Man Overboard Bahamas CelebrationA couple from Cape Coral, Florida say that they are "shocked" at how ill-equipped and unprepared the Bahamas Celebration cruise ship and crew seemed during the search and rescue mission of the overboard passenger yesterday. FOX 4 / WFTX (Fort Meyers) reported on the man overboard situation via reporter @GabrielleSarann.

They send a letter to the cruise line which said in part:

" . . . In my opinion i think the cruise line should be better prepared for a man overboard situation. What we saw could have been better. 1 we noticed that the search light was broken we did see it working for a few minutes and then noticed crew members unsuccessfully trying to repair it. 2 we noticed that there were 2 boats on board that could have been used in the rescue attempt and only one was used, and the one that was used broke in the middle of the search i have on video the crew trying to start the boat and paddling back to the boat with oars. 3 the music on the pool deck was not turned off for about 40 min after the rescue attempt started which made it impossible to hear anybody yelling for help. 4 I noticed one crew member who I’m guessing was supposed to be searching for the person sleeping. I think that the cruise line could of and should of done a better job in this situation.

I know the coast guard got there quickly but those 30 to 40 min before they arrived i think are the most important only one life buoy ring with a light was thrown in. giving any possible survivor only one point of reference to see not to mention the ability to help track the currents. Please for the future safety of your future customers fix these things." 

You can watch the video here.