Tonight we received information from a former crew member that a search and rescue operation is underway near Vanuatu after a Carnival employee has gone overboard from the Carnival Spirit cruise ship. 

There is an article from Australia stating that there is a man overboard lost from a Carnival cruise ship who is "believed to be a member of the kitchen crew" aboard the Carnival Spirit on a voyage out of Vanuatu.

The newspaper states that a passenger on the cruise ship, who did not wish to be identified, stated Carnival Spiritthat an announcement was made more than 10 hours ago that a crew member had gone missing "for up to 20 hours by that point." 

The Carnival cruise ship turned back towards Vanuatu, which is about 20 hours away from its current position. 

Under the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act of 2010, cruise lines are suppose to have implemented automatic man-overboard CCTV systems to detect man-overboards as soon as they happen. Under applicable U.S. maritime law, there should never be this type of mystery when a crew member (or passengers) disappears on the high seas.

Does anyone have information regarding this incident to share?

Cruise expert Dr. Ross Klein reports that 233 people have gone overboard from cruise ships since 2000.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Hpeterswald

  • Christeen Rossington

    My son Paul Rossington a paramedic went overboard trying to save his girlfriend from the same ship last May.
    When will Cruise Lines be forced to use and have manned Man Overboard Systems.

  • Deane

    Such a tragedy, Im nervous enough about my upcoming cruise. This does not give me much confidence in Carnival Cruise Lines. Surely it should be mandatory to have CCTV in place

  • Khantharaj Vijay
  • andy kilmister

    I am currently on this cruise ship. I know they have to look for this poor man, and firstly my heart goes out to him and his family.

    Whilst I am unaware of how a cruise ship operates, in my opinion we were only sailing at half speed of 10 knots on that day, presumably because any faster and we would have been at port denarau too early. The captain made an announcement at 1:30pm….3 and half hours after the search for the crew member had begun… say we were on time.
    I personally think that with so much time in hand we should have turned around as soon as it was obvious he may not be on board….after half an hour. If he was located, simply turn back around and speed up a little.

  • Mandy

    @andy kilmister

    You are correct, Andy. In the event of a man overboard incident, the vessel is immediately required to perform a maneuver in order to retrace the path it has just taken to give the best possible chance of recovery.

  • Crew memebr

    I’m disappointed employee by this poor company and this captain, who had no clue what he was talking on announcements, first cruise director tells only crew members off duty to reach their muster stations to make count of people later on captain says all crew members to reach muster station, after a while cruise director stating again that only crew members of duty to reach muster stations. All crewmembers were confused and there was a panic among them, no one had clue what to do. I don’t feel safe on this ship, because they waited so many hours after they turned ship back to search and rescue. When they reached point of where they thought this guy could fell they just stopped ship and use lights from the bridge trying to see something in the dark ocean they didn’t even use small rescue boat that we have for situations like this or a parachute flare rocket so they could brighten the ocean and make it more visible…we still don’t know anything about this poor guy, someone could just throw him over the board and no one would ever find out. We don’t know if this guy fell over the board, or commit suicide or someone throw him over the board…disaster…can’t wait to resign from the hell!!

  • Karthi S

    Dear Vijay, We pray that your brother is safe and is found yet concerned about the indifference of the cruise company. Have they contacted your family, what efforts are being made to console the family?. Have you taken the matter up with the Indian/TN govt to make the cruise liner accountable?

  • Barry

    Dear Vijay,
    I hope you hear from the cruise line soon,
    With care and concern from Australia

  • patche Ramkumar

    To all the colleagues and to Mr Kalai friend of Parthiban (the missed member of Carnival cruise)

    I am Ram his brother, may I have some core informations about Parthiban about his personnel condition for last one month. was he healthy ? Did he worked normally? was he happy? has he shared any problem with you? has he talked about any salary problem or working problem in ship? Finally you people watched him at what time in which day?

    If anyone know any information about him, please share with us.It will be very helpful for us.

