Royal Caribbean Adventure of the SeasLast Wednesday, Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas canceled two port calls after the ship’s cruise ship’ “fixipod” propulsion unit device lost oil as the ship headed to port in St. Kitts.

Royal Caribbean says that it placed oil booms around the ship to contain the leaking oil, and its engineers began addressing the problem.

Since then, cruise passengers and family members ashore have expressed concern with what happening with the ship and whether there will be a delay or changes in the itinerary of the cruise which leaves today.

Their concerns intensified after the cruise ship lost all propulsion last night.

There have been on line discussions whether the “fixipod” will be repaired before the ship goes into dry dock on March 30th. The ship has limped back to San Juan at very low speed this morning. It looks like there have been additional issues which slowed the ship down further. At this point it looks like today’s cruise may going forward (still anyone’s guess) but it’s less than clear how much of a delay there will be in boarding and/or sailing.

As usual, the discussion seem to be only when the ship will sail, not whether it’s safe to cruise on a ship with 5 – 6 days of propulsion problems.

Cruise Critic members have expressed frustration over what they perceive as a lack of communication by Royal Caribbean. One member posted:

“They’ve posted NOTHING on the agent site, consumer site, their FB page, nor either the Public Relations nor regular twitter feeds, and I’ve asked!

And, no one knows diddly when you call….”

Fixipod Azipod On March 21, Royal Caribbean posted this one tweet:

“Adventure is sailing a modified itinerary due to a delayed departure from St. Kitts for required work on the ship’s fixipod.”

But nothing since then. It’s surprising that a multi-billion dollar corporation which spends literally hundreds of millions a year in a big marketing campaign can’t figure out how to utilize Twitter and Facebook (both are free) to communicate with their guests and the public.

I have not heard anything about whether the cruise line intends to compensate the passengers for the missed ports of call. Anyone know?

If you were on the cruise, please leave a comment or join the discussion on Facebook. If you have photos or a video of the tugs bringing the ship into port in San Juan, please send us a copy!

March 24, 2014 Update: This is the most inept PR handling of a cruise problem I have ever seen. Read about Royal PR #FAIL: Royal Caribbean Keeps Adventure & Navigator Passengers in the Dark.


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Top: CC-BY-SA-3.0/Matt H. Wade at Wikipedia

Bottom: Kvaerner Masa (image of Voyager of the Seas)

  • Jacob

    My wife and I was on this ship on Christmas and its a piece of garbage!!!
    They need to fix the whole entire boat.

  • Plummer

    Anyone know the status of being able to board the adventure of the seas march 23rd?

  • Gary

    Port RC people telling people to leave and come back around 6:30 to 7:00 PM. Still offboarding people. No one getting on as of 4:00 PM

  • Max

    My mother and father are on the cruise. They are supposed to be going on this weeks cruise as well but really just want to come home as they do not feel the ship is safe. I have called royal Caribbean several times and they won’t tell me anything. They offered my parents $150 onboard credit. They said if they get off now they will not refund the money and will consider them as no shows. This is a freaking joke!!!

  • Julie

    Just spoke with Royal Caribbean customer service regarding Adventure of the Seas. Representative said they are “fixing the problem” and still plan on departing today. I have family waiting to board this ship. They are standing in the Puerto Rico heat without water, no seats and long restroom lines. One woman passed out standing in line. I am very concerned about the mechanical status of this ship for the upcoming week. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

  • Jennifer

    I was on the March 16th sailing. Poor communication, many people with missed flights stuck in San Juan and plenty of people on a B2B who are questioning what kind of itinerary could be ahead of them with the ship moving so slow. They are ruining their brand by insisting that they continue on. I would not get on the next sailing and insist that I receive a refund.

    RCI gave $300 credit per stateroom ($600 for diamond members) and $150/person toward flight change fees.

  • Donna

    Just spoke with family members. They are on the ship but are told it may not sail until tomorrow night. They said there was no communication from RCI all day and they relied on what others were saying. They have received no word yet on what ports they will be visiting or if the ship can be fixed. No compensation mentioned to them as if yet.

  • Julie

    My family members are now in their cabin but still “in the dark” about the cruise. I am not comfortable with the seaworthiness of this ship. Any thoughts or information greatly appreciated. Thanks to those who already posted information. Very frustrating and worrisome.

  • Scott

    It is truly unbelievable that RC didn’t cancel today’s cruise and notify the passengers of the serious problems that the ship was experiencing days in advance. Our family is still in Puerto Rico and it looks as if it will cost an additional 2K to get home.Based on RC’s behavior thus far, I’m very doubtful that they will do the ethical thing and reinburse our family.

  • Julie

    Adventure still in Port in San Juan. Will be there tomorrow as well. Barbados stop canceled. At sea on Tuesday. Scott, I agree with you, this week’s cruise should have been canceled. Royal Caribbean knew days ago that the ship was having mechanical problems. At the very least the propective passengers should have been informed and given the option of canceling trip for full refund.

