Thomas Dickerson Cruise Passenger RightsAnyone and everyone who practices maritime law involving cruise ships knows Judge Thomas Dickerson. 

For years he has written the definitive collection of law cases involving what can go wrong on cruise ships and during international vacations.

My alma mater Tulane School of Law just published one of his amazing articles entitled The Cruise Passenger’s Rights and Remedies 2014: The COSTA CONCORDIA Disaster: One Year Later, Many More Incidents Both on Board Megaships and During Risky Shore Excursions

Our blog is often criticized by cruise fans who claim that we are focusing (unfairly) on all of the bad things that happen on cruise ships on the high seas. Actually, we are just touching upon the tip of the iceberg.

After reading Judge Dickerson’s law review article you can begin to understand the extent of what can go wrong on what should be a fun, relaxing family vacation.  

You can also appreciate how the cruise industry has severely limited your rights.  

  • gl greene

    I just finished reading the entire report (save the references). Some good reporting of past incidences. If everyone, especially first-time cruisers read it, it will help to kill off the cruise industry. It implies a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt if you board any type of watercraft or visit a foreign country. A lot of the items are things that can happen anywhere, even if you are not associated with a cruise, but legal remedies may be different. I suspect that the judge may have a fear of water and boats, in addition to zip lines and para-sailing. All the same, a good compendium past cases. Warning… it is only slightly easier to read than a cruise contract. Thanks for the link.