According to the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero a measles outbreak has occurred on the Costa Pacifica cruise ship.

The newspaper says that dozens of cruise passengers were probably infected with the virus that causes measles. The cruise ship called on the port of Civitavecchia.

59 infected crew members were sent ashore for medical treatment.

Costa says, for what it’s worth, that there have been no confirmed cases of passengers infected with the measles virus yet.

A measles outbreak is very serious. There is a particular danger to women of childbearing age with measles.  U.S. based cruise lines vaccinate for measles because the virus is so virulent.

Cruise expert Professor Ross Klein was the first in the U.S. / Canada to report on this disturbing outbreak. 

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Costa Pacifica Measles

Photo Credit:  Luciano Giobb via Il Messaggero

  • Margit

    Hallo! I was with my family on the Costa Pacifica till today morning. Then were always infected cca. 300 people, most from the crew personal. The ship personal tