Carnival Cruise ShipKATC news station in Louisiana is reporting on the proverbial "cruise from hell" when a "woman’s fun getaway turned into what she calls a nightmare."

According to the news station, the woman and her friend were looking forward to their Carnival cruise to Mexico.

On the second day of her cruise, all her money and travel documents, birth certificate and driver’s license were stolen from her cabin, she claims. Watch what unfolds thereafter in the video here.

The passenger claims she was harassed when she complained. Carnival accuses her of harassing the cruise line. By the end of the cruise, Carnival considered the matter to be closed. The passenger felt abused. 

Whether you are a fan of the "Fun Ships" or skeptical of cruise passengers when horror stories emerge like this, one thing is certain. Cruise passengers have few if any legal rights on the high seas. Hiring a lawyer is a waste of time. All that most passengers can do in a "she-said, he-said" dispute is go to the media and let the public decide. 

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  • John Goldsmith

    As an experienced customer service representative, I know through experience that the customer is not always right.I also subscribe to the rule that ” the customer is never wrong” They may be misinformed, they may be working on incorrect information, they may even have been sold or given the wrong product, but they are never entirely wrong. That being said, I cannot wait to hear how this problem plays out. Sensational press coverage aside. There are still two words never mentioned in this report. “PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY”
    On the three cruises I have been on, we were told over and over again. Do not leave valuables out in the open. Just because you are on a closed environment doesn’t mean that you should be negligent. Do you leave valuable in your car, with your doors unlocked and keys in the ignition?
    If what she said is true, then she might have a case. There are really two sides to this story.

  • Frances Wohl

    I’ve sailed on 37 cruises and I have never had anything taken from my cabin. That’s why every cabin has a safe for your valuables. I would highly dought any crew member would take anything because they depend on their jobs to support the families . I feel safe while cruising and I have never encounter a problem tha wasn’t taken care of by the staff on board.

  • glen wilson

    well thats a bit dissapointing they couldnt help but their two sides to a story i suppose, but if it was true that she lost her belongings , then what sort of security is on board.


  • Eileen

    I believe every word because it happened to me. The stole my jewelry out of my cabin and would have gotten away with my iPad and laptop if we had not come back early from dinner. Just happened last week on Carnival Dream leaving Cozumel, Mexico for NewOrleans. No one warned us about the thievery that is common on these cruises and we did not know that there was a safe in the cabin. Since Carnival does not give a damn and pays these people very little this is how they make up for it When I reported the theft to Carnival guest care they sent me an insulting letter and they put any effort they made trying to shift the liability from themselves to me.

    They have thieving employees and they know it. They also know that they are responsible for it.