Caribbean Crime Cruise ShipThe last thing that a family going on vacation wants to think of is being victims of crime. Cruise lines spend literally hundreds of millions of dollars a year creating idyllic illusions of tropical vacations on beautiful Caribbean beaches.  But behind that slick marketing facade lies danger.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime recently released a Global Study on Homicide 2013. The Huffington Post posted an article based on the study entitled the 10 Countries With The World’s Highest Murder Rates

The most dangerous countries mentioned in the study read like a cruise line itinerary: Honduras (No. 1), Venezuela (No. 2), Belize (No. 3),  El Salvador (No. 4), Guatemala (No. 5),  Jamaica (no. 6),  St. Kitts – Nevis (no. 8), and Colombia (no. 10).  The UN executive summary says that Caribbean countries are home to to 8.5% of the world’s population, but they account for about 27% of world crime. 

I made my own list of the most dangerous countries you can cruise to.  No, its not scientific in nature based on empirical evidence. It’s anecdotal in nature based on information we receive from cruise passengers who contact us and complain about being a victim of crime in a port of call. 

99% of the people who contact us, both passengers and crew, are victims of crime in the Caribbean countries. A few people complained of being pick-pocketed in Italy. But we have received no reports of guns or knives from people visiting European or African ports ever. Of course, ports in Australia and New Zealand are fabulously safe. We have also never received a complaint about crime in the Asian ports.

We know what people will think when they read the list. "Crime occurs everywhere. Just use common sense. Stay with the cruise line excursions ashore." I say nonsense to that. The fact is that crime occurs in certain places far more than others. No one has ever contacted us about crime during a Seattle / Vancouver / Alaska cruise.

"Common sense" is no help when a port advertised as a peaceful getaway has a murder rate 25 times more dangerous than where you live and no one has bothered to tell you that. Some of the Caribbean countries have high homicide rates, one as high as around 90 murders per 100,000 people, whereas the average city in the U.S. is a little over 4 homicides per 100,000. 

The tourism officials in the islands? Worthless. They’d just as soon sell you a straw hat as a wooden box to transport your body back home.  And don’t think that being on an official cruise tour is safer than exploring on your own. A busload of U.S. tourists may look like Fort Knox to a gang of armed banditos in an impoverished country, as you can read below.

Many people living in these Caribbean countries will be insulted and say how can you point the finger at us when you have cities like Detroit or Newark? But who on earth would ever vacation in one of these U.S. cities? Everyone knows Newark is dangerous. But few people who just bought a St.Lucia Cruise Ship Crimecruise realize that Nassau is also dangerous. 

The other problem facing cruise tourists in the Caribbean is that once you are victimized, the crooks are rarely apprehended. There is little justice. Of the last 50 U.S. citizens killed in Honduras, for example, the local police have solved just 2 cases.

Here’s my list:

10. St. Lucia: This island is a good case study on what can go wrong during a cruise excursion. 69 cruise passengers were robbed at gun point on just two excursions. There were no warnings by the cruise lines or the local tourism officials, even though there had been prior crimes against tourists. The St. Lucia tourism officials lied to the victimized passengers, telling them that nothing like this had ever happened before.

55 Celebrity Cruise Passengers & 2 Crew Members Robbed at Gun Point in St. Lucia.

14 Cruise Passengers Robbed at Anse-La-Raye Waterfall in St. Lucia.

Norwegian Cruise Line Drops St. Lucia.

U.K. Couple Attacked on Yacht in St. Lucia, Husband Killed.

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire? St. Lucia Tourism Board Denies Prior Armed Robbery of Cruise Passengers

9. El Salvador: El Salvador is one of a few countries which is subject to a "critical" crime warning from the U.S. State Department. It has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the world. In Carnival Cruise Passenger Robbed2012, it suffered from a murder rate of 69 per 100,000 people. By comparison, the murder rate in Massachusetts, with a similar geographical area and population, was 2.6 per 100,000. Murders and crimes against U.S. citizens are rarely solved. 

8.  United States Virgin Islands (USVI):  The cruise industry already abandoned one of the major islands in USVI, St. Croix, after tourists were murdered over a decade ago. Cruise ships are still sailing to the other major island, St. Thomas, after a 14 year old girl from a cruise ship visiting St. Thomas was murdered.

There are way too many guns, drugs, robberies, and murders to pretend the USVI are a place for a family to vacation. The leading maritime case involving a cruise line’s duty to warn passengers of dangers ashore involves St. Thomas.

Carnival Passenger Killed In St. Thomas.

Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals: Cruise Lines Have Duty to Warn of Danger of Crime in Ports of Call.

Antigua Crime Cruise Ship7. Antigua: Like other beautiful but impoverished islands in the Caribbean, Antigua seems like paradise but it has seen more than its share of tragedies. The murder of a young woman during a cruise for her sister’s wedding led to the cruise company dropping the island as a port of call, but it quickly returned. Travel writers and cruise bloggers tend to hide the ugly side of ports of call in exchange for free perks.

Passenger From Star Clippers Murdered in Antigua

Cruise Passengers Attacked & Robbed in Antigua While Cruise and Tourism Officials Meet.

Travel Writers and the Ethics of Reporting Cruise News.

Murder in Antigua: Store Employee Shot in Cruise Tourism Zone Heritage Quay.

6. St. Kitts – Nevis:  Another pretty but poor island where cruise passengers have been robbed "in bulk." The disparity in wealth between the locals and the affluent cruise passengers often leads to armed robberies.

17 Cruise Passengers Robbed in St. Kitts.

Visitors Warned About Safety in St. Kitts After Tourist Robbery.

Royal Caribbean Passenger Alleges Sexual Assault During Sailing Excursion in St. Kitts & Nevis.

Mexico Cruise Ship Murder5. Mexico: This country has suffered some of the worst crime stories over the years. Drugs and be-headings are usually not in the tourists areas, but the tourist spots suffer from the nation’s poor image. Places like Acapulco are literally defended by army soldiers.   

Armed Banditos Rob 22 Carnival Passengers on Excursion in Mexico.

Gun Fight in Cabo San Lucas – Is It Safe to Cruise to Mexico?

Royal Caribbean Passenger Alleges Gang Rape in Cozumel.

Royal Caribbean Crew Member Murdered in Mexico.

Mexican Violence: Does Anyone Cruise to Acapulco Anymore?

Mexico Vacation Awareness.

4. Guatemala:  Guatemala is not a place where you should think of renting a car and driving in remote areas, as ambushes of tourists and armed robberies are not uncommon. Many people consider El Salvador equally dangerous to cruise tourists.

Norwegian Cruise Line Passenger Murdered in Guatemala.

3. Venezuela:  Venezuela has one of the highest murder rates. Crime has increased substantially over the last few years.

Cruise Passenger Murdered in Venezuela’s Margarita Island.

Roatan Crime 2. Honduras:

Roatan Honduras has been in the news lately following the murder of a NCL crew member who was gunned down in a gruesome crime for his cell phone. The expatriate land and business owners are campaigning that crime is rare, but they are suffering violence and many break-ins and burglaries of their homes and businesses.

We have chronicled several armed robberies of cruise passengers and the sexual assault of a U.S. tourist this year. Like many other Caribbean islands, the police are either indifferent or corrupt. The legal system is somewhere between barbaric and non-existent. 

NCL Crew Member Shot & Killed in Roatan, Honduras.

Roatan: The Irresponsibility of Travel Writers.

U.S. Department of State Critical Crime warning.

Cruise Ship Armed Robbery1. Bahamas: We have been warning about crime in Nassau ever since we started this blog in September 2009. In October 2009, two "vicious robbers" robbed a group of 11 terrified cruise passengers from a Royal Caribbean ship by gunpoint in Nassau. In November 2009, 18 cruise passengers were robbed during excursions from Royal Caribbean and Disney cruise ships.

Crime has gotten worse in Nassau. We receive more complaints about crime in Nassau than all of the other ports in the Caribbean combined. Armed robberies, sexual assault of teenagers and young women, and the murder of a tourist makes this port a dangerous place to take your family. The second you step off the cruise ship you’re likely to be offered drugs.

The U.S. State Department has issued multiple critical crime warning for the Bahamas.

The Bahamian archaic legal system is indifferent to the plight of U.S. crime victims and the country is inept at solving crimes in port or on Bahamian-flagged cruise ships.  

Warning: U.S. Citizen Murdered in Nassau – Cruise Passengers Urged to Avoid Travel to the Bahamas!

Cruise Passenger Beaten and Raped in Nassau.

U.S. Attorney Raises Alarm Over Crime – Bahamas "One Shot Away" From Cruise Line Exit.

U.S. Embassy in Nassau Issues Critical Crime Warning.


Additional Reading: The New York Times published an story called "When Crime Comes to Barbados Cruise CrimeParadise." Written by Michelle Higgins in the Times’ "Practical Traveler" section, the article suggests that crime is rising in the Caribbean islands such as Belize, Dominican Republic, and St. Lucia.

Dis-Honorable Mentions:

Barbados: Two British Cruise Passengers Shot in Barbados During P&O World Cruise.

Caymans: Police in Cayman Islands Investigating Sexual Assault of Cruise Ship Passenger.

St. Marteen: Crew Member Shot in St. Maarten

April 23 2014 Update:  St Lucia OnLine: St. Lucia ranked in top 10 most dangerous cruise destinations in the world (read comments to article).

St. Maarten Island Time: Port of St. Maarten Not Listed in Cruise Law News Top 10 Most Dangerous Cruise Destinations in the World – Destination must remain safe, secure and hospitable.

Barbados Nation News: US Blogger Takes a Swipe at Barbados.

