This morning we received an email from a reader of our blog:

"Saga Sapphire. Did you know it has broken down again today off the west coast of Scotland on its six day cruise around the uk. Been there since 1030hrs this morning 16 May." 

Saga released the following statement via Twitter:

"There was a small electrical fire in the engine room on the Saga Sapphire at 10am on 16th May. This was quickly and professionally dealt with by the crew. The ship is currently anchored, in fine weather, off the Isle of Mull whilst the damaged electrical panel is repaired and tested. Our priority is always to make sure our passengers and crew are safe and well."

The cruise ship knocked out the ship’s power supply. 

@eliseislost posted on Twitter: "my grandparents are stuck on a cruise ship because of an electrical fire off the coast of scotland amazing."

We have reported on lots of prior problems with this old ship. Read: More Problems for the Problem Prone Saga Sapphire – It’s a Smoker! 

Below is a photo of the Saga Sapphire from a cruise passenger we posted in August 2012.

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Saga Sapphire 

  • Ian Ford

    It was reported to the passengers that a small electrical fire had occurred on board and was contained by the ships crew. To do this the power to the ship was cut briefly.
    The crew were called to muster stations and the the lifeboats made ready.
    At NO point were passengers required to don life jackets or to muster themselves, indeed the atmosphere on board was very professional, with the Captain informing the passengers of the state of the incident.

    The passengers were calm, and indeed we all thought of it as quite exciting to watch.

    At no time did the coastguard vessel leave the shore to assist and a short time after the initial incident power was restored.

    So the fire was reported to the passengers at approx 10am and by lunch time all were enjoying a fantastic spread as we did with a full menu in the evening.

    Too much twaddle has been said about this minor incident in the press, and with the less mobile passengers on board the lifeboats are to my mind a sensible precaution.

    At least out Captain was not seen boarding one..!!

    I know I was there!

  • Bob Cheshire

    I can confirm everything that Ian Ford has said.

    I was there as well. The fire was in the main switchboard which was contained. I was on Deck 10 in the Drawing Room all the time. The crew were very professional and at no time was there any panic. There was concern that there normal high quality food would be down graded a bit but no – a fabulous spread as usual! The biggest inconvenience was the fact that due to the lack of power the toilets were out of action for a while.

    However I shall be dining out on this for some time to come!!!!

  • pete

    When the lights started flashing and randomly dimming I knew immediately it was an electrical fault with a switchboard. The captain immediately and calmly notified everyone on board of the situation and updated us constantly, we were advised to go to muster stations whilst the crew went down to sort the problem out.
    The ship went to anchor and I think we spent about 8 hrs in total at there before proceeding.
    There was absolutely no chaos or panic as we enjoyed free drinks in the bar ! I heard later that not one passenger complained about the delay.
    We received a discount voucher and took another cruise on the saphire in 2015, a great ship, great food and great officers and crew.