  • Eric

    Everybody should take a few deep breaths. Yes things maybe behind schedule but that that is the worst of if it. These ships are very safe.

  • Nicole George

    Midnight and STILL missing luggage!! WTH?!

  • Danielle

    My parents are on board when the ship broke down on Tuesday and are still waiting to hear if will get to the 2nd portion of the cruise. They said there has been meetings to address the problem but keeps getting cancelled. Im not feeling very comfortable with my parents being on this boat. Whats even worse 2 years ago same thing happened on a princess cruise to them.

  • Sue

    My husband and I were on the March 16th sailing. We are diamond members and were on our 12th sailing. We have never had a problem before. It began in St. Kitts with an oil spill and the beginning of the engine issues. We paid for a Southern Caribbean cruise and received an Eastern Caribbean cruise full of stress. We never knew what was next. All we did was wait for the chime and the Captain saying “we have a situation”. We did make our flights home today but only because we were literally able to run, get our luggage, and find a taxi quickly. I truly can not believe they are considering taking this ship out again. Yesterday, we went 21 miles in 12 hours.

  • Canadian

    We were on the March 9th sailing of this ship. Right from the word go, the ship had a very bad vibration. That vibration was present the whole cruise. When we were leaving Barbados, we noticed a large amount of oil in the water on the port side of the ship as he was trying to swing from the dock. On at least two occasions, we were dead in the water. Once for about 25 minutes and the other time was at night before we arrived to Puerto Rico on Sunday. We arrived in Puerto Rico an hour and a half late from my understanding. We also noticed throughout the cruise the ship was traveling at an unusually slow pace. At some point barely moving at all. When we were docked at St. Maarten, there were divers in the water checking out the stern of the ship. Royal Caribbean new for sometime they’ve had a problem with this ship but sailed anyway. We were the last group to get a full cruise on Adventure of the Seas. I really feel bad for the people that followed us.

  • Sharon Wall

    I sit in a very nice hotel in San Juan, that Royal sent us too because we missed our flight today due to the delay from our ships return..we head home tomorrow …The good news the weather was great , food, and shows top notch…the bad that ship should not be going back out this week in this persons opinion it is to chancy. .,,,,,,,,,more bad we missed Aruba and Curaçao. . We missed our flight home too. The good,,,300 room credit 150 plane fare credit. 100 pp. per diem for food if had to stay an extra day. But these ships in my opinion and. Ive done 14 cruises need to be checked out better and longer so this or worse doesn’t happen again, I believe we should receive half off another cruise as well. Hope Royal u are listening!

  • Donna

    Any updates on this ships voyage? I have a niece on board and I am just hoping she can have a good time.

  • Julie

    Adventure passengers have been told the ship will depart at 10pm. They are skipping Barbados and will be at second port of call in time for Tuesday morning excursions. Hopefully the problem has been/will be resolved and the remainder of the cruise will be “smooth sailing”.

  • Angela

    My parents are on the ship. I spoke with them very briefly this morning. They said the ship is supposed to sail tonight. They also said RC is refunding them $200.

  • Rada DeSouza

    we were on the March 16th Sailing. ( husband, myself and 2 children. I read what everyone had to say, however I want to add the stench at the back of the ship was awful. We had a balcony room and could not open the door because of the smell. It was like a sewer and this began from the morning when the booms went out in st. Kitts, RC should have let the passengers off there in St. Kitts instead of dragging us through their mess. According to the staffs the ship was schedule for repairs and maintenance work so RC knew this ship had problems. We were sitting in the ocean from 7:30am until about 11:30 pm in the same spot ( how scary is that) they place a letter in my room stating that EACH STATEROOM WILL RECEIVE $600 FOR and the 2nd and 3rd guest will receive $75. Guest services said its on$450.00. I kept my letter for my attorney

  • Kathy Dewing

    My sister and brother in law and myself were on this cruise, we had a good time and would go on royal Caribbean again, the waiting to get off the ship was bad no one new what was going on, but finally got off, we all should be happy the ship still moved and was not stranded in the water for days like a ship a few months ago

  • Heather Jebb

    I’m on board now, stuck in San Juan. The boat smells strongly of sewage and I have heard we aren’t even getting out of here tonight. At this point, I’d just like to get off and go some place else for my only spring break! Very disappointed!

  • Lana H

    We were on a the last of a BTB first week of March. Definately lots of shaking going on then. Just a point though,being “dead in the water” is very common on this itinary, especially at night because there simply isn’t anywhere to go with the ports so close together, so they “troll”. I find that even worse on the Eastern itinaries. As for the smell, I suspect they didn’t get to “dump and flush the tanks” properly with everything else that was going on and unfortunately human waste does get a little smellier in the heat but we also had a few times where the plumbing went out on our BTB. It’s certain the grand lady is overdue for some TLC just not sure if it’s even on the books as the scheduled retrofit seems to be more about updating the TVs and consumer electronics than anything else. Who needs a working azipod when you have a new jumbotron on the pool deck anyway?