Nassau Guardian: U.S. Based Attorney Lists Bahamas As "Most Dangerous" Cruise Port

The website Cruise Line Fans released its Top 5 Most Dangerous Cruise Destinations a couple of years ago, as follows: 1. Antigua,  2. Jamaica,  3. Brazil,  4. Nassau Bahamas,  and 5. cruise ships.

The website Crew Center lists: Mexico, Brazil, Nassau Bahamas, Barcelona Spain and Naples Italy.

Montego Bay JamaicaNassau Tribune: U.S. Girl Strangled, Sexually Assaulted in the Bahamas.

January 23, 2018 Update: Jamaica, which was not on the list in 2014, earns a spot in 2017 for its out-of-control murder and mayhem in 2018 – State of Emergency Declared in Jamaica – U.S. Warns: Exercise Extreme Caution In Travel to Montego Bay

Photo Credit: 

Crime tape – Crime Will Destroy Us! bahamas B2B.

St. Lucia armed robbery – DBS TV St. Lucia via the Times.

Acapulco killings – "Drug Related Killings on the Rise in Acapulco."

Nassau armed robbery – Caribbean 360.

Barbados Shooting: Splash News/Alamy.

Montego Bay Jamaica: loopjamaica

  • Excellent article. Thank you for reminding both travelers and non-travelers that the cruise world is not all that it is made out to be by marketing and PR folks.

  • tinikini

    Interesting reading Jim. Thanks for a look inside of your personal history with cruise passengers and what has happened to them over the years.

  • Howard Moses

    Just like many in the media, you fail to measure these statistics against the total population of people cruising to these destinations. Do bad things happen on cruises??? Of course they do, but did you drive to work today; or take a shower; or venture outdoors this weekend? All of these activities are infinitely more dangerous (and likely to end in death) than going on a cruise to these islands. You have to put these numbers in context with the millions of people who visit these places annually, 99.99% of who get nothing more than a sunburn and a hangover – and oh yes, have a great vacation.

    I have been on over 220 cruises in my career, many to these very destinations, and just last week sent my wife and one of my kids to Nassau, St. Thomas & St. Maarten (according to you all terribly dangerous places), knowing what COULD take place, but without a concern in the world.

    Do travelers need a healthy dose of common sense while away from home – that goes without saying, but why write articles like this scaring people without some sort of measuring stick as a basis of comparison. According to your logic, no one should visit New York City, or Chicago, or LA either. I live in Atlanta, GA, not so long ago THE murder capital of the world – but I don’t live in THAT Atlanta, and I do recommend that people come here to visit us.

    Please stop scaring people for readership…

  • Howard

    Sending your wife and children into Nassau “without a concern in the world” is reckless.

    Like most CLIA agents, you offer cruise passengers no insight into the dangers of any ports of call. Sell, sell, sell. Keep those commissions coming.

  • John Goldsmith

    Because of the heads up from sites such as these, and the information I’ve been able to dig up on my own, I won’t be cruising in the region. I will be cruising on a Pacific Coastal, and a Hawaiian Cruise.And maybe a trip to Bermuda again. I vacation in areas that I want to visit. I do agree that there are agents out there that will sell, sell, sell. I ask them many question regarding safety and danger and rarely do I get the honest answer.

  • No, its not scientific in nature based on empirical evidence….

    Well there’s your trouble right there. As was already pointed out, you utterly fail to account for the millions of satisfied vacationers who offset the few hundred people who have bad experiences. But then again, when your business revolves around drumming up fear, I suppose it’s all in a day’s work.

  • Paul H. Dirks

    A St. Thomas resident unhappy his island made the list.

    So tell me Paul, what’s your formula for the acceptable number of “satisfied” cruise passengers divided by dead, robbed & raped passengers (as you blandly put it, those “who had a bad experience”)?

  • Juan

    I live in Cozumel, Mexico. And mentioning Mexico as a dangerous place to visit is like saying don’t visit the entire USA. I agree that there is some bad places like the North side. But they are definitively not cruise ports, the only tourist place that I think of maybe Acapulco but is not fair for you to mention the whole country as DANGEROUS. I have visited st. Thomas. Nassau, Hawaii amongst others and like someone else said. It is far more dangerous doing recreational activities at home than going on a cruise.

    Ps. I am not a travel agent. Just a happy cruiser.

  • Marjo Aho

    This article is not based on facts and is misleading. To place the US Virgin Iskands on this list, and especially to single out St. Croix, is totally ridiculous. The cruise ships did not pull out from St. Croix due to crime, they pulled out when the local government raised the port fees per visitor. The cruise ships had threatened they would do this and when the gobernment did not back down they did.

    The IS Virgin Islands, especially tranquil St. Croix, is not a dangerous destination. Of anything, St. Croix is the mellowest, safest place to visit. You could call it “Caribbean lite”. As opposed to other Caribbean destinations, in St. Croix nobody will hassle the visitors to buy anything. You are extremely unlikely to have any bad experience, unless you are on purpose going looking for trouble/engage in illegal activities.

    Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed or just fearmongering.

  • Don Sayman

    All this is very interesting. Why does no one from either side mention the real issue here. MONEY that is all that matters we have completed 56 Disney cruises and would not get off at any stop other than their island. why? what is available at any stop that is better than the ship? nothing! what I would like to know is the ratio of docking fees to kickback from the tour people. key west is $10.00 per head do not know about Nassau. but believe me is only about money. for any cruise line. thanks for reading my rant. 7 so far this year AND 3 MORE TO GO.

  • Don Sayman

    I really laughed at the Howard Moss comment. sure proves my point about money. anyone who would use a travel agent to book a cruise is either too stupid to book on line or too lazy. so go ahead and git ripped off u deserve it.

  • Marjo:

    The USVI is clearly one of the most dangerous places I have ever visited. Hotels are surrounded by high security fences. The murder rate is unreal.

    Anyone thinking of traveling there be sure to Google St. Croix cruise or tourist murder.

    Check this article out from the LA Times:

    “Island crime problems point to trouble in paradise”

    “After a series of robberies, some cruise lines have pulled their ships out of the Virgin Islands’ St. Croix.”

    Our US Navy wouldn’t let the sailors go on shore leave here because of the violence.

  • Paula Girolamo

    I totally agree with Marjo Aho. St Croix is still on the cruise ship route and has been now for several years. We’ve been on vacation down there when a cruise ship came in and it seemed a very pleasant experience for the passengers from what we could tell. People were walking downtown for shopping and restaurants, going to the beach, heading over to the fort,taking taxis to see the sights or renting a Sunbug to head off for some sightseeing of their own. Everyone seemed to be happily strolling around taking pictures and the Crucians were going out of their way to welcome them (or so it appeared to us). I agree that this article is ridiculous— but I hate to let the secret of our lovely little St Croix out of the bag! 😉

  • Don Sayman

    well does no one know how much kickback the cruse ship gets for the tour got to be very good. fess up

  • Jim,

    Marjo Aho’s description of St. Croix is much more accurate than yours.

    In your article you claim “The cruise industry already abandoned one of the major islands in USVI, St. Croix, after tourists were murdered over a decade ago.” That’s pretty inflammatory. Cruise ships abandoned St. Croix “after tourists were murdered”. But you fail to include any links to back up this incendiary remark. Then when Marjo defends St. Croix, you link to a 12 year old article that mentions a 42 year old murder case.

    Yes. The murder of tourists on St. Croix happened 42 years ago, in 1972, during the height of racial unrest in the US mainland, that also spilled over to it’s territories. And, as the article you linked to mentioned, “In some ways, the island never quite recovered” from that murder. It hasn’t quite recovered because the media won’t let it. That “massacre”, of 8 people, 4 of them tourists, that happened in 1972, continues to be re-hashed in the media, and on blogs like yours, over and over and over again.

    I’ve lived in the US Virgin Islands for the past 15+ years, more than 12 of those on St. Croix. Not one single tourist has been murdered on St. Croix since I moved to the USVI in 1998.

    Is there crime? Yes. Is it a DANGEROUS place to visit, or live? No more than most places.

    I took your challenge Jim, and Googled “St. Croix cruise or tourist murder”. While I was at it, I narrowed it to “St Croix cruise murder”, as well as “St Croix murder”. Then I googled “Miami cruise or tourist murder”, “Miami cruise murder”, and “Miami murder”.

    The St Croix search for these terms yielded about 6,990,000 hits for “cruise or tourist murder”, 6,190,000 for “Cruise murder”, and 487,000 for “murder”.

    Miami, your port of call, on the other hand, yielded staggering results:
    9,680,000 hits for “Miami cruise or tourist murder”
    36,300,000 hits for “Miami cruise murder”
    and a whopping 149,000,000 hits for “Miami murder”

    Let me repeat that. One Hundred and Forty-nine Million hits for “Miami murder”.

    No one can deny your conclusion Jim. Caribbean cruising is definitely dangerous. But apparently its because the vast majority of Caribbean cruises have their home port in the most dangerous city of the itinerary, Miami.

    BTW. I’ve worked as a massage therapist on St. Croix for over a decade. I travel to hotels and villas across the island, and apart from a couple condo complexes, they are not surrounded by high security fences. Maybe you were thinking of Jamaica, an island which inexplicably escaped your list.

  • Dave

    Someone on here said that ST.Croix was safe. Lol
    Being raise in the USVI on St.Croix I can tell you it’s not a safe place to visit or live, the locals hate statesiders espically white statesiders and they don’t care much for the black ones either. It’s been that way for years and in fact your chances of getting shot there are higher that if you were in Afganistan fighing the war. ST.Thomas isn’t much better. If you’re going to visit I would suggest ST.John as it’s fairly safe.

