Tonight an Orlando television station is airing an interview with a former Disney Cruise Line security officer about her experiences working aboard Disney cruise ships.

WKMG (Orlando) has released a short preview of the interview on a Facebook page. The program tonight is entitled "Exposed – Crimes Going Unreported."

The interview was conducted by WKMG reporter Mike DeForest. The Facebook page states:

"I speak exclusively with a former Disney Cruise Line Security Officer. She’ll expose the Disney Cruise - Sexual Assaultcrime she saw while working on the inside, and share info you and your family need to know before sailing."

WKMG has been the leader in reporting on cases where Disney cruise line employees have sexually molested girls during cruises. 

Last year, WKMG reported on a 33 year old Disney waiter sexually assaulted an 11 year old girl. Even though the crime occurred at the port in Cape Canaveral in Florida waters, Disney refused to report it to U.S. law enforcement and sailed the cruise ship to the Bahamas where Disney flew the sexual predator back to India.

This year, a 36 year old Disney cabin attendant sexually molested a 13 year old girl aboard the Disney Dream.

Hopefully this former Disney security officer can shed some insight into the case where Disney refused to report the child molester to the police in the U.S. 

I will be posting the interviews when they become public. Update: Watch the complete video here: Disney Dream Child Molestation Case: Staff Captain Instructed Security Officer Not to Contact U.S. Law Authorities.


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  • Astrogal

    I’ll be interested in hearing what she has to say, thanks for posting!

  • tinikini

    Sure hope you can repost this or give us a link for it to watch it. I would really like to see this. Thanks Jim!

  • tinikini

    It’s up you can watch it on their site. FYI

  • Robert

    As a former cabin stewart on Disney Dream from Jan. 2012, let me share my story here and expose them even more, these miserable bastards.I was extremely discriminated by my Housekeeping manager Marco from Italy, that fat bastard, as I was fired, because of a fabrication, of a lady who didn’t speak english, and made up a story that I didn’t want to clean her cabin,so on and so fort… Just 2 days later in Long Beach, CA I called Disney office, and told them the wholy story in details, and as usually as cruise line practice is, I was told that they’ll make in internal investigation, the moment they told me that, I knew, there will be no investigation, and they’ll protect their shipbaord officers no matter wnat, at all cost, that’s fine, I am a permanent resident, I live in Fl. now, have a full time job, wonderful wife, and an amazing business that will prosper for years to come, if I would have kids, I’d never ever take them on a cruise any cruise, even now, I’ll never ever go on any cruise, why, for a simple reason, it’s a rip off, they tell when to eat, how much to sleep, when to wake up, they rip you off on shore excursions, on board drinks, and so many other things… why would I spent thousands of dollar, if I can go to Virginia, BC, Montana, Idaho and enjoy a much more peaceful, relaxed vacation with my wife, than being ripped off even for the so called fuel surcharge… Go figure…