  • Leneka Govender

    I was on this ship, they lied to us about he problem the entire cruise. We missed ports spent a day literally stuck at sea on Saturday and waited for numerous announcements which were never made on time. Before we all went to sleep Saturday night we were told we we’re going to make it into San Juan on time and we do not need to change our flights. We woke up Sunday morning with a letter on our door saying we need to change our flights if it’s before 2pm they said they would assist which they didn’t they didn’t help they shrugged their shoulders and refused to make calls our arrange hotels as a result of is I miss two flights and the flights I rebooked and am still sitting in a airport waiting for my flight to Uk 24/03/2914 how royal carribean thinks $150 is enough when I have had to pay extra for flights from the Island to a major airport to the UK is beyond me not to mention hotels. The lack of loyalty to a regular cruiser was shown here and I would never cruise again with them!

  • Ed

    People need to relax. I’m on the ship now with my family. Everything is fine as life on the ship today is no different than any other. Divers have been working all night and the officers still believe it is departing today. I’ll chose to take my $325 additional onboard credit and enjoy myself, ignoring all the complainers.

  • Fisher

    We were on the same cruise March 16-23 Adventure of The Seas. The first 2 days of the cruise were great until the news of the oil spill in St.Kitts. It all went downhill from there. Ports were missed, itinerary was changed twice, communication was lacking and compensation was minimal and handled very poorly. When we finally were able to get off the ship, it was a you are on your own attitude. I wish we could have warned the new passengers of these problems. We were also told that they wouldn’t be leaving the port of San Juan until around 2 am Tuesday morning while we were still trying to get docked. They knew they needed to remove the blade before it even docked so don’t let them fool you into believing otherwise. During our 1 week vacation, they told us they spent a total of 3 days fixing the problem while we floated at sea for 1 day and got rerouted to St.Martin for the other 2 days. In total we only travelled 590 nautical miles out of the 2400 planned. Don’t plan on a full itinerary if you are on this ship now.

  • Trey

    I am currently on the ship now and reading about the problems Royal Caribbean knew this ship had it is awful that they allowed all of on the boat and waste our money. Our relaxing day on the boat was filled with a combination of loud helicopters on one side of the ship and the smell of a septic tank on the other. Our view out the window is of a back of a building. We could not even go to the dining room and shows because our luggage never mad it to the room until 11pm. There should be lawsuits filed since this was premeditated. I will never travel on this cruise line again and I will use social media to the fullest extent to let as many people possible know to boycott this crummy cruise line.

  • karene spurlin

    I was on the ship and applaud the Captain for safety first. He did what he had to do. I am not happy that I did not go to the places that I paid for and the cruise line DID NOT compensate appropriately but we all made it to San Juan safely. The cruise line needs to step up and compensate people for missed flights, etc. The places we stopped at were awesome. The employees are awesome. The ship needs to be updated and repaired properly.

  • Angela

    Thank you, Ed, for the positive information. This makes me feel better as my family is on the ship and of course we are all home worrying about them.

  • Harvey

    My wife and I were on this ship during the week of March 16-23. We booked this cruise specifically to go to Aurba and Curacao. While on the ship we learned the same problem existed the previous week. We were also told the ship would have to be dry docked to fix the problem and the ship was going to be dry docked for ten days. The Captain even announced the ship would have to come out of the water to completely fix the problem. We kept being told different things and felt the true story was never conveyed to the passengers. How can RC allow a ship to sail with a problem they knew existed, from conversations on the ship and comments made by the captain. To throw $300 at us as an onboard credit and say they would pay each passenger up to $150 each for any flight change charges incured is an insult. We have sailed many times with royal but if something more is not done, it may be the last with them. Simply put, thowing this kind of money at us is like saying, we are giving a piece of bologna and we are keeping the steak. This less than what we would expect from a cruise company of this type and passengers should not take this type of treatment. Each passenger should complain and demand additional compensation from the company.

  • Sean Robinson

    I got on this POS on March 16th. It started off great. Then the problems started and the communication broke down. The cruise ended up being more stressful than relaxing and the compensation for missing several islands was a joke. We missed our flight to get home which is a huge problem for all of us since we do have jobs we are trying to keep. We were supposed to go home on Sunday but we are stuck in San Juan until Wednesday. RC has not offered to pay for the added expense of the hotel or plane tickets. Not to mention the lost wages. This is my first and last cruise through RC. And I will be steering anyone else I know away from them. Total disappointment.

  • Freddy

    Just relaxing on a ship not moving. Like watching paint dry!

  • Julie

    Just communicated with family member on Adventure. Ship still in San Juan. This is absurd.

