Latore Mackey, the press secretary to the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, was shot in the neck and killed early Monday morning.

Mr. Mackey’s death was the fifth in less than 36 hours according to the Tribune newspaper in Nassau. 

Violent crime in out of control in Nassau. 

Young gun-totting men are on the rampage. The Tribune reports that four men, 18, 20, 22 and 24 Nassau Bahamas Crimeyears old, were arrested for the murder. 

In March, the U.S. Embassy in Nassau last issued a crime warning, advising U.S. citizens residing in and traveling to the Bahamas to be aware of their surroundings and remain on "heightened alert" to avoid being a victim of crime. The warning referred to a number of armed robberies which occurred in the last two weeks.

That was the third critical crime warning for the Bahamas since December 2013.

The most recent warning stated, in part:

"Armed robbery and violent crime remain major threats facing both U.S. citizens and residents of the Bahamas, including in areas frequented by tourists on New Providence and Grand Bahamas Islands. In the past year, a number of U.S. citizens have fallen victim to armed robbery."

The vast majority of the armed crimes are by local citizens against local citizens in the Bahamas. But these crimes are rarely solved and that’s especially true when the victims are tourists.

I remain of the opinion that the tourism dependent islands are "one gunshot away" from the cruise lines concluding that it too dangerous to unload boatloads of cruise passengers in Nassau. Many cruise passenger tell me that they stay on the ship when the cruise calls on Nassau.

I don’t blame them. 

When government employees are gunned down while driving on Market Street, it’s time for the U.S. State Department to issue another warning to tourists traveling to Nassau.  

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Image Credit: The Tribune

  • William

    There is no way I will ever go to Nassau again. I feel fortunate that I got out of there without being mugged. Middle of the day you make a wrong turn and that’s it.

  • Joe Martin

    Good to see that crime is Nassau is such a point of concern.

    Between Aug 22nd and Aug 25th, 42 people were shot in Chicago. Six of those people are dead…including two teenage boys and a toddler.

    Glad to see the concern about Nassau…including pushing for warnings for tourists.

    Will you advocate on behalf of the safety of people who have to travel to Chicago as well???

  • Chicago has a population of 10,000,000 versus Nassau’s population of 250,000. So 6 people are shot and killed in 3 days in a Chicago with 10,000,000 people versus 5 people shot dead in 36 hours in Nassau with only 250,000 people.

    Millions of tourists chose to travel to Nassau because it is marketed as a “tropical paradise” under the “it’s better in the Bahamas” banner.

    One of the purposes of our blog is to warn travelers about dangers in ports of call.

    I think that a family cruising to the Bahamas should know that Nassau is more violent than Chicago.

  • John Goldsmith

    I strongly suggest that travellers, all travellers do their own research regarding where they are going.
    The stops on a cruise, or tours abroad, or in your own country, personal awareness of the area should be common sense. We are cruising next year and we specifically are avoiding certain areas due to External Affairs Department notifications. Nassau is one we are avoiding.

  • Tim Roth Jr.

    I agree Mr. Goldsmith, people now a days have to research where they travel. It’s easy and life saving,on your computer, in search, type Bahamian newspapers, then in the newspaper’s search, type in “Police Report”. You can do this with any Newspaper anywhere in the World. There is no way this can mislead a tourist, only dishonest governments that claim “It’s better in the Bahamas” will. I stopped travel to the Bahamas the day Britain gave the country back to Sir Pindling (First Bahamian Prime Minister) he made the Bahamas what it is today; a ghetto from hell.

  • Dawn Atwood

    As a Bahamian, I’m very glad you are doing this blog, because it is only once tourism is threatened that the Government will take real action. I’m of the view that it is the failed judiciary system that is to blame for so much crime in Nassau, as so few murderers are convicted and placed behind bars. Other than revamping the entire judicial system, I would suggest immediately flying in NYPD and FBI experts to consult on steps that can be taken to stamp out crime. I would be interested to know what you would suggest Nassau do to rid itself of crime.

  • Clare

    To Dawn Atwood, it is refreshing to read that not all Bahamians are in denial over this crime wave that is destroying the Bahamas. I truly believe that your suggestion is a good one, but the NYPD and FBI have to start from the Top to Bottom. Most of the problems start from the corruption of Bahamian government officials. This is evident with Dr. Andre Rollins outburst at the Prime Minister saying, “We need new leadership”. He must know all their dirty secrets to put his job and neck on the line. Here’s an example, Dame Pindling(First Prime Minister’s widow), lives in a $10Million Dollar mansion, and owed $300,000 back taxes for years. So what does your “honest” Prime Minister do, pays her debt with the people’s taxed money, appoints her to his cabinet, and gives her a new BMW. First of all, I don’t see the President of the U.S.A. owning a $10Million dollar mansion, second, if he didn’t pay the IRS for as many years as this woman didn’t, he would be in jail in a heart beat.

  • Nurse Stacy

    Thank you for posting this. I was doing research for an upcoming cruise to the Bahamas and stumbled on your blog! I am seriously reconsidering getting off the ship especially since its just my teenage daughter and myself.

  • E43

    Nurse Stacy, two women walking around Nassau is like two sheep’s walking around where the wolves live. I would stay on the ship from my past experience there. Hope you and your daughter have a safe trip, the other ports after Nassau are much safer, you will both have a great time, just avoid Nassau.

  • P.P1973

    The Bahamas is perfectly safe Nurse Stacey,as long as you bring a gun with you everywhere you go, even snorkeling, use double zip lock bags. 99% of the population is armed and dangerous,why shouldn’t the tourist be too, it will give you better odds on making home alive.

  • CS Townsend

    Oh Dear!
    One could see that anarchy ruled in the Bahamas years ago.
    The government and Police are corrupt and are dependent on back handlers from local citizens as well as criminals and Illegal immigrants. The Bahamian Police are out of their depth but would not like to lose face by getting advice from effective law enforcement agencies from more civilised countries like UK.
    Thankfully, Nassau is seldom advertised as a tourist destination in the UK.
    The Bahamas has lots to offer as a destination but there is so much to change…
    The government has not addressed conservation issues.
    Solar and wind power have not been promoted and are actively discouraged.
    Recycling in all it’s forms has not been encouraged. Refuse is regularly burnt producing toxic fumes.
    The national dish, Conch, prepared in various forms, imeans that the Conch Shellfish stocks are depleting. Turtles are still being killed and eaten.

    Town and country planning is non existant and eye-sores such as the container port are being developed within the tourist and residential areas.

    Hopefully, the influx of the Chinese will support and develop the island of New Providence more efficiently.
    I fear that the crime wave will not diminish until much stricter controls are in force.

  • Carlo

    Actually, I feel sorry for the Chinese. Their investing so much money on the Baha Mar project, and little do they know that all those wealthy customers of theirs will be the new targets for the criminals of the Bahamas. Unlike China where you can get executed for even tax evasion (How many Bahamians would be dead with that law), they will be in shock when one of their own falls pray to crime or murder and they won’t be able to do a damn thing about. I have I bad feeling when that hotel opens, we will see crime in the Bahamas become a nation disaster.