  • R.Musso

    I was onboard this ship, when this occurred, and the “crew members” comment was correct. This is a sad and unfortunet situation, CCTV did capture wether the
    man, who was the chef’s assistant, jumped or fell, they just didn’t communicate this outcome to us (passengers).
    On my 12 days of cruising, my good friend and myself did come across how the staff were treated, and how staff had been spoken to by higher ranking staff. 90% of the crew came from disadvantaged countries, working on the ship to send their wage “back home” to their wives, parents, husbands and children, working 7 days a week, 16 hour shifts, and some with less than 5 hours break in between shifts, per contracted 6-8months. (This is illegal in Australia!) yet this ship sales out of Sydney, carring approx. 97% Aussie passengers.
    I spoke to 5 or 6 different crew members, each with different duties, I have a lot to say, just not enough space…

  • Elle

    Is there a photo of Parthiban somewhere on the internet? I was on that cruise and I remember seeing a man sitting on the floor of the deck outside level 3 on the first night of the cruise. My husband, son and myself were curious to see what it was like outside and when we opened the door to the deck, we noticed a dark man with hair covering his ears wearing a short sleeved shirt sitting alone on the deck in the freezing cold air with his back to the ocean. He was not having a cigarette and I distinctly remember the dark mood in his face and how I became frightened by him a little because of this. I could not understand why he was just sitting there in the extreme cold. I’m not certain of the time but I am pretty sure it was after 9pm.

  • Luke

    Was a passenger on the ship was very sad to hear of this event and I hope the family hears some answers to the questions you have unanswered. All staff are fantastic on the ship and give it all they have to make the rich, richer. The hours these people do to make many of the passengers happy is unbelievable. Credit must be given to all staff that continued to solider on from this lost as it must have been hard for them all. Hope answers are given to family and crew ASAP

  • Julie

    I was on that cruise, I agree with all of your comments.all so so true!!!

  • Barani Perumal

    I am barani from chennai india. .I missed my friend parthiban…He is very good person in college. ..we r really feeling so sad. ..plz pray for his family. ..When he came india he spoken our old college life happiness. ..miss you lot machan. ..

  • k.sridhar

    I am K. Sridhar, Principal of K. Parthipan during his 3 years of studies in Pondicherry. He was a well disciplined, hard working and studious boy. He was selected through campus interview to Leela Palace Kempenski, Bangalore and from there on he moved to the Cruiseliner.

    I wish to know from the Management of the cruiseliner as to what exactly went wrong. We are deeply saddened by this news. It is indeed disheartening to know that the management of the cruiseliner is still not giving the relevant information about the incident.

  • karthik.k

    i think wat the passenger elle said may be right i would like to know that at what time he was missing at that day and whether he had any misunderstanding with the cheff are with their indian friends ,according to me cctv videos must be released and the people in cruise say that he went to an overboard to commit sucide whether any video related to tat is shown,i would like to see the cctv videos……and madam elle i would like to have a contact with u about this case pls contact me at

  • sivasankaran v

    im v.sivasankaran from pondicherry india im very depressed that my close friend parthiban missing from carnival spirit shipping company he is very good polite man he wont speak lie to any one nd he dont know to hide news to any one .1 week before he was missing we heared this sad news by managament I LIKE TO ASK QUESTION TO MANAGEMENT with out landing ship how parthiban will reach india y the captain asked such a way to his parents. his passport nd his salary in his room with out taking passport how he will reach india .he was very happy in india after reaching australia he called me twice nd spoked very happyly after some days his happyness missing i think he met some problems in working environment….so pls give the cctv videos nd give positive news about him……..

  • sivasankaran v

    im v.sivasankaran friend of k.parthiban from pondicherry india he is very good and calm person he is my close friend.this news made me sad,that he was missing in carnival spirit shipping come the captain called and asked his parents whether parthiban reached india .WITH OUT PASSPORT CAN ANY ONE REACH INDIA????????parthiban ringed me twice and spoked very happily but after some days his happiness faded and atlast missed.Y HIS HAPPYNESS ENDED WITHIN A SHORT PERIOD if u find solution for my question surely we will get +ve information about him…..


    Think your safety first befor you do same think, for all crew member we look forward safe together with your family back home. your family namber isone


    way carnival cut our sallery is not enaught make money from guest, same day carnival will pay….. i hope carnival bankrape soon.