  • Mary

    My son’s much anticipated cruise on adventure was to leave on 3/23, they were not informed in advance of the on going problem on the previous week’s cruise. They stood waiting to board in the PR hot sun for 4 hours with no water , seating or explanation of changes on the Iternary offered. The ship is still sitting they should refund all the passengers the total cost of the cruise and give the passengers a voucher for a discount on a future cruise. My family have used Royal and Celebrity for all our family cruises, the unethical way The Company has handled this situation is disgusting, I will watch how my son is compensated from Royal before I will ever book another family cruise with them again. HOPE THEY DO THE RIGHT THING! They will lose more in Goodwill than what they will in refunding the passengers.

  • This is what Royal Caribbean is doing for the Navigator of the Sea in Port Galveston and it’s not even thier fault. Meawhile, apparently nothing for the Advenrue of the Sea for something that they are at fault.

    Royal Caribbean International
    11 hrs · Edited ·
    Due to the oil spill and the associated response efforts in the Port of Galveston, the March 23 sailing of Navigator of the Seas has been canceled. Guests on this sailing will be refunded in full and will have the option to book a cruise with a 25% Future Cruise Certificate based on what was paid for the current voyage to put towards a future sailing. Guests may also remain onboard until March 30 or disembark at their own discretion. Our sincerest apologies.

  • Julie

    While I understand that unforeseen mechanical problems may develop while a ship is at sea, the problems with Adventure developed at least one if not two weeks ago. This problem was most assuredly NOT unforeseen. Passengers should have been informed in advance and offered full refunds. At the very least, they should have been appropriately accommodated upon arrival and truthfully informed about the situation every step of the way. The fact that passengers are being offered on board credit is further evidence of the total disregard for the passengers. If the passengers spend the credit in the casino, the influx of people makes the casino more exciting and attractive to other passengers, and more money spent is more money lost gambling. The only winner is the “house” aka, Royal Caribbean. The mark up in the shops and bars is most likely such that dollar for dollar, the passengers are not receiving anywhere near the amount they are given in credit, and many will spend more once drawn into the shops and/or bars. Rumor has it the ship is scheduled to depart at 4PM today. Is anyone really comforted by this information?

  • MKO

    I was on the ship and this mis-adventure cost me an additional $2K. The communication was terrible and we were not informed that there was going to be a delay until 11:30 pm on Saturday. Then we were told that we could change or flights at 6 am. Had I waited I would have had more than a one day delay.

    Today when I called their customer service, they offered to cover my room fee, a small portion of the $2K. I have decided that it’s time to file a lawsuit. Perhaps if nothing else it will cost them more in attorneys fees than it would have to reimburse me the $2K.

    I will never go on another RCC or any of their sister ships.

    If I handle this the way they did, I wouldn’t have a job.

    Is there anyone who knows more about the March 9th sailing. Where there problems or was that email a hoax?

  • Kristi T.

    My husband, friends and I were on the March 16th sailing of Adventure of the Seas. Missed ports, non-existent communication, missed flights, enormous amounts of money spent on change in air travel, money spent on hotel due to missed flight and another day spent away from our son who was staying with relatives back home. $300 total room credit and $150 per person for flight changes. Called customer service to inquire if there would be any changes in the compensation especially for the airfare and was told no it was an Executive decision. Very upset the way the whole situation was and is being handled. Shame on you Royal Caribbean! We have sailed many times and only with Royal Caribbean… that is about to change!

  • Chuck

    What a Joke!!! I was on the March 16 sailing. The Ship shuttered the entire way. Missed the only two ports, Aruba and Curacao, that we had not been too. The biggest issue the the lack of communication. We spent 2 days in St. Maarten and missed the stop in Us Virgin Islands. Ok no big Deal!! The BS really started from there. so they make an anouncement the POS ship is still not working well and we are on the slow boat limping back to San Juan. Finally at 1230am on Sunday morning the Captain makes an anouncement that the POS ship will not make it into port until 9am and passengers will not be able to get off until 11am and that an area will be set up with a phone at 6am for guests to change their reservations. Well myself and hundreds of other passengers had flights scheduled for 10a-12am departures. I got on the internet and phones immediately to find all afternoon flights out of PR were all full. Royal Carribean new hours before and rebooked all customers who booked their flights through them leaving nothing open for anyone else to reschedule. I changed my 11am flight to 1pm at a cost of $2500 extra. About 4am everyone received a letter telling us to book flights after 2pm and they would reimburse us $150( the change fee was $200 per ticket). The captain came back on at 8:45am to tell everyone that the POS ship would not make it to port until 1030pm and we would not be able to get off until 12p-1230p. ( FU- now I can’t make my 1pm flight). Had to reschedule again for the following day). finally got out of San Juan on Monday- Cost me and Extra $3,000 plus lost wages at work on Monday and Tons of aggrevation….RC- no compassion for guests.
    RC also has no compassion for their line staff- During this entire ordeal their line staff got beat up my unhappy customers while the management team hid behind the sceens like RATS. I never saw one person from RC management out in the lobby speaking with guests—The only saving grace is I’m glad I do not work for Royal Carribean– They trat their staff and guests like the POS ship smells- Like GARBAGE!!!!

