Carnival Poop Cruise LawsuitReuters is reporting that the Carnival "poop cruise" passengers are seeking $5,000 a month for life. Ridiculous, many people will say. I don’t disagree.

I went on record a year ago saying that Triumph passengers should not bother suing because they are not going to get anything – read Carnival Triumph Cruise From Hell: Here Come the Lawsuits!

Carnival’s lawyers responded by telling Reuters that "this is an opportunistic lawsuit brought by plaintiff’s counsel and plaintiffs who seek to make a money grab."

That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Carnival CEO Micky Arison is worth $7 billion and just sold $395 million of stock. But Carnival still felt compelled last year to raid the crew member’s tips and suspend their retirement benefits. Talk about a money grab.

I say what do the hard-working Carnival crew members get for cleaning up the filthy ship?

  • Stir Fry

    Why Carnival forced the passengers to endure these deplorable conditions for days is beyond comprehension. This seems actionable in itself.

  • Don Sayman

    Carnival should give the poop people a room on a ship for life not 5k if they get off deal is done. fair enough

  • Antoniy Bozhkov

    Well.I am an former Carnival crew member,have been on Triumph during that “amazing” and “fun”5 days drifting,and I can assure nobody got anything for that 5 days…apart of the regular daily wage..but as you know the crew works largely for tips…what they can’t really say to the guest.
    I am fully agree with Don Sayman

  • 罗浩

    why all the cruise ships are trying to cut down crew members’s wages??they work for long hours with hard physical jobs