  • Peter Ark

    I lived in St. Thomas for a little bit. The island is extremely dangerous! But I wouldn’t say don’t visit. Its One of the highest murder rates in the world, and tons of drug smuggling, its basically a wide open US port. But, for the most part the criminals leave the “cruisers” alone. They know its bad for business. Only 1 or 2 incidents the year I lived there. The real crooks are the cops, THE TOW TRUCK DRIVERS and the taxi drivers. Expect no justice for anything, and involving the police will only cost you more money. The locals are POOR!!! They collect everything from the US Gov’t, welfare, section 8, food stamps, handouts galore. Crime is the best paying job on the island…

  • Elizabeth

    Maybe some of these destinations aren’t as dangerous as described and you only have to be a little bit more cautious when visiting these places. But I can talk about Venezuela (my country) and I assure you people, this is not a place you would like to visit. My advise for you is stay away from here, there’s nothing to see and it really is dangerous for cruisers, tourists and residents in general. The murder rate is one of the highest of the region and the world, being robbed is considered normal and kidnappings and rapes are also really common.
    So yeah, it’s probably best for you to choose another destiny.

  • Sho

    Gee Jim

    While some of these destinations do have relatively high crime rates, these crimes are rarely committed against visitors. Many of your links are from 2009 and 2010 – that’s almost 5 years ago. If 200 of the 25 million annual visitors to the Caribbean are harmed, that’s .0008 percent. Why not tell folks not to come to Miami where the murder rate in 2012 was 69 per 100,000 or the equivalent of #9 on your list, El Salvador? Oh wait, you’re a resident of Miami and this is where a majority of these cruises originate from. There is a reason Miami is a regular on First 48.

    By the way, name one hotel in the USVI that is surrounded by high security fences? I do not know of any hotel in the Virgin Islands that prohibits anyone from entering the property. There may be a security guard that may question you about your visit but these hotels are not like other places in the world that strictly prohibit non-guests from entering.

    Go scare someone else.

  • ray

    well in the good old USA more people have been robbed and murder do your homework

  • Concerned Crew Member

    NCL still plans on going to Roatan despite what you heard. I work for the industry please don’t publish my name. Americans need to avoid Roatan there is no security down there. The cruise lines won’t get it until some poor tourist gets killed.

  • Sk Born and Raised

    To classify my country as poor is an insult. St. Kitts is far from poor. I live in the US and the number of people living on the streets and in poor conditions is appalling. Crime is higher here in the US than it is in St. Kitts. This article is baseless and bias.

  • St Croix

    I happen to live on St. Croix and see cruise ships quite frequently visiting our beautiful island. I do not have any problem taking my 3 young children out and about. St. Croix is such a beautiful island with lots of lovely beaches and shopping. Does St. Croix have crime? Yes, but it is more like Los Angeles was in the 70’s/ early 80’s. You just don’t go certain places at night and everything is good (basically parts of the island tourists on a cruise ship would not be visiting anyway). St. Thomas actually has more crime than St. Croix, but money and politics divert the bulk of the cruise ships away from St. Croix. St. Croix is also geographically further away from the other islands, so ships going to St. Thomas have easier access to the British Virgin Islands, etc. I think wherever you are traveling to, you need to use common sense. Leave your valuables behind, research the areas you want to visit, and map out your route.

  • St Croix
  • D’Jango

    I agree with some statements made but to be honest the Bahamas is made up of 700 islands and cays Nassau is the capital there are 699 more and correct me if I’m wrong cruise destinations to 4 or 5 other islands are there to cruise to that are far more peaceful for the simple fact that they haven’t adjusted to the American way of life so to be truthful America is one of the most crime infested country’s ever city’s like Philly New York Memphis Chicargo Cincinnati Miami Burmingham just to name a few with that being said you aren’t safe anywhere!!

  • Lily

    Stop scaring people crime happens everywhere did you also mention to them that just last month a tourist stabbed a local taxi driver. Guess what he is still roaming the island will be back in the US soon.

  • Evan

    A report coalesced from the findings and opinions of one individual, and written with a seemingly factual tone is rather dangerous. Such reports are not bias free and have the potential to negatively impact the lives of many honest, noble people who depend on the tourism industry to survive.

  • My report is not dangerous; countries like St. Lucia where you’re from are dangerous.

    My focus is protecting the people who travel to the Caribbean and are uneducated regarding the dangers there, not the businesses which profit from tourism.

  • Marjo Aho

    Jim Walker,

    While you are getting your info secondhand from some questionable articles, I live here on St. Croix, year round. I have lived here for 16 years and I know what I am talking about. Our hotels are NOT surrounded by fences nor heavily guarded. We don’t have that sort of need. Unless you are out looking for drugs in shady back alley bars, you are not in danger here compared to other Caribbean destinations. This bad rap St. Croix has is an urban myth. I have and am still going out at night, visiting all the different events and locations, from restaurants and bars, parties on the rainforest and beaches, at night and say, and I have never had a bad experience. I am not an intimidating looking person, I’m a 5″1′ short round white lady, often carrying a big expensive looking camera around my neck. The only time I was “chased” at night was once when a bunch of local kids had found my wallet and were looking to return it to me! Please don’t spread false accusations about our safe and beautiful island based on misguided fears and false rumors. Instead I suggest you come here and experience our warmth and beauty and then write from actual experience.

  • Jerry George

    The other side of this coin is the “Ten Countries where Tourists are Most Feared”. St. Lucia would also be on that list considering that a tourist recently attacked a taxi driver!!!!!

  • Seriously

    Jim Walker go do some research because this is pure rubbish you are talking. You completely left out Jamaica and Trinidad. Dont you know their crime rate right now?? People do no listen to this guy maybe he’s looking for some 15 mins of fame. ST.LUCIA has crime like any other country/island but we are not any where close to what this retard is sayin. People do some research before you just take in what this retard says. ST.LUCIA SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Stacy

    Why exactly is St Lucia dangerous?

  • Caribbean Gyal

    St.Lucia is not dangerous Jim. I’m sure the place you are from has more crime than St.Lucia. Why dont you protect them from places that are really overly dangerous. You are just looking for some attention. #ProudStLucian

  • Nikki

    Thanks for your honesty and all you for the industry, I am just a happy cruiser from Australia & am kind of happy that I did not find this blog until after I went on my holiday to USA & cruise on oasis of the seas to western caribbean. If I had, I would most likely have chosen a different cruise destination

    I am thankful that our first experience outside of Australia (& with two kids in tow!!) went well & we were all safe, however, I will never return to Cozumel or Mexico, I was terrified & I only walked the shopping strip along the port for about 45 mins, a few things that happened I did not fear for my life, but I could not wait to get back to the semi safety of the ship!!!
    Trucks & trucks of army men with machine guns & other arsenal (protecting their country) locals grabbing you & trying to drag you into alleyways & shops, the freedom to purchase just about any class A prescription drug from every second shop, barman that tried not to give us our change from a US$100 for a $2.00 purchase, and when we asked him for our change his look was fierce & denied it & then said he thought it was a tip (a $98.00 tip, NOT BLOODY LIKELY!!!) my husband and I never felt safe & returned to the ship as soon as we could & even the taxi driver was making offers of ILLEGAL things to us.

    I do not want to offend ANYBODY, this is purely my feelings & mine alone, this is just to say thanks for the freedom to find more info on cruise destinations other than the pretty photos in a glossy brochure.

    If I have all the facts, no matter how beautiful or ugly they are, I am then able to make a well informed decision.

    I enjoy reading your blog

    I can tell any of you who would like somewhere nice to cruise, Australia is beautiful, and New Zealand closely followed by the South Pacific (I found this better than the Caribbean to be honest, powdery soft sandy beaches, friendly locals and nice warm water!!)

    If you want to see vibrant colourful reefs, then head to North Queensland & visit the Great Barrier Reef, the photos of this do it no justice at all, it is more beautiful than any picture or video could show!!

  • wth

    there is no damn way the bahamas is more dangerous than any of the countries on that list. the crimes do happen are isolated and random and occur maybe once every two years. i have never heard of tourists being kidnapped in the bahamas like i have heard for many of the other countries. and i doubt that there have ever been 50 tourists murdered in the bahamas in the entire history of it. so please fact check and dont believe everything you read. like mentioned nassau is the capital and therefore there will be more crime but even still tourists are rarely the target of any violent actions and if it does happen its an isolated situation. you dont know what kind of area those people walked into or what they were trying to do or obtain so please please reconsider posting things when you are not aware of the full situation. the our murder rate is an average of 70 a year if that compared to millions in your country and if youre truly that worried find beaches as nice as ours our oceans as clear as ours in your own country and stay there but stop spreading false accusations.

  • Lyton

    Can You tell us how you came to that conclusion? It is hard to take your article at face value when there is little information on how you came up with your list. Some statistic would be great.

  • DAV8R

    You mention all of the Caribbean and Latin American countries for crime against Americans. I read an article from a major Atlanta newspaper, of countries where American and other people of color should avoid. They should avoid those countries, because they face everything from major discrimination to murder. Those countries include Germany, Italy, Spain, China, and Thailand. You are more than welcome to go to Check out how dangerous Europe and Asia can be to American citizens as oppose to the Caribbean and Latin America. I hope you publish your findings on your website, and give it the same consideration that you gave this posting.

  • Miqa

    As a wealthy person travelling to all of these places and living in Jamaica and St.Thomas USVI most of my life, I find this article to be very untrue.I have been more afraid of crime living in central Florida. It is a beautiful region and I find common sense will do people well…you wouldn’t go into a lot of places with a neon sign that says I have lots of money and jewelry, especially when you know that there is a lot of crime…

  • Kristoffer

    Everyone speaking out against Jim is just protecting your business interests, period. I’d love to see an article here on Cruise Law News with partially redacted IP addresses proving the locations of these losers.

