Carnival Cruise Lines announced today that smoking will be prohibited on stateroom balconies effective October 9, 2014.

Carnival Cruise Line  spokesperson Vance Gulliksen said that the new policy is in response to comments by the majority of its customers.  

It’s about time. 

In 2007, our client Lynnette Hudson, testified before Congress after her father died on the Star Smoking Cruise ShipPrincess in 2006 because a passenger flicked a cigarette butt from an upper balcony on the cruise ship.

The cigarette butt landed in a lower balcony. It smoldered in a towel or clothing and then caught fire.

Due to the highly combustible balcony partition materials and the absence of heat detectors and sprinklers on the balconies, the fire rapidly spread and burned 100 cabins, killing her father.

Princess knew of the danger of permitting cigarette smoking on balconies but didn’t do anything about it before the fatality

You can read about her story here

Carnival already prohibits smoking in cabins.

However, Carnival still permits smoking in designated open-deck areas, night clubs, casinos and casino bars. 

  • David

    There still should be a choice – cruise lines cannot end up banning smokers from cruising.
    Designated places should exist – I quit smoking 5 years ago, but when I did I would never go to ANY place where I knew I will not be allowed to smoke.
    I even limited my visits to Europe due to long hours without being able to lit a cigarette.

  • tinikini

    Since smoking is so dangerous why don’t they do away with the alcohol while they are it, is it not dangerous as well.

    I smoke on the balcony when traveling with my parents as they don’t smoke. I, like David am a courteous smoker and I realize that all smokers are not as courteous or as careful where and when they smoke.

    But to ban something that is legal is not right. Thanks for the heads up Jim I will no longer have to worry about booking a cruise with Carnival.