Disgraced Costa captain Francesco Schettino is back in the news after a professor at the University of Rome invited him to lecture to a class of graduate students studying forensic science.

A number of news sources quote Schettino saying: "I was called in because I am an expert. I had to illustrate the management of panic control."  He later said: "I have sailed the seas of the world and I know what to behave and how to react."

Of course it was Schettino, now known as "captain coward", who killed 32 passengers and crew members because he was frozen with panic after he ran the cruise ship into the rocks off of Giglio. He fled the scene of the disaster he caused, by hopping Schettino the Deadly Buffoonin a lifeboat and abandoning his responsibilities. 

When I think that this debacle couldn’t get any more absurd, this deadly buffoon re-emerges to pour salt in the wounds of the victims’ grieving families. 

Last month, the tan, slick-haired captain was photographed jetting around the holiday island of Ischia, surrounded by a "gaggle of glamorous women" while celebrating signing a book deal.

Meanwhile, a newspaper reports today that a human skull was found in the remains of the Concordia cruise ship, which has been towed to  the port town of Genoa for scrapping.


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Image credit: National Post

  • Robert Barker

    Well unfortunately the Italian government is not doing anything to him and he’s allowed to be free and apparently not a house arrest if he’s allowed to go on vacation and lecture at college.

  • Eve Marshall

    The man is utterly deluded and incredibly pompous and arrogant. I can only hope the jury in this case come to the right conclusion.

  • Stir Fry

    If the students were literature majors, perhaps it could be passed off as a parody.

    Hopefully, the majority of forensic science students will have the good sense to boycott this event with just enough attendees to ask difficult, embarrassing, and humiliating questions that expose him before he hastens his exit from the lectern.