  • Kristoffer
  • lily

    Honestly mr. Walker the link you are posting does not mean much since individuals are commenting on their island sadly because you classified it as dangerous to visit. Yes crime happens in st.lucia but it is not as bad as you make it seem. People need to you use common sense. If you go to a country you do not know stick to the known areas do not travel any and everywhere. I have seen tourists do that and shaked my head. In the states you would not go to a place that might look weird. I am a tourist and I have never had an issue with the country. I stick to the city. Furthermore the country is not poor. Its just not as wealthy as other places which is pretty obvious. Miami has far more crime. It is very weird to hear about even st.kitts being here and no Jamaica or Trinidad which tops the Caribbean for sure. Tourism officials did not lie when they did nothing like this has happened before because it really hasn’t. Yes there have been incidents but nothing so huge as that. Check your sources first because many do not know about the tourist who stabbed and innocent local and got off Scot free. People need to be aware that there may be unsafe places in the country and stop venturing off into the unknown. I have even seen tourists get advise as to where not to go but they ignore and go ahead.

  • Adelle

    The Bahamas is made up of 700 islands. Nassau is the capital city and has its issues with crime, but tourists are rarely targeted. The Bahamas sees approximately a million tourist a year and only 2% of tourists become victims to crime. The Bahamas is safer for tourist than residents. In most islands of the Bahamas people don’t even lock their door. I feel these adds are misleading and bias. No matter where you travel as a tourist, you should always be aware of your surroundings and take precautions. Finally drug peddlers are trying to sell the drugs because so many tourists are buying the drugs. If the drugs wasn’t selling they wont try to sell it. Remember, many tourists from these Caribbean countries travel to the USA as tourists and we face the same fear or possibility of being a victim of crime when we go to the USA.

  • Sandy Fonder

    How can you forget Jamiaca??? Crimes there are quite high,before leaving the ship we were told to leave our jewelry behind and not leave with anything expensive, even on tour a local told us how dangerous there was..To many things written about other places to instill fear in us, just have to be aware of surroundings, cautious, and use common sense and please dont go into any back allies for illegal activities. The U.S. Virgin Islands rarely trouble the crusiers, mainly local get into trouble and never have I seen hotels fenced, thats a bold face lie. I’ve visitef most of the islands listed and had a wonderful enjoyable time, even in the Bahamas…happy cruiser .

  • ~K.Henry

    Firstly, well written article Mr Walker, but just to point out, some of the countries in your list are NOT of the Caribbean. Oh boy, do you appear to be OUT TO GET to get the Caribbean! That’s quite a portentous strive indeed to low rate the Caribbean, sort of vindictive as well, as though you have been wronged as a result of unfortunate Caribbean events. If so be the case, I extend sympathy, but do NOT use your personal experiences to potray the Caribbean for what isn’t; it is eminently a paradise and stands by that title unquestionably, the WHOLE of it! You don’t expect because a place is adjudged to be a paradise that it is completely factored out as not being prone to crime now do you Mr Walker? Because you come across to be quite unreasonable to me and I’m sure to many other Caribbean lovers. Every country has crime, some higher than others, and these events are inevitable if you ask me. Caribbean people vacation in the US don’t they? But I guess your defence would be ” The US is not deemed a paradise” right? Wrong, because for many Caribbean people the vacation expectations are somewhat mutual, they expect a paradise when the go to the US compared to their little island home, that doesn’t mean that they should think they’re exempted from witnessing or being victims of crime. All I’m trying to say Mr Walker, is there is not enough justification and reasoning to strip the “Paradise” badge off these countries. Come better!

  • rohan

    I am a saint Lucian, reading this you would think that crime only happens in the caribbean. Like any other places in the world saint lucians are robbed murdered while on vacation, why dont you post when persons are been robbed and killed while on vacation in the US. Its unfortunate that this may have happened but to single out countries is wrong. what makes the US or Europe safer for vacation.

  • Ellie

    We feel the same way when visiting the U.S. Last summer when my family and I went away I was terrified staying in Florida especially going to malls and shops after hearing about all the gruesome murders and kidnaps that happens there. I guess everyone feels that way when visiting another country but I sure that The Bahamas is 10x more safer than any other place in the U.S. And FYI The Bahamas is not in the Caribbean sea so it is not a Caribbean country.

  • dee

    Good article but a bit sensational. St.Lucia is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve been to several times with no incident. We can find crime statistics all to nullify a visit to almost anywhere in the world. I agree with K.Henry, it seems as if there is an agenda to paint a negative picture of the Caribbean and South America. I am headed to St.Lucia and St.Kitts this summer and looking forward to it.

  • L.Henry

    Are you kidding me?? Did you get up one morning and just decided to take a piss on some of these islands, where are your stats? and please don’t tell me its one news clipping. Are you saying that walking down the wrong Street in New York or Florida won’t get you jacked? Everywhere in the world has crime unless you’re living in a vacuum with the guy on your shoulder telling you to write this article. Some of these places mentioned on your “list” should come together and sue you for attempting to destroy their tourism industry.

  • Mr. L Henry:

    You are from St. Lucia.

    Who is the “guy on my shoulder” telling me to write the article?

    Where are the stats? 69 U.S. cruise passengers robbed at gunpoint and 2 U.K. tourists on yacht attacked, one dead. What other stats do you need?

    This article describes “. . . . St Lucia, where drug money and easy access to guns fuel one of the world’s highest murder rates.”

    Good luck with your lawsuit.

  • Anthony Moseley

    *bahamian with no criminal history and officer in her majesty’s navy.

  • CC

    60 U.S. cruise passengers robbed at gunpoint? Where do you get your stats from? Made it up? I wonder where the US stands…the nation of serial killers and rapist…let us talk about that…Irresponsible “journalism”.

  • Bessie Carey

    I agree with the above the united states is one of the worst countries in the world for crime Florida is at the top so why talk about the Caribbean Nassau is like any where in the world you just don’t go wandering in places you no nothing about go with a guide or a group,it is the same as anywhere else in the world why don’t you give the murders in each state in the U.S. every day.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly i cant see how Jamaica didnt make your list like seriously the Bahamas is not the most dangerous place in the Carribean and you have to realize that Nassau is not the Bahamas it is apart of the Bahamas plus the Bahamas and places in the Carribean are just like other places in the world it is not gonna be all perfect only difference is that they are basically in the tropic zone so the weather and beaches are really nice almost all year round. You say as soon as you enter the ports of Nassau are offered drugs and that my friend is indeed not true and even if it happens once or twice its not like it hasnt happened in places in the U.S and i’m confident that it happens in Jamaica. What im saying is that these places arent as bad as you label them and that you cant go to these places expecting paradise simply because youre going to have problems no matter where you are but may i add that these places sre indeed truly beautiful. Oh yeah and you cant go somewhere, anywhere, and expect it to be peachy and perfect and not be concerned that something might happen

  • Nassau is not the entire Bahamas. Yes a few bad apples spoiled the bunch, but overall it is not a bad place to visit. It is only fair that people who actually are afraid of coming to the Bahamas also find out about their options.

    Consequently, I have written a brief article that exposes alternative islands within the Bahamas. Also which islands to visit according to the purpose of your trip.

    I might be a Bahamas native but I have traveled to half of the “Most Dangerous Cruise Destinations in the World” (St Kitts, USVI, Mexico, Nassau & Honduras).

    I know Jamaica is not on your list but, I was scared to death about going to Jamaica the 1st time because of articles like this one. Articles like this are still good in a way because it heightens an awareness of safety. Like I said earlier, I just feel sorry for whoever has yet to experience beautiful destinations.

    Honestly, it was scarier for me to travel to Florida like someone else said earlier, but what good is pointing fingers right now?

    I say “to each his own.” Take safety precautions where ever you go in the World. By the way I look forward to my next cruise to the Bahamas because I like seeing what other cruise passengers see 1st hand.

  • Mariela G

    I don’t think it’s fair you made this list making it seem like these places are so horrible the facts remain crime is everywhere I live Nassau and yes crime is high but also as a citizen and resident speaking from what I see most visitors don’t take heed and like venturing out to strange places where they stand out I’m not giving the criminals the right but this goes with sense when I travel whether it be to the US or other countries I take heed to the warnings and next time when you make a list don’t make it bias make sure talk about the good and bad because we have soooooo many visitors who have an excellent experience here and they keep returning vs the ones who have a bad experiences

  • look the caribbean have more then these so call crime u talking about im from jamaica and live in the turks and caicos island to be honest the caribbean is a nice place to go and have a vacation we have grate food music we have alot to after all u do is scaring these people i think u should double check before u put out something like this the usa have more crime in the world then any were i watch cnn news everyday and haft of the things that happen there dont happen in the caribbean maybe u posting about things that happen 20 to 30 years ago im a proud jamaican a proud caribbean no matter what you say u cant change people minds from these lovely island i wish more people would come to the turks and caicos island im a bartender i work private villas if u every come here hit me up for a 1 to 2 weeks gettting spoiled add me on facebook leighton jr dixon email me

  • Mel

    Here it’s the true as North American citizen born in venezuela and married to a Bahamian I’m sorry to be rude but you have no flipping idea I travel everywhere and you post venezuela 3er and Honduras 2 and Mexico 5 are you f:$&@ serious man tell and don’t lie have you ever been in venezuela? I guest not because it’s the most dangers place in the world. Bahamas it’s beatifull and the people it’s so much nicer then New Yorkers it’s for sure!!! It May be crime like everywhere but you are just getting pay to post and get 5 minutes of fame do me a favor and put yourself in a bubble and never travel out US. It’s simple some Americans are to easy to ROB because when some Americans travel they think they are in Disney land come on have some common sence.