  • Bill

    We were on the ship sailing March 16th. What a joke!! Heard from many people that were on the b2b the previous week and had the same problem. It’s an insult to offer $300. They should be offering a full refund as some other reputable cruise lines would have. Seems like RCCL is the Wal-Mart of the cruise lines…they do not care about anyone except their bottom dollar. I will NEVER cruise with them again! I understand itinerary changes due to weather…but they FULLY knew that their stupid ship was broke and would never make it to the ports I paid for!! Totally feel sorry to for the people that are stuck on the ship right now. Again…really, you are still going to put gum, tape & glue on that broken hunk of junk to keep sailing until dry dock at the end of March! Total sham. Guess they do not understand the power of social media today!

  • Justin

    I was on adventure of the seas march 9th-16th. Very nice ship had no problems all the workers are very nice. As to the problem with it now. All I have to say is that stuff happens. It could have been a brand new ship on its first sail and could have had a problem. Things like this happen and people need to understand that. It’s not like they planned it. Sure the company will do something for the people on the ship.

  • Pablo Soto

    I work at Pier 10 in San Juan, PR and from my window I can see the pier where the Adventure of the Sea is dock. As of today Wednesday, March 26, 2014 @ 9:11 AM the Adventure of the Sea is still in San Juan, PR.

  • Angela

    My parents are on Adventure of the seas. It is still at port in San Juan. Now scheduled to leave today at 10am. My parents will believe it when they see it. They did say RC is now giving them a full refund for the cruise and 25% off their next cruise. No refund or compensation towards airfare as of yet.

  • Pablo Soto

    RCI just posted this on FB.

    Royal Caribbean International
    1 min ·
    Due to departure delays on the March 23 sailing of Adventure of the Seas, guests on this sailing will receive a full refund and a certificate based on 50% of their cruise fare for future use. The ship will continue on from San Juan to Antigua, St. Lucia and St. Croix.

  • Pablo Soto

    RCI just posted this on FB.

    Royal Caribbean International
    1 min ·
    Due to departure delays on the March 23 sailing of Adventure of the Seas, guests on this sailing will receive a full refund and a certificate based on 50% of their cruise fare for future use. The ship will continue on from San Juan to Antigua, St. Lucia and St. Croix.

  • Pablo Soto

    Adventure of the Sea finally departed San Juan, PR today Wednesday, March 26 at around 11:00 A.M.

  • Julie

    My family sailing on Adventure this week informed me that they will receive full refunds plus 50% off their next cruise. They also confirmed that the ship finally left the port in San Juan. I hope all of the passengers enjoy the remainder of their cruise. I am happy Royal Caribbean compensated the passengers and am hopeful they will not, in the future, board passengers onto a ship they know in advance is unfit to sail.

  • Charles

    I was on the March 16 Sailing/Floating debacle. The main reason we went on the cruise out of PR was to go to the only two ports we have never visited, Aruba & Curacoa. This is our 5th RC Cruise to the Caribbean. All previous cruises were fine. But you can really tell alot about a company or organization through abversity and RC failed MISERABLE!!!Ship probelms might happen but if they are foreseeable then it is unacceptable!!The fact that RC put the March 23rd sailing through their ordeal shows they are deceptive. At this point it is debatable if they knew something was wrong with the ship for the March 16th sailing but something seems fishy!!On the March 16 sailing we missed a few ports and made the best of a bad situation but RC is 100% responsible when they dont provide what they promised because of mechanical failure of a 15 year old ship they are responsible for maintaining…( This was not a weather issue out of their control.). The biggest issue was the lack of timely information upon return to PR for the departure and the unwilligness of RC management to assist their customers with departure arrangements. They could care less about their customers- just get off the ship so the next group of SUCKERS can get on. A notification at midnight that the ship would get into port at 9am and guests could get off the ship at 11am is liable. RC policy for US citizens on this ship allows them to get off the ship from 630a-7a. When i booked my departing flight at 11am I called RC and they said that was an acceptable time. There were hundreds of guests affected and missed flights solely because of RC and NO assistance was provided.. It cost me personally an extra $2800 to reschedule flights twice and have to wait two days to leave PR because of the actions of RC. RC managed to rebook the guests who booked their flights through them all before the delay announcement to everyone else–I’m sure RC absorbed the costs associated with that.. RC continues not not assist any other customers that lost THOUSANDS of $$$$, missed work, and were subjected to unbelievable stress because of the incompentance of RC. RC management should be ashamed of themselves for their dealing with this situation. Daily you would see them throughout the ship smiling but when thing went wrong they were NO WHERE to be found. RC should step up and do the right thing by the hard working individuals who save $$$ all year to go on vacation and get stranded spending thousands of $$$ tring to get home becasue of RC not delivering on their promise!! I am a platnium Crown and Anchor memeber and will NEVER sail RC again if they don’t do the right thing. Also looking for some insight into a class action law suit for their actions. If they are not held accountable, they will continue to trat customers like this..I only want what is owed to me, NOTHING more…

  • tinikini

    For those of you who are sad that you missed your ports of Aruba and Curacao you didn’t miss much in my humble opinion. The people were rude and could have cared less if they answered any questions while buying things, or even tell you the price for that matter. However our tour guides were great and we did have fun with them. If you are looking for lush, tropical jungle these islands are not for you. It is very dry.

