Cruise Seattle Alaska King 5 TV reports that there has been a drop in the number of departures of cruise ship and cruise passengers through Seattle.

The video below features the Carnival Miracle which arrived back in Seattle after a cruise to Alaska.

805,000 passengers and 178 cruise ships will pass through Seattle during the May-September cruise season. That’s compared to 870,000 passengers and 187 ships in 2013, and 934,900 passengers and 202 vessels in 2012.

The estimated drop of 8% in passengers equates to a loss of $30 million hit to the local economy.

The seafood businesses and selling fresh salmon at Pike Place Market are a major attraction to cruise passengers arriving in Seattle.

I’m currently in Seattle with my law partner (and spouse). We attended a vessel inspection of the Carnival Miracle yesterday.

  • steve conn

    Did either of the Alaska Senators attend the Rockefeller hearings on cruise ship safety?

  • John Goldsmith

    What does your inspection cover when you go on the ship.
    How long are you there?
    Do you publish your reports?
    Have you made any recommendations that have been acted on?
    Just asking as you seem very critical at times regarding cruise ships and cruise lines. Can you be impartial?

  • Nicole Petty

    Are you going to post your opinion of the results of the inspection? Are you going to post the actual results of the inspection?