    Honestly you’re say these places are dangerous but when you look at the crime rate in the United States of American it is calculated to more crime then in these 10 countries. You can not be judgmental when you have crime in your own backyard…. In my opinion we the 10 countries our doing better then the U.S

  • Larone Sands

    I bet the Bahamas has more complaints than all the other destinations combined because it gets more tourist (over 6 million) than all the destinations combined. In most islands of the Bahamas people still leave their doors unlocked. 90% of murders in the Bahamas are criminal on criminal and occur in the few ghetto areas of new providence which is one of 700 islands. Jim you are so close, why don’t you take trip to the exuma land and sea park or Bimini or San salvador and see what you are trying to scare people away from. All someone has to do is take one trip to an out island in the bahamas and they would realize there is something off about this site. The genuine warmth and kindness those people display can only be found it remote towns in the US if it even exist there. I know you are trying to advertise your services but this is not fair to the hard working people of the Bahamas or any of the peace loving countries on the list.

  • Robbed in Ft lauderdale

    My rental car was broken into while on vacation in Ft lauderdale FL with my family and all my goods were stolen. Apparently there is some sort of theft ring going on in Florida!… I traveled to Miami two weeks ago and someone attempted to break into my car again!! Luckily I didn’t have anything in it this time!! Spoke with the rental car clerk and she said vehicle break ins are common place now in Florida!! travelers be warned!!!

  • Marcus

    I was robbed at gunpoint in Nicaragua. Can’t believe that Nicaragua is not on the list.

  • Lorraine Lewis

    …it is articles like these with baseless facts that cause so much damage. Everywhere you go there is always the possibility something will happen…fact.., but bloggers like this one makes it seem like the Caribbean natives are nothing but thugs and bandits. Get your facts right and stop casting aspirations of the people in the Caribbean and its law enforcement agencies.

  • Proud Bahamian

    As a Bahamian, I am quite annoyed with your post. I have traveled all over the world and quite frankly when you travel to a foreign land, there are certain precautions that you must take to ensure your safety. Many tourist frequent The Bahamas each year and it’s unfortunate that a small percentage of tourist, fall victim to crime. However I can tell you that The Bahamas is one of the most friendly and safe countries that you can come across for tourist. Tourism is our number one industry and we value our tourist. When they come to our shores, we treat them with love and make them feel extra special being that they are away from home. Yes, like many countries there is a crime problem in Nassau Bahamas( The City) but the crime problem is not against tourist. In fact, Tourist are more safe in our country then the natives. In the tourist destinations like downtown Nassau, you see police from sunrise to sunset walking and patrolling the downttown area on feet and bicycles ensuring the safety of the tourists that come to our beautiful country. You must realize that New Providence is only one out of seven hundred (1/700) islands in The Bahamas and we have various cruise ports that tourist can visit other then Nassau. There are certain places in America that one will not go to despite living there or the time that one chooses to be in those areas.I have seen tourist all over this little island of Nassau some seek adventure and venture into over the hill areas however, when motorist on the streets of Nassau and natives see tourist in areas far away from the cruise ports, we simply tell them to turn around. Despite being on vacation, we must be not let our guards down 100% . We welcome all visitors to our country because it is simply better in The Bahamas. If you want to get away from the city Nassau, there are many other islands that you can visit with a smaller population and where you can literally sleep with your door open and still be safe.

  • Nnik Lashley

    I find this story very disturbing due to the fact that Mr. Walker has jumped onto the band wagon of Fear News Gets you noticed.

    Well done.

    We have cases in some of these islands that are singular events in nature or a few.

    Its funny You don’t have Miami or FT Lauderdale at the very top of your list. This is a cruise stop/ boarding point is it not.

    Why dont you do a piece on how dangerous it is in Miami. I would love to see your article and statistics. I would have to reserve an afternoon for this as I assume it will be of great length.

    I would like to leave you with a simple quote I got from the internet

  • crys


  • Claire (BWB)

    My thing is, Nassau isn’t the ENTIRE Bahamas and many, MANY cruise ships stop off on other islands. Instead of naming countries, maybe you should name cities. Where I’m from the murder rate is non-existant and I live in The Bahamas. So, maybe islands or cities not countries.

  • Kristoffer

    A lot of people must live in St. Lucia, judging by the protection of their businesses they’re doing here.

  • tommy francis

    When you report on the Bahamas remember that the Bahamas is not just Nassau it is hundreds of islands and cays. Nassau is a city and the criminals there act as such you have islands lick the Berry Islands the Abaco’s and Grand Bahama that are great cruise destinations. And the Bahamas is not a part of the Caribbean.

  • Shacara

    I wonder how much money Mr. Walker got paid to write this ridiculous and defamatory article. Does he make money when people comment on this page too? Some people are just shameless

  • David Lynch

    There are books written about Barbados. One in particular, BARBADOS THE TERRIBLE. It is a very secretive society and most tourist crimes are NOT reported as tourism is the bread and butter of that island. Word is getting out slowly, so thank you for this article.


    BARBADOS is more dangerous than people know and with unemployment rates going up, crime against tourists have gone up. Not all tourist crime is reported, and they are given free airfare and hotel stays to keep silent and return to the island.

  • Tamar Green

    Crime is a part of life. The United States of America must be the CRIME Capital of the world with murders happening every second!!!!!! ALSO Nassau is not the BAHAMAS!!!! The Bahamas is 700 beautiful crime free Islands and Cays! No 1 in crime RIDICULOUS!!! Military officers don’t police our beaches or streets. I live on the Island of Grand Bahama in the Bahamas and I sleep with my door not only unlock but open without fear. Other Islands of the Bahamas such as the Exumas, the Abacos, San Salvador, Inagua, Mayaguana, Rum Cay, Cat Island, Crooked Island just to name a few where residents and
    tourist alike can relax , unwind and enjoy themselves without threat from any kind of harm. A few bad incidents on one Island does not dictate the state of all the other Islands!!! 700+ of them.

  • Mark B.A.Thompson, Barbados

    BARBADOS. Yes, Barbados flies under the radar as under reporting and payoffs go unreported in tourist crime.

  • Kristoffer

    Shacara, I wonder how much money you think you’re bringing in by defending your business interests? BTW, to all those whining about the USA’s crime rate, “Doctor, heal thyself”!

  • Sasha king

    jim walker im St lucian citizen and I’m wondering if you’ve actually traveled to each of these islands, did you a friend or family member were a victim of any dangerous crime there?. if you flew did you have to pass through any metal detectors fingerprint or searched ?or were you compensated to write this article and how much did you get paid ? I don’t understand at all because …After reading your entire article I was disappointed with your clearly biased viewpoints regarding tourist cruise visits to these specific places. I agree with your pointers on remaining safe because it is very possible to get robbed or worst during what should be a pleasant experience of a vacation in far off places.., however what would be wise ,useful and advisable at any location on the planet even close to ones to be aware of your surroundings, don’t wander off unaccompanied ,notify authorities of your travel directions,keep in touch and try to remain safe …unfortunately bad things happen everywhere.It would have been a much better article or opinion piece if you gave consideration to the appeal of visiting these beautiful places and applying some common sense and a taking into consideration what the economic state of the places you choose to visit may present…a deal for a tourist ..with a lot of Euros or US$ but may be an uncomfortable reminder to the struggling island population of their own hard daily struggle for survival under harsh economic influences…Would you suggest that people stop visiting these islands? Or not travel to places that may be at times does not help to be critical without offering an option for some solution…
    FYI .until recent st lucia was voted best honey moon destinations .top ten most interesting places in the world to visit by a popular travel magazine .we have the 5 th best jazz festival in the world going on twenty two years without any major crime or robery like you portraying . I’ve sujested and recommended t lucia to lots of my customers Co works and friends because I’m confident feel safe and know they would have a great time so you one man opinion or your copycat article from a fictional victims family trying to destroy st lucia and the neighboring islands will not work .St lucia simply beautifull helen of the west as its been named because of its natural beauty will have fans regardless and will always attract visitors . like the usa is the world’s highest country on Crime and most unsafe to visit .people will come for the experiences. Being a victim of arm robbery , pick pocketing knowing and reading so much on the news in the entire us especially the states like your hometown FLORIDA CHICAGO NY LA I Will never bash and discourage anyone to visit .If I did I’d get a petition agaist me for no reentry .that’s what they should do to you in the caribean mr grinch. All the mass and serial killings are the in which some victims are from the Caribbean are any of the suspects from any of your listed islands.and in fact there are islands with 150 murders first two weeks of the year why wasn’t them mentioned again did thwy pay you to write this ?you are actually using three seperate incidents one fatality and making it seem like its all murders were any of these so call 50 plus people phyically hurt????😡 Sigh shame on you .