    I was accused of shoplifting at one of the PORT stores, not on the street. A lady came up to me out of nowhere screaming at me, then grabbed me and tried to take the bracelet off of my arm that my mother had bought at a different store for me earlier that morning. Pissed me off to say the least, it’s a wonder I am not sitting in an Aruban jail for assault on a shop owner/worker. We will never go back, and we can trade our timeshare out there.

    Hopefully that gives some of you some peace after what you had to endure.

    No disrespect to the fun and kind island people that unfortunately we did not meet that we know exist, we are fun people too and love to have fun on vacation and treat people with respect.

  • Joan

    We were on March 9th cruise and did notice oil leakage. That is the only thing we noticed. No other problems . We had a wonderful cruise. Ship did go slow but the islands are not that far away. Ship was not dead in the water.

  • Richard G

    @ Tinikini
    Sorry for your bad experience with those islands but that does not negate the fact that we could have seen the islands we were given by sailing out of Florida which would have saved hundreds of dollarsin air fare vs sailing from Puerto Rico.

  • Julie

    It is my understanding that, although Adventure departed San Juan on Wednesday, it is still experiencing propulsion problems. I have not heard from my family members, so if anyone has information please post. Thanks.

  • Tessa

    @ Charles
    I’m with you on pursuing a class action law suit. I too experienced the March 16th Adventure of the Seas fiasco. RC arrogance continues and it’s now funneled down to their customer service/guest relations department.

  • nursing373


  • Denise karnes

    My family sailed on adventure of the seas 3/16/14 we experienced a foul smell of sewer gas the entire trip which we called to report daily. Our toilets failed to flush every day. We had a very nice cruise with the exception of the smell on board…up to the point my entire family was going to miss our flights home. We waited till 1:50 in our stations to be asked to come to customer service desk with flight arrangements..RC insisted we’d make flight out at 2:35…we couldn’t even get off the ship and to the airport in 30.minutes. We were basically pushed off the ship and on our own to make further arrangements . The customer service dept at the airport directed us with the other displaced passengers. We now are in the process of trying to regroup our lost money and wages for the additional stay in San Juan. We specifically booked this trip with RC for the itinerary of Aruba, which by the sound of the previous voyage, wasn’t ever going to happen for us.

  • Leneka

    I am also going to be filing a lawsuit. May I ask, are RC still refusing to compensate for flights for you which were missed and having to book new ones because of their ship having faults which where known to them?

  • Cruisin Chik

    I was on the Sailing of the Adventure of The Seas with propeller, fixipod issues. We were kept in “contact” with what was happening, but not totally. When asking the ship’s crew, they were very disappointed and unsure of what was happening as well. We got on-board credit to our stateroom in the amount of $300 with $75.00 for any 3rd and 4th person. WOW! We paid over $800.00 per person for our balcony room (totaling $2,400.00) For 1 room! There was the smell of sewer gases and hardly any air conditioning in most areas and elevators. No pool towels after the 3rd day. Smoke and burned rubber smells from the engine room, a small fire from a plug for the Soup containers in the WindJammer (which we saw), & our stateroom mirror light cracked and japped when turned on. This was my 10th consecutive year cruising with RC and there was absolutely no feeling of appreciation. We made the most of our cruise, but was very disappointed. On the plus side, cruising at 3-5 knots made it very relaxing and stable. Not sure if we will rebook for next years cruise with RC.

  • Ubiratan Oliveira

    ” Eu entendo sua decepção, mas a situação é melhor do que a do navio da Costa né?”, se referindo ao Costa Concórdia que afundou e matou passageiros.
    – “Fique tranquilo que a Royal Caribbean está estudando uma forma de compensação”. Como se U$150 fossem suficientes para ressarcir uma entrega diferente do produto comprado e os riscos que corremos a bordo.

  • Al

    Got back from March 23rd cruise yesterday. Experience was good and bad. Bad was the lack of communication about the problems Sunday and Monday. In fact, it was a case study on how to not handle a problem. Communication better Tuesday/Wednesday. Ultimately RC did the right thing with refunds and once cruice finally started on Wednesday morning, rest of the cruise was good.

  • gina and carl hammond

    we were aboard the adventure of the seas for the back to back commencing 16th march. this was the worst experience we have ever had and unbelievable that a brand as big as Rc could treat people the way they have.They should never have sailed as many of the staff told us the ship had been having problems for some time it was a total nightmare.we flew over from the uk for this southern carribean cruise yet never entered the southern waters during the first week.That ship should have never sailed for the second week from Puerto Rico but we were told it would be fixed and we would sail as normal and if we wanted to leave the ship we would do so at our own mother in law accompanied me and my wife on this trip age 71.This cruise cost us £6800 for one balcony stateroom and flights from the uk.The compensation for the first week is an insult also what they have offered for the second week isn’t much as we have a fortune to pay in air fares.

