are other parts of Nassau. The Port of Entry and Bay Street should be kept clean and policed on a daily basis, but its not happening, as a Bahamian moving around this town I see what the tourist see’s and when they complain about the filthy conditions I have to agree.

    I do recall when I was a child in the 60’s we had to get dresses to go onto Bay street, but not now, our mother would dress us up in our nice clothing just to
    go shopping.

    The truth hurts, crime is everywhere but we do not live everywhere we live in the Bahamas, and something needs to be done about the harassment on Bay Street.

    Looking at residential neighborhoods, the garbage is
    piled up and not removed for days sometimes weeks, but we all want to get into a gated community so that we don’t see the truth, except when we move around the town and what do we do close our eyes…
    Bahamian walk the Cable Beach strip because their neighborhoods are not suited for an afternoon walk and why is that? Because of the dirt and crime, its just not safe, maybe if we all start to clean up our own yard then maybe others will catch on and plugin…

    The Ministry of Environmental Health needs a watchdog over their workers because the work/cleaning is not being done.
    People complained about the new roads, now all the drains are clogged with trash/wild grass is growing out from the side of the vents.

    I have had friends from around the world called to say that they are on a cruise and would love to have dinner on their stopover to Nassau; only to find out that they were robbed because they asked for a simple direction to the post office to purchase stamps and was told the wrong way only to be held up…

    Arawak Cay was suppose to be a cultural centre and they missed so badly and now its a dump and the same goes for the vagabonds whom infest the Straw Market…

    The Straw Market current location needs to become a centre for artist/art gallery and the Straw Market needs to be relocated to Arawak Cay… That is the only way to clean up Bay Street and the Port of Entry.

  • Kay

    The picture posted is In Nassau, The Bahamas one Island out of 700 Island and Cays. Over populated, illegal immigrants from all over the world economic down turn, 99% import on any and everything International Taxes and fees
    money going out of the country.Borrowing to keep the country going 40 plus years of independence other countries 100 plus Oh I almost forgot for every action or decision made by this country the BAHAMIANS who live here and have no place to go and LOVE their country pays for this when LARGER countries with billions demands change of an ISLAND. Every dollar gain is a dollar spent. So lets start with you, you claim to be a Bahamian Like the Great Micheal Jackson says start with the man in the mirror and see where you can help and not continue to destroy you are no different than the person pulling the trigger.When your back was against the wall you made a decision.Every country has problems



  • Dwayne Delancey

    Can someone tell me please,where I can find a beach with pink sand, cristel clear waters, beautiful reefs filled with collerful fishes, a perfect almost cloudless sky where you can lay down on the beach under the open SUN for hours because of the ocean breeze or where can I go to find these Five Blue Holes that links to each other and comes out to the Ocean. Oh I hear there is an island where the large lizard (iguana)mingles with you on the beach, Oh,Oh I hear there is an island where you can go on the flats near the mangroves called Bone Fish Creek where you can catch and release bone fish all day. I hear there are 700 of these islands surrounded by beautiful beaches and cristel clear blue waters some of them are virgins the beach never walked on before. I might be a Bahamian and not travel around the World but I would never Trade, Degrade, the Beauty of my BAHAMAS!!

  • Michelle M

    I was raised in the Bahamas and come from a proud Bahamian family. Nassau is a hot bed if crime. Relative to other nearby islands only Jamaica and Haiti are worse. Crime is out of control and I for one am not in denial about it.

  • tinikini

    This is so sad. I am sad for everyone involved. These islands are so beautiful, it is unfortunate that it has come to this. I have been to Eluthera twice. Although it was in the early 70’s and I was just a kid I will never forget it. The resort that we stayed at has since burned down but we still have lots of pictures. I was lucky enough to chat with a young lady from Eluthera who worked on a snorkel excursion boat on Half Moon Cay while I was on a cruise with Holland America a couple of years ago. She was surprised when I told her I had been there twice. She was really sweet and kind. The way I had remembered all of the people had been to us when we were there. You will all be in my thoughts and hopes for a better tomorrow.

  • W.Rolle

    The ocean is beautiful, the water colors are nice, the fish are happy, but what does that matter if on the way out of the beach after snorkeling we get shot or stabbed? Bahamas, it’s called “DENIAL”. We want to believe what we want to believe, we want to see what we want to see, but the real fact is the Bahamian newspapers telling us it’s happening but we refuse to believe it. How the hell can we say it’s better here? BEC is robbing us everyday, and than keeps us in the dark, the government is fighting with each other, but still VAT is coming, our pastors are becoming millionaires, but tell us don’t gamble, worship God not money, are students want to be drug dealers instead of doctors, astronauts, or good workers. Keep thinking like this and maybe with wishful thinking it may all just go away by it’s self. But the real facts are, that the economy is terrible, the unemployment rate is the highest it’s ever been, crime is the worst it’s ever been, corruption is the worst it’s ever been, real estate sales is the worst it’s ever been, education is the worst it’s ever been. But all these things are O.K., why, because the beaches are nice and the fish are happy; wake the hell up Bahamas!