  • Sasha king

    jim walker im St lucian citizen and I’m wondering if you’ve actually traveled to each of these islands, did you a friend or family member were a victim of any dangerous crime there?. if you flew did you have to pass through any metal detectors fingerprint or searched ?or were you compensated to write this article and how much did you get paid ? I don’t understand at all because …After reading your entire article I was disappointed with your clearly biased viewpoints regarding tourist cruise visits to these specific places. I agree with your pointers on remaining safe because it is very possible to get robbed or worst during what should be a pleasant experience of a vacation in far off places.., however what would be wise ,useful and advisable at any location on the planet even close to ones to be aware of your surroundings, don’t wander off unaccompanied ,notify authorities of your travel directions,keep in touch and try to remain safe …unfortunately bad things happen everywhere.It would have been a much better article or opinion piece if you gave consideration to the appeal of visiting these beautiful places and applying some common sense and a taking into consideration what the economic state of the places you choose to visit may present…a deal for a tourist ..with a lot of Euros or US$ but may be an uncomfortable reminder to the struggling island population of their own hard daily struggle for survival under harsh economic influences…Would you suggest that people stop visiting these islands? Or not travel to places that may be at times does not help to be critical without offering an option for some solution…
    FYI .until recent st lucia was voted best honey moon destinations .top ten most interesting places in the world to visit by a popular travel magazine .we have the 5 th best jazz festival in the world going on twenty two years without any major crime or robery like you portraying . I’ve sujested and recommended t lucia to lots of my customers Co works and friends because I’m confident feel safe and know they would have a great time so you one man opinion or your copycat article from a fictional victims family trying to destroy st lucia and the neighboring islands will not work .St lucia simply beautifull helen of the west as its been named because of its natural beauty will have fans regardless and will always attract visitors . like the usa is the world’s highest country on Crime and most unsafe to visit .people will come for the experiences. Being a victim of arm robbery , pick pocketing knowing and reading so much on the news in the entire us especially the states like your hometown FLORIDA CHICAGO NY LA I Will never bash and discourage anyone to visit .If I did I’d get a petition agaist me for no reentry .that’s what they should do to you in the caribean mr grinch. All the mass and serial killings are the in which some victims are from the Caribbean are any of the suspects from any of your listed islands.and in fact there are islands with 150 murders first two weeks of the year why wasn’t them mentioned again did thwy pay you to write this ?you are actually using three seperate incidents one fatality and making it seem like its all murders were any of these so call 50 plus people phyically hurt????😡 Sigh shame on you .

  • Helen

    Crime is every. America crime is to the point you and your family can be in a restaurant on a school campus or in a mall, even at a hospital and loose your life all at one time. Do we not understand that only God can keep you safe. You can loose your life any place and at any time. Why fear man who can kill only the body, but not fear the one who can kill both body and soul.

  • Joannei Campos

    I am very disappointed in the manner in which this article is composed and in the shakiness of its content. How dangerous is it to fly, or drive or walk anywhere on this planet??? Life is a daily danger and making the Caribbean countries appear as awful destinations doesn’t make life any better for all these tourists. Have you stopped to think of all the pollution that these tourists bring to these countries, the mean fees they pay to tour guides in comparison to other first class countries? There is a reason why tourists choose to visit these places, and it is a fact that no matter how awful this article is composed, the Caribbean countries are heavens, pure and untouched jewels like no other place.

  • Anonymous

    I notice you listed Belize in the 1st part but Bze is safe when it comes to cruise tourism also.

  • Frequent Traveler

    It saddens me to see articles like this written in a way to demoralize and undermine the integrity of a country. Countries that strive on tourism. As a European that loves to cruise to the Caribbean, I am well aware that there should always be percussions taken period, no matter where your destination of choice is. Some of the information you are providing are without factual information I am sure. News articles do not count as even they not always report all the facts. But there Caribbean countries left of this list that for years have been noted to be higher crime destinations than some you rank at the top.

    I must say that like someone previously mentioned, there are other islands in the Bahamas which I have had the pleasure of visiting, Exuma and the always beautiful Bimini. So it is unfair to say The Bahamas is dangerous because of a few incidents that may have happened in the capital city over a span of years. No one and no country is immune from crime.

    I am sure in the touristic areas there is a high police presence in the city for the preservation of the industry. I am sure Natives are not walking up to tourist asking if they want to buy drugs rather, the other way around looking to score on their vacation. May tourist always want to venture away on their own from designated tourist areas on the island as to experience the REAL. This is where they get into REAL problems. Crime is REAL all over the world. It is unfair to single out these countries because of a few unclear incidents. They are no match to the criminal activity happening in other parts of the world.

  • Kevin

    I believe that Mr Walkers thinking is that the cruise ships are not warning the passengers about the possibility of crime.

  • nogo

    Absolutely correct about St. Croix. I lived there. Barbarians. I don’t know how anyone can say it is safe without getting struck by lightning.

  • Chuck

    You left off The United Stated, how many passengers are rob or killed in port cities before or after their cruise?

  • catherine James

    Jim Walker I think you are Very Bias In this Article. This made me think that the overly dangerous countries may have paid you not exposing them….I refuse to include information from this ARTICLE IN MY THESIS AS IT IS NOT FACTUAL.

  • Ms. James:

    What countries have more crime than the ones on my list? Which countries do you think are paying me off?

    Jim Walker

  • alessandro mencos

    I would like to see a comparison of these crimes per destination based on the actual cities and locations where the crimes happen, not just as a “country”. Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica and others are large countries and most of the crimes committed there do not affect cruise tourist and are not even registered in cruise destinations, but usually in major cities of those countries where cruise ship passengers don’t go. I am in the business of shore excursions with the cruise lines, we operate tours in several ports in the countries you mention and NEVER has anyone of our guests been the target of criminal activity. I would not dare go to New York and pretend to be a local expert myself, I would probably end up somewhere bad… so why is that different in Latin and Caribbean countries? Common sense goes a long way, mainly in countries with high poverty indexes anywhere in the world. Your generalized reports hide a lot of facts and provides a retouched scenario that of course, is of benefit only to your line of business. Cruise tourists should educate themselves of the destinations before going, or simply buy the cruise line tours to be on the safer side (yes, I promote my business as well)…

  • Fed UP

    Do the math. Look at the countries listed. Who lives in these countries ? Get it ?
    Notice they said, they rarely hear about crime reports in Seattle, Vancouver and Alaska. Who lives in Seattle / Vancouver and Alaska.

    Get it ??

  • Peter T.

    The Bahamian Dishonesty money stealing machine at it again. Everyone in this ghetto of a country is out to rip you off! Get it? Only people that engage in drugs, money laundering, and human trafficking go to the Bahamas. Honest people go to places like the Caymans, Bonaire, and even Cuba, where crime is looked down upon. If your not corrupted in some way in the Bahamas, than your out of place, GET IT!?

  • Jack

    Per International Crime Rates, the most violent places on Earth are located in Africa and Central America. Per the FBI Crime Rates, the most violent places in the USA are full of Africans and Central Americans. It’s called basic BIOLOGY people. Whether people like it or not, race/biology is real and there are differences among the unique races of humans. Contrary to what many people have been brainwashed with by the Idiot Box, there is no such thing as a Human Race nor are humans the only animals who all bleed red. Can a Blackbird create an Eagle’s nest? Of course not. Nor can a Black or Mestizo human create an Asian or Caucasian civilization. Its called basic BIOLOGY. No matter where you move a rattlesnake on Earth, it will continue to be a rattlesnake and not a gardensnake.

  • Steve F

    I must disagree with your article as well, Mr Walker. You provide good info, but the info lacks context as several previous readers have alluded to.

    I am a hard-working US citizen in private enterprise, so I have no money ties to any cruise or port entity. I simply cruise often because I enjoy what cruise lines offer. Although not as well traveled as others on here, I do have 18 cruises behind me now, many of which were in the Caribbean. And much of my travel for work takes me all over the world, to countries far more dangerous as those cities and islands mentioned.

    There IS such a thing as “common sense”. The US State Department consistently preaches this to US travelers. You get off an airplane or cruise ship, you need to know where you’re going, how to go, when to go, why to go, etc.

    I have stopped in Guatemala before, both as an air traveler and as a cruise traveler, and for personal reasons, I know this country extremely well. As a cruise passenger, there are no serious threats in their port of San Jose, or anywhere near it. Get off the airplane in the same country, and completely different story. Your reference to not renting a car and driving is spot on, for more reasons than you mention.

    Mexico? I have lived in Mexico City. Arrive as an air passenger, and yes, you expose yourself to significant risk. You minimize that risk with common sense, but never eliminate it. Arrive as a cruise passenger to any number of cruise ports, and your exposure to risk is far, far less than arriving by air to Mexico City.

    I could go on and on about all these locations on your list I know well, but the bottom line is that every passenger MUST use common sense. You travel in groups, never alone. You know where you’re going, don’t just wander aimlessly. You stick to your plan, and not let locals lead you astray. Stick to the beaten path. Leave all jewelry on the ship. Take only enough money and credit cards that you are willing and capable of losing. Personally, I travel with a 2nd wallet and stick only $100 or so and one credit card in that wallet. The rest stays in the safe on the ship. Yes, it IS “Common Sense”.

    I have had exposure to incidents such as those you mention. When the investigations were finally played out (and as you mention, yes, it is rare!), it was found these victims of crime had deviated from common sense rules. They were in bad areas. They were looking for drugs. They were intoxicated to the point of making themselves easy targets. We shouldn’t ask cruise lines and future passengers not to go because of those morons.

    One final thought… New York has high crime in the United States. Should airlines stop flying there unless you are on official business? Are airline required to advise their tourist passengers of the high crime in New York? Will an airline give me a high crime warning before booking me on a flight to Nairobi? I’ve been to many of those cities, and never received any warning. That’s MY job as the traveler.

    Are these the most dangerous “destinations” in the world? Possibly. But not to the point of completely revamping the cruise industry and availability for us tourists who enjoy these locations.

    In my book, cruising is no different than air travel. You are taking on a personal responsibility when you book your air or cruise. Only YOU are responsible for you.

  • Mark Wareing

    1. You left off the travel companies robbing you blind first hand.

    2. I have worked in a lot of these countries and I agree with a lot of the facts but then again there are the no-go areas that the tour guides know not to go near. But travel agency’s (because they have no idea what the places are like), still use them and add them to the list.