  • gina and carl hammond

    we were aboard the adventure of the seas for the back to back commencing 16th march. this was the worst experience we have ever had and unbelievable that a brand as big as Rc could treat people the way they have.They should never have sailed as many of the staff told us the ship had been having problems for some time it was a total nightmare.we flew over from the uk for this southern carribean cruise yet never entered the southern waters during the first week.That ship should have never sailed for the second week from Puerto Rico but we were told it would be fixed and we would sail as normal and if we wanted to leave the ship we would do so at our own mother in law accompanied me and my wife on this trip age 71.This cruise cost us £6800 for one balcony stateroom and flights from the uk.The compensation for the first week is an insult also what they have offered for the second week isn’t much as we have a fortune to pay in air fares.

  • Tara

    I was aboard the Adventure of the Seas from March 23rd to March 30th. Of course it was frustrating in the beginning to not know exactly what was going on and to have them change the time of departure so many times. But seriously, I’m laughing at everyone that is complaining so much! They gave us the cruise for FREE! Can you really complain that much about a free cruise? We had to pay expensive air fare as well but if you include San Juan, we still got to do 4 excursions, get fed amazing food any time we wanted, the staff was amazing at entertaining us, they kept a positive attitude for our benefit. I think it just goes to show that no matter what, we as a society always find a way to complain even if we are in the most gorgeous places on earth!

  • J West

    I am still digging into information regarding Royal’s “royal” screw up, so thanks everyone, for the comments on this website. I was on Adventure of the Seas the week of 3/16 and am severely disappointed in how they handled this situation.

    Before I go any further, I want to explain a few things. One, this isn’t about “things just happen”, or “breakdowns can be expected”, or “it’s not that bad”. This is about Royal KNOWING the mechancial situation and still wanting to earn the ever-important buck, and, without a care for their customers. So please, I do not need to hear about how “things happen” any more!

    Two, stop telling those of us that missed Aruba and Curacao how we didn’t miss anything. I am tired of hearing that! We paid to go to these islands, and bottom line, we missed them due to Royal’s screw up. Let ME be the judge of the island, I don’t need to hear from you as to whether it was nice or not. That was/is for ME to determine, not you.

    I am up for a class action. Clearly Royal does not care about their customers. Not only am I never sailing with Royal again, I will make it my mission to receive justice!

  • Tara

    Most of the people complaining were on the March16th sailing. They missed three Islands, was late returning to San Juan and had to pay thousands of dollars rebooking flights that they missed. They also had to pay for hotel rooms and food for two days because the next available flight was two days later, not to mention missing work. They did not recieve a FREE cruise so yes they have every right to complain.

  • Tara

    Is your name Tara too? Weird. Anyway, funny, I noticed most complaints were about the 23rd thru 30th trip. Are we reading the same comments? I agree that we have a right to complain because everyone was at a loss but it’s better to make the most of what we are handed. That’s all.

  • Ricardo

    We were on the march 16th sailing, missing aruba , curacao, and the st croix, and stuck at st marteen for 2 days , 1 day at sea . I didn’t enjoy my vacations. $ 300 on board credit what??????? That’s a joke. The march 23 sailing, the same nightmare, but they received complete refund plus 50% discount future cruise. We deserve the same refunds……….

  • Tara

    I completely agree with you that you deserve the same refunds. That’s way messed up!

  • Paul

    Nine of us were on the March 16 sailing to celebrate my Father=in-law turning 80. Everyone who was on that sailing has pretty well covered all that happened. Lets not let up pressing RC to do the right thing. We received a defective product and are being ignored. For those of you who downplay what happened, I wish you were there with us. Shame on Royal Caribbean!

  • Larry

    I was on the March 16th sailing of Adventure of the Seas and I am out over $1200 in air flights and last minute hotel fees. So far nothing from Royal in regards to communication. If you want to be heard by Royal you need to post your thoughts and complaints on the Royal Caribbean Facebook page too. They did respond to my Facebook post on their website but still no other compensation offered. Don’t let up on Royal, they don’t get to ruin our vacations and get away with it!!

  • Lonna & Paul

    We were on the Adventure the week of March 16th. This was to be celebration for milestone birthdays. We planned this cruise for 2 years. We too have already been to the ports we visited in the Eastern Caribbean. We paid for a Southern Caribbean cruise and RCI failed to provided what we paid for. We did received a quick response back to our lengthy complaint letter. We received a canned response about how they apologize for our dissatisfaction, bla bla bla. After paragraphs of apologies we were told that things happen but they must be equal and fair to all their guests. Sorry again that we were unhappy with our compensation. Oh but they look forward to the opportunity to welcome us back. Not in this lifetime. I will NEVER cruise RCI again. So much for being a valued member of the Crown and Anchor Society. Their actions speak volumes. RCI doesn’t care about the cruisers only our money.

  • Hazel Preestdavies

    My friend and I were on the 16th and 23rd March sailing and we experienced the same loss of 2 islands from our itinery on the first week as we did on the 2nd weeks sailing. Also suffered stress, lack of information, disapointment and we were left “in limbo” as to whether the ship was fit for purpose .RCI knew they had problems on the sailing the week before on March 9th.Passengers on 16th sailing should be given the same compensation as 23rd sailing, in fact full refund for full cost of cruise. We flew from the UK and we paid £4000($6000)for a cruise that was more stressful than relaxing.As the previous person commented ,the holiday was a misadventure rather than an Adventure.Nothing less than a full refund including air fare should be fair and just.

  • JR

    We are booked to do a Trans Atlantic on the adventure of the seas next week. IS IT REPAIRED?

    Thank you in advance for the replies on this.

    PS Great site

  • JR

    Well I guess no one knows if the Adventure of the Seas has been repaired? Sounds like are repositioning will be fun.

  • Gena Steward

    I was on the March 16th sailing of the Adenture of the Seas. I wrote the CEO and the Senior VP of guest services. I asked for my money back not only due to the ship issues but my stateroom was horrible. I was told to pound salt. We were treated horribly by the staff and RCCL. I hope everyone tells their friends not to cruise on RCCL. Anyone interested in a class action suit?

  • Paul Pastor

    I can’t believe RCI cares so little about all of us who were on the March 16 poor excuse for a quality cruise. Tell your friends, family, everyone you meet about the arrogance of this company. I’d like to see the reaction of the CEO of this company if it were him or his family who got ripped off to this extent. Don’t give up. Keep after them.

  • Mark Zoeller

    My wife and I were on the 3/16 sailing for our honeymoon. It was a nightmare; not only because of the ship’s mechanical problems, but we also experienced a cluster of cabin and service issues, including an overflowing toilet, flooded bathroom, horrible sewage smell in the cabin and hallway, broken fridge, broken safe, to mention a few. Guest Relations has been completely unhelpful, basically telling me that nothing more will be done for us. They even caused us to miss our flight home, costing me an additional $400.00 just to fly back to Florida! When I requested the same refund as the 3/23 passengers, I was told several conflicting things, and that “their situation was completely different from yours.” what a load of crap! The underlying issue was EXACTLY the same, yet we were treated differently! That is discriminatory treatment. I sent certified letters to Adam Goldstein and Guest Relations several weeks ago, but no response to date. I’ve also contacted CBS’s local media’s Consumer Investigative Reporter who is starting to look into this for us. As far as I’m concerned, RCI sold us a bad product and sole our money. Their measly $300 settlement offer is simply insulting and unacceptable. RCI needs to make this right for the 3/16 passengers. I won’t stop pushing until they do.

  • Russ Sprinkles

    Same here, wrote a letter (with receipt confirmation) as instructed by the on board staff detailing my extra expenses. These expenses were solely the fault of a broken down ship. My letter was received on April 1st. I have yet to get a response. We were promised in writing $150 per airline ticket for change over fees due to missed flights. Again, I have seen nothing. I think RCI hopes that if delayed long enough, victims of this cruise will lose hope and give up. Let’s keep the pressure on. I know I will not get a full refund, but I should at least be compensated for all the additional expenses I incurred just trying to get home.

  • Russ Sprinkles

    Well, got my letter from RCI today. Basically, they refunded to my credit card exactly $150 per airline ticket (even though it cost me an extra $1700 in airfare to get home due their ship’s late arrival to port because of propulsion malfunctions) and they covered my hotel room for the extra night in PR. The rest of the letter was just fluff of how they must be fair to everyone, they apologized that I did not get to go to the two ports I paid to go to, how they value my gold membership, how they hope I will sail again with RCI, and no other compensation will be given. They gave my travel agent the same line when she tried to contact customer support on my behalf. I guess when put to the test, you can tell that RCI is more about the almighty dollar than the smiling face they put in commercials and on the web.

  • Paul

    These wonderful people at RC do not respond to letters or anything to do with the May 16 almost cruise. Has anyone seen their latest WOW commercials? They are offering more room credits and incentives to new bookings than we received for being taken as fools. Not letting up. Longer they put me off the madder i get.

  • Chad

    I as sit back and reflect back on the year, I am still irate with RCCL on how they handled this situation. The bottom line is once RCCL had our money in their hands there was no concern for those who were sailing on the Mis Adventure of the Seas. I will never step foot on any RCCL ship or any of the sister company ships. I have been sure to tell everyone about my experience. This wasn’t my first sailing with RCCL, but it was definitely my last. RCCL, thanks for the memories…not. It’s not too late to do the right action and fairly compensate those who were on this sailing. Until then I wish you nothing but misfortune and bad public relations.