A number of people have sent me links to news sources in Roatan indicating that the local police arrested a 20 year old islander, identified as Cory Lee Beckner, as a suspect in the robbery of several cruise passengers and tourists.

Teledifusora Insular indicates that the young man is the son of the owner of Palm Beach in Roatan. He allegedly is the "ringleader of a gang" which preyed on tourists to Roatan.

He reportedly was born in the U.S. although he was raised as an "islander" in Roatan. This comes to the surprise of many who blamed the Hondurans from the mainland for causing all of the trouble on their island.

The Trip Advisor site contains a comment by a cruise passenger (from Royal Caribbean) to Roatan which said this about Palm Cory Lee Beckner Roatan Honduras CrimeBeach after a cruise to Roatan last month:

"We booked an excursion from cruiseexcursions.com to go zip lining in South Side, and Eco-tour there and a beach trip to West Bay Tabyana. The local company who facilitated the tours was Christopher tours. For some non-understandable reason, we were taken instead to Palm Beach. There was only one other family there and we got eated up with sand flea bites within minutes of getting there. On the way out from the beach to the main road, we were shot at by robbers. They shot the tire out on our cab, held a gun to my 15 year old sons head and a knife to my 16 year old sons throat and robbed us of money, cameras, phones, shoes and clothes. Apparently this is common on Roatan."

Was 20 year-old Mr. Beckner really involved in this crime or any of the other crimes alleged by tourists who visited Roatan this year? 

Anyone with information regarding the suspect or crime in Roatan, please leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Facebook page.

  • Cameron Mcnab

    This kid was a few grades below me while I went to school on Roatan. He was bad eggs from the time he arrived on the island; bullying other little kids. Our school had less than 20 kids per grade so everyone knew eachother. If I remember correctly he was in 3rd grade his first year on the island. He was never influenced by bad kids, instead he was that kid that was a bad influence on others. He was also one of the kids I blamed for bringing drugs into the school. I also remember a friend of my mother who had a son in his same grade not wanting then to hang out together. This was 10 years ago.

  • Connie Silvestri

    How sad this child like many other addicts are product of tragic events in their lives and irresponsible parents who introduce them to this lifestyle. Unfortunately if parents cant take care of their kids then the law will or someone else does. That is the sad reality of not only our Honduras, but the Mundo entero!! What Roatan needs is a rehab center, just in case the cruise ship companies would be interested in contributing to help clean up the mess that was by far non existent before tourism became priority!! This child is American not Honduran and his life is nothing less than tragic, I new his mother and witnessed the pain of the tragic loss of his brother. No wonder they turn to distructive lifestyles, when there is no one to turn to (a rehab center would help) is there any considerations??

  • Disgusted

    so he can’t possibly be responsible him being white and all, right?

    If he was a native to the island there would be no questions asked.

  • Disgusted:

    Your police in Roatan originally rounded up 2 Hispanic men as suspects for killing the NCL crew member. There are photos of the men being tied to the rack of a pick up truck while driven around town and then more photos of their faces courtesy of the police. They were completely innocent it turns out and were released.

    The fact that this guy is white makes no difference to me. The passengers who were robbed at gunpoint describe more than one person, including some people who weren’t described as a while guy.

    I suspect there is more to this story, irrespective of what color the bad guys may be . . .

  • Courtney
  • Jason

    The islands are British, so many of the natives are white. Race has nothing to do with it.