Radio Honduras reports today that security managers of Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) and Carnival Corporation recently met with governmental officials and tourism representative of Honduras in a "workshop" to discuss the safety of passengers and crew members in Roatan.

The news account indicates that the Director the Honduran Institute of Tourism, Emilio Silvestri, said that the meeting with the security executives of the cruise lines "is the result of a request from President Juan Orlando Hernández during his recent trip to Miami . . . "

A week ago we reported that President Hernández announced that he has traveled to Miami to meet Roatan Honduraswith cruise line officials regarding the violence this year against cruise ship passengers and crew members. 

This year we have reported on the murder of a NCL crew member, the armed robbery of Carnival passengers, and the armed assault of tourists and Royal Caribbean cruise passengers.

NCL pulled its cruise ships from Roatan for one week but quickly returned. Travel writers, travel agents, and expatriate owned or operated dive shops, resorts, bars and real estate businesses still promote the island as a tropical paradise.

The Honduran tourism representative Silvestri mentioned security measures allegedly implemented in Roatan by the Honduran government but didn’t specify the nature of such measures.  The cruise line security executives apparently discussed the security measures during the workshop. 

The report identifies those attending the security workshop as Matthew Lewis from Norwegian Cruise Line; Dwight Morris and Alvaro Duron from from Royal Caribbean Cruises; Robert Williams and Jose Negron of Carnival Cruise Line; Luis Colon from Mahogany Bay; Security Minister Arturo Corrales; Research Director Julian Pacheco; as well as municipal authorities and the tourism representatives of Roatan and the Bay Islands. 

The report stressed the importance of the revenue generated by cruise passengers to Roatan. Each cruise passenger spends around $80 in "ground transportation, buying souvenirs, gratuities" and other expenditures during an eight-hour stay on the island.

In April. we placed Honduras on the list of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cruise Destinations in the World

  • Concepcion Menes

    I book a cruise with NCL the week of 4-6-14 to 4/13/14 and our stop to Roatan was cancelled it was very disappointed because that was the main port that I wanted to go, I have been to Cozumel before, Belize I was not able to get out do to the tenders and my husband Been in s wheel chair and them they cancelled Roatan – very
    Disappointed and upset I do not think that the cruise line should I took that decision for the passengers – we should haven been told what happen and made each individual make their own decision. Their is crime every where you go and if I paid for something I should been taking there.

  • Wilhelm Ostermiier

    I agree wit Concepcion in the other post. I had already been to Roatan 3 times in the past, and it was the main place I wanted to on my cruise. I have wandered the bars until late at night drinking some strong concoction called guiffity, fell asleep in my chair at the bar, and was never robbed. The bar owner even gave me a lift back to the boat, free of charge. I love the snorkeling as well. They should give us a choice to go ashore,now I have to come back at a later time.

  • Megan Mills

    I too was highly disappointed when my cruise didn’t stop in Roatan. I love that place, and it was the whole focus of my vacation. I’ve never felt in danger there on the beaches or in the bars, and I usually travel alone or with other girls my age. It’s totally ridiculous that they at least didn’t give us a choice. Roatan is the most beautiful island on earth, and I hope they get this taken care of soon.

  • “Wilhelm” & “Megan”

    Your Internet Provider (IP) addresses indicate that you both live in Honduras.

    Shilling like this for Roatan is a disservice to tourists.

  • eddie dollar

    How can you put Roatan as 1 of the 10 most dangerous port in the world. Mr walker have you ever worked on ships?. Americans should b the last set of people to judge when you have people go and shoot people in cinemans, elementary schools and colleges!!!

  • Donald Lips

    I just finished spending 2 weeks in Honduras Nov 21 to Dec 7. 2014. We were a group of 6 travelling companions which included 3 females. We drove from Tegucigalpa to Comyagua to San Pedro Sula to Copan and Copan ruins to Tela and Ceiba, braved a troplcal storm that flooded our Hotel on the main floor, had to fly in a 14 seat diesel prop light aircraft because the ferry to Roatan was not running and we had prepaid our hotel in July. We read all the government USA and Canadian info…the websight cautions and personal opinions of many people who had never even been there. At no time during the trip did any of us feel threatened in any way shape of form!! We went with cautious confidence and even tho at times there were only two of us, we did not feel in danger. I grew up in North Vancouver, live in Surrey and have worked in Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley and Surrey. Gangs and drugs and bad people are in our neighbouhoods as well but the law enforcement in Honduras where ever we went were respectful and courteous and are trying very hard to eradicate the problems. The ordinary citizens are for the most part much poorer than our standards but will go out of their way for you just to help you find directions. interesting places to go and places to exchange your money which in Honduras can be very challenging! The only drawback is driving at night because there are NO driving rules, they pass on both sides and some potholes are big enough to swallow a small size car but young children fill them with dirt during the day in hopes of getting a few lempira from grateful drivers.