    3. No matter where you go there is trouble, when you go out don’t go splashing money about, don’t show off your wealth. A lot of these countries do not have big incomes, so some see tourists as easy pickings, as the port area’s get most of the money and those inland get very little of the tourist money.

    I know you might disagree, just hand over what is asked for, trinkets are not worth a life, I have seen to many fighting over little items that have ended in the loss of life. You will not get assistance around you, live and report the incident. Also carry safety alarms as well (the ones that make a very loud noise). I used give my female staff the ones that hang around your neck one quick pull and it goes off, the downside it will not turn off if you make a mistake but best be safe than sorry.

    But then again the only place I have been attacked was in my own home in the UK, it was not immigrants it was a Brit who thought it was easy to steal than work. I was attacked with a weapon I defended myself and he came off worse and I was the one arrested defending myself in my own home.

    Besides all the negative sides majority of the locals are friendly and like to talk, don’t put them down, speak to them learn about the people, learn about the islands or country.

    I have sat and drank and eaten with a stall holder for over 3 hours, all I wanted was new strap for my watch, but when we started talking about places to go and see, where to dive, where to see the wild life. Two days later I was taken to places that are not on the tourist maps and the sites I saw was amazing, He did not want paying, he just enjoyed showing me his island. After that I always stopped by to chat and talk about his family and ended up being fed by his wife (as she always said I need fattening up to get a good woman) and how he is doing. When I left I gave him my watch as a gift, and he gave me fond memories.

  • Bryanna

    I`ve been a proud Honduran all my life and I`m wondering the same thing as a few of the other commenters above, how you actually visited these islands? It`s sad that most people are quick to post negative things about some of these places, but not research the nature of some of these crimes. For instance, the crew member that was gun down, do you actually know why? The answer is quite simple and obviously wasn`t posted in the review because why would you want to let the world know that, that crew member was involved in a drug deal gone wrong and hence why he was found sans his cellphone. But, it`s easier for most foreigners to label some of these countries/islands without confirming the facts for themselves. There`s corruption everywhere in the world, from the highest of authorities to the lowest and there`s no such thing as a safe haven, not even in the comfort of your own home no matter where you be; New York, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Guatemala, St. Croix, Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, anywhere in the USA for that matter but, you don`t see Jim commenting on that now do you? And yet, there are still so many people (latinos, africans, some islanders etc) wanting to go after that so-called “American Dream”, how very naive of them. So, before running off at the mouth or with a keyboard try walking in our shoes or at least get your facts straight!!! Viva HONDURAS 🙂

  • Sandy Dunsmore

    Your picture of the island of Antigua is actually a picture of a street in Antigua, GUATEMALA.

  • Sheila

    I disagree. I have been to all of these islands many, many times and have never had a problem. It is much worse in Rome for pickpockets.

  • Ann

    I am a St Lucian and I am telling you all that St Lucia is one of the most dangerous places to visit. You all can bury your heads in the sand, but it is one of the most dangerous places. Murders do not get solved in St Lucia.

  • Bev

    Antigua Island in the Caribbean vs. the ancient city of Antigua, Guatemala, about 90 minutes inland from the Port of Quetzal.

    The photo you posted is that of the ancient city of Antigua, Guatemala. I have recently been there with a “ship” tour on Easter Sunday. It was a very memorable and cultural experience.

    I believe the young woman who was abducted, was on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean as your article stated.

    People should always be aware of their surroundings and stay with groups or reputable tour/transfer providers.

  • Megan

    I seen where Mexico made this list. I’ve read from other cruisers that Cozumel wasn’t that dangerous. I would like your opinion on this. We were thinking of taking a cruise to Cozumel and Progreso. Is that a bad idea? We are taking 2 young children and won’t be doing too many excursions. We are hoping to just lounge shoreside, enjoy the ship things, and maybe take 1 excursion. Would that still be dangerous? Thanks.

  • Jamal Rodriquez

    I liked how you picked and choose information Mr walker so ppl in the USA are some how sheltered from crime I live in the islands everyday I deal with racism and the ignorance that comes with cruise ship passenger’s if there was ever an acticle you should write about is how Americansshould treat their fellow man and not feel entitled to treat and talk to a next human being like a piece a trash also learn some manners while your at it because lots of passengers seem to forget at what ever port they left at. The crime you talking about on st Croix was because of a mentally unstable group of 3 ex army men who went and tried to rob those white ppl on the beach and with any violent crime it went south fast there is no excuse for this crime. To this day these same 3 men serving life sentences a stain on our pride try to reach out to the families of their victims.

  • I just stumbled across this article; I’m not happy at the broad brush that Jim Walker uses to paint these lovely Caribbean Islands. Who paid him to write this?! From his notes, I doubt, Jim Walker, ever left his Ivory-Tower Office to visit an island. I have lived on St. Croix for over 20 years. I have seen many come and go from here; those that got robbed or mugged–they got involved in alcohol or drug abuse and found trouble where they went looking. As I am sure did the others who found trouble.

    Heck I’ve been pick-pocketed on a train station of Paris. Who’d’a thought?!! My point is every destination has a trouble spot. Don’t write about what you do not know. You do more damage than good.

    I’m glad that Marjo Aho, Jamal Rodriguez and others spoke up against this biased article. There are may tourists who are rude to the local population, and to each other. I’ve cruised often, and some of those folks, I don’t want to know.

    When visiting any foreign location, travelers should do their homework and understand the local customs. A simple courtesy of “Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night”; you’d be surprised how far this common courtesy will “take” you on an island.

  • Mayla Dale:

    So all the cruisers shot, mugged, robbed and raped ashore “found trouble where they went looking?”

    Blaming the tourists is going to keep you in the mess that you’re in.

    The problem is literally all of the Caribbean islands listed have crime rates which are astronomical. The murder rate in the U.S. is somewhere around 4.5 per 100,000. The lovely Caribbean islands have murder rates around 25 to 100 per 100,000.

    Plus the court system and police there are a joke, unfortunately.

  • Kirk

    I studied at the West Indies Laboratory in St Croix, USVI from May through July of 1976. During that summer I got the impression from my and other students experiences, along with those of the locals that we worked and studied with, that St Croix was a pretty safe place. We always went to Christiansted on Saturday nights to eat, drink and dance and never had any trouble of any kind. We often went into town to pick up some groceries and other items without any hint of trouble.

    The only crime I knew about was when a guy came to visit his girlfriend and decided to live in a tent just down the road from the Lab. One day while he was visiting her someone came and stole his tent and everything that was in it. But our impression was that if you don’t camp in a campground then you’re putting your belongings at risk, not that St Croix was overrun with criminals.

    When my wife and I visited the Bahamas in 1990 we also weren’t concerned with crime any more than we would be anyplace else. However, we did notice that there was a great deal of poverty, and the locals consistently told us that in Nassau the women are the breadwinners and the men often have problems with alcoholism. I can understand given the poverty in the Bahamas that if some were able to make money off drugs then they would gravitate to it, and that this could then account for a high violent crime rate. But as long as you avoid mixing with the illegal drug business then it would seem that your risk of serious crime would be no greater than in the average American city.

  • Nikki

    I love the Caribbean and have traveled to several islands. I even contemplated buying something in St. Croix, until I heard and saw the crime for myself. There were several popular tourist and expat hangouts that were robbed at gunpoint with machine guns. Everybody in the packed restaurant was robbed.

    I would go to a restaurant by the beach and would see about 5 to 10 security guards with machine guns walking around. Not exactly what you want to experience on vacation.

    It’s too bad. These islands are gorgeous and there is so much potential for economic development if it wasn’t for the crime.

  • W.Clemence
  • Patti

    Thank you for this very informative article. My husband and I were planning a trip to one of the Caribbean islands but now will plan on staying in the United States. I wish there were more articles like this for travelers. All you ever see is photo-shopped pictures and slick marketing so you just don’t know what to believe. The public needs more articles like this to alert us to the potential dangers of traveling to the Caribbean.

  • Dj

    In St Croix, we took an off the path walk along the beach. We were horrified to see the trash so thick drift in and out of the water! Mixed within that trash, we saw a large bloated animal (possibly a dog) and watched the dozens of locals who walked passed it with no reaction at all. The filth there was so disturbing, it truly was unreal.

  • Kate Jones
  • sherry byers

    Every port could be dangerous- Baltimore for example- you just have to use common sense when touring a new place.

  • Excellent information….I have been to Mexico (Cancun), the Bahamas and St. Lucia all between 5-10 years ago and never had any violence occur, although I did FEEL unsafe at all 3 places even though we stayed and kept to really nice resorts. I was offered drugs at ALL of these places by the locals….and I surely look like a US tourist that the locals could take advantage of….

    All of these places are very nice in terms of beaches, etc…it sure is bad that they can’t be safer!!!

  • Michelle M.
  • Donaldson Williams

    It is rather unusual that you are concerned about crime and people’s safety yet excluding all US cities. I came here to visit and learned that drugs are on the open market and I have been offered dope almost on any corner everywhere. Whit executive criminals and white dope dealers are often overlooked. Ok, the hardened criminals who were made in the US, Canada AND England and were collected and sent back to Jamaica indicates that we are doing excellent under the circumstance, Besides, tourists flood our shores with their families despite your negative characterization, Remember, the proof is in the pudding. Some tourists will go nowhere else than their proven safe haven and excitement spot. If not Jamaica it is nowhere else. if you are concerned about safety of non-nationals, please let us begin with our dear USA

  • Paolo Runez

    Thank you for the article, Mr. Walker. In the comments section there are some very strong opinions but I have definitely seen what you speak of in visits to the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica as well as my home in Rio. I feel lucky that I got to see many places on business and as a tourist before the current state. Due to my ethnicity and skin tone I feel I get a different experience than most (as well as being able to roughly speak most of the native languages) so I also hear many of the things the locals say about the oblivious white visitors (often to their faces oddly enough). One recent visit to Guatemala was especially distressing as after hearing the restaurant’s father/owner call his familia to rob the tourist family after the left, even though he told his ‘friend’ he had already swiped their c.c. data (very common also). I found a quiet moment to warn the father of the tourist family and he luckily called a taxi from the hotel to come pick them up safely (I hope). The hidden danger is the pickpocket trade, which seems small until you are stuck in a country with no money or identification. Data theft is way more lucrative than actual robbery due to internal/international delays. I have even been pickpocketed myself on two occassions so always have a contact at home you can call for international help to wire you money, identification, etc. That can be the difference between a visit and a nightmare.
    As a side note, Donald Williams should actually travel outside of the USA to see how the rest of the world actually works. The USA visits I have had were not as his gin-fueled rant describes. Let us hope he gets the help he needs and take this time to remind travelers to be mindful of their alcohol consumption and loss of control while abroad. This behavior is unacceptable in your homeland so don’t go to someone else’s house and do that! It makes you look rude and makes you a target for many types of crimes.
    The only places in the USA that I did not like while visiting, because of rude people and gangster-looking people were New Jersey and Los Angeles so maybe those places need manners and better policing but I did not feel 100s of eyes on me, judging my monetary value at the port and figuring out what crime to perpetrate later. Perhaps that is the small difference I have noticed-the lack of vulture birds watching your every move.
    Let us hope people take notice of your article and have safer travels while taking better notice of the world around them. Thank you.

  • Holly

    Nassau is the dirties place we have ever visited, don’t even waste your money going there. Does this country have a city dump, or do they just through all their trash in the streets and on the beaches? We also took a private boat to Abaco and couldn’t believe the trash there too! I tell you for the prices they ask to visit it there, I could have stayed to Newark, N.J. and seen the same amount of trash for free; NEVER AGAIN!

  • Roy

    Pirates of the Caribbean, they re all decedents of Pirates. Get it! Murder, Robbery, Stealing, rape ….. is their way of life. POOR Parenting, No discipline, no daddy around, no education, and on and on. I have been on over 30 cruises and 100% when we exit the ship, we get solicited to buy drugs or participate in illicit, or illegal activities. And I think Jack said it best. Anywhere in the world you take a rattlesnake, it is still a rattlesnake.

  • BakeMAN sharkie

    I hate it when people compares the crime in the USA
    with crime in the Caribbean. Look, in the US per
    capita it is far from comparing these little islands
    with a country the size of the US. Folks how long are
    we going to blame someone else for the corruption of
    people we put in high places.

  • nu yawker

    I find these generalization of cities/countries preposterous. Much of the crime ridden areas of these cruise ports are far away from the tourist areas, and unless you naively go way out of the tourist areas, you will pretty much be safe.

    I’ve walked extensively, bicycled and drove in many of these and other ‘dangerous’ destinations, whether due to crime, kidnapping or ‘t3rr0rist’ activities, in town centers, tourist areas or sometimes local neighborhoods, and never felt threatened. Of course, I’ve read extensively about it (especially on destinations where I spend multiple days) and much of the posts are about it being crime ridden, don’t walk at night, certain street being the boundary to no-go zones, etc. Once I’ve reached those places, it is rarely what is described by those forum posts. The worst it gets are pushy merchants. And while passing through many of the areas that we usually think is too ‘ghetto’ for us to stay or hang out, we will frequently see backpackers walking around or hanging out.

    Roatan’s beach area is a sleepy quite village type of place while the ‘crime ridden’ neighborhood is near the airport. Cozumel is an island where everything is much more relaxed than Cancun/Playa de Carman right across the water, which the only things we were warned about in Playa by locals is to not stop for the cops. In cozumel, post opening of the cruise ports, we were advised to go inland a few blocks to have the have the old cozumel back.

    Once I strolled around a mile or so from the cruise port in Orchos Rios looking for some of you know what, and I couldn’t find anyone in the street that had any. Eventually found a shop that knew how to get in contact with someone who could provide us with it at some meetup point. Or other places where I had to keep asking street merchants if they had c0ca 1eaves because contrary to popular belief, nobody had them to sell.

    Here in nu yawk, if non local cruisers wander off from the cruise port, they might walk into the public housing area, and they probably would never come out alive. Heck, if all hoods of nu yawk are to be combined as being part of the city, we get off the hwy once in a while when going back to an earlier exit and in many places in the br0nx, it looks like a warzone….deserted neighborhoods, burned out homes, buildings with no windows left, etc. If enough locals post about this part of nu yawk, nobody would be coming here.

    • Michael

      YOU SAY;; I find these generalization of cities/countries preposterous. ;
      I spoke from over 10 years experience not 8 as above and I know what I am talking about. Slaughter was what it was plain and simple. I and my son were almost murdered also a thing I have only now come to admit to myself. Those murders, RAPES, Robberies and woundings happened everywhere and thats why it needs to be taken on board and why people need to listen up. A lot of people like to talk shite about something they know nothing about and are relaying their wonderful experiences based on a two week visit IF THEY LEAVE UNSCATHED!!!. It took me years to realise what was going on and it was then I stopped going out at night. That how uncomfortable I felt. I fell in love with the place and came from a very multicultural upbringing so had no bad feelings. Tobago changed that. NOT ME!!! The old generation were wonderful but what the hell happened to the noaday brigade I would love to know. MONEY maybe!!!

  • I was sitting back watching a show called “Island Life” and thinking thru how I can find a home in the Caribbean. I have to say after reading this article I am alarmed if I can find a home in the Caribbean on an Island that is not crime infested. Not that it is safe anywhere, but I am shocked that USVI had the crimes that I am reading about on this site. I now will have to do more research on Island living.

    Thanks for the article.

  • BDAislandgirl

    I think the point is that people should be aware of the crime in the countries they visit and this article does that.
    Not that it’s really in the Caribbean, but Bermuda is an awesome place to visit. Don’t get me wrong we have crime but it mostly can be avoided.

  • Michael

    I don’t see why Trinidad & Tobago was left out of this article. I lived in both Islands for 8 years and knew personally the white people whom were murdered and maimed there. It was absolute slaughter. The latest I am aware of were the Keils, a German couple executed whilst laying belly down on the beach admiring two Caymans in a gorge on Bacolet / Ministers Point beach. I saw them build their house and they had visited the Island for over 20 years before being executed. That makes 4 murders on that street alone not to mention a UK couple hacked to bits and many others. All this because of hate and a couple of dollars. None of these crimes were ever solved as the police are as bent as a rams horn. I knew them and a bottle of Bushmills did wonders!! They blamed family members and people from other Islands to take the onus from Tobago. A Tobagonian will tell you when you last had a piss and will tell you when you next need one. Why then can’t they catch these murderers and thieves ????? I knew of a guy whom got away with murder because he furnished the Judge with TT €150 two boxes of apples, a box of Mango and some salted fish. He walked away!!! That was the norm !!!

    Tobagonians especially are very racist against others and they hide it very well indeed. They have a very deep hatred for whites and even their Indian countrymen who predominantly live in Trinidad. It took me years to identify just how deep this hatred runs. I do not label them all the same way as most of the older generation are wonderful and would give you the food from their mouths. Unfortunately for travelers they will most lightly happen upon the worst of them which are the younger and middle aged of the population whom run tourism or are just there in the mix. I witnessed the beach bums on the balcony of the airport sharing out the girls whom stepped of the planes. They were marked before they even entered the terminal building. These guys were nothing short of brilliant at what they did and were they ever successful. Talk about the gift of the gab!!! Some would say Voodoo. A white scalp is a huge prize for a black man there!!!

    Yes a lot of people go there for a few weeks and leave unscathed and I did after eight years but as Clint would say “Do ya feel lucky” “well do ya”??? I know I am still in shock after reading about the Keils last Christmas. I believe it is getting worse all the time and why wouldnt it when they get away with murder. Its just one big melting pot of corrupt people.Yes the Island is beautiful, the sun shines all the time and the sea is always warm but there’s just too much risk involved. Murderers are still lurking there. Simple as.

    I used to travel all over the world but I would never set foot in T&T again. Avoid like the plague!!!

  • Sara winters

    I was considering vacationing to the Caribbean but after reading these comments I won’t be going. The risks are not worth it. I don’t want to spend any vaca having to look over my shoulder. Its not a vacation. And I’m not going to spend my american dollars in a country where the police don’t seem to care. So I guess locals can commit crimes and get away with it. These islands should realize that tourism brings revenues. I’m just going to go to Florida for my vaca

    • paulrichard

      I visited Nassau, Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica with no problems whatsoever.

  • John Hampton

    Let’s be honest here folks: it’s not Swedes, Danes, Franks, Celts or Germans who commit a high amount of violent crime. Whether it is Detroit, Chicago, Orlando, Newark, the South Bronx, Haiti, the Congo, Mexico, Brazil, or Honduras, all have one thing in common: either large black or non white latino populations. It’s not poverty or lack of education because many people still defecate in the street in India or are dirt poor as a result of nearly a century of communism in former soviet states or have never been outside of their village in China but the rates of violent crime are much less than among blacks and non white latinos.

  • CruiseLaw

    John – why do I see you wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap?

    • John Hamtpon

      Because I’m smart enough to realize welcoming in people who commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime and theft and bring poverty into the country is a bad idea. I don’t want the rest of the U.S. to turn into Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Haiti, South Africa or Rio.

    • Steve Dowdy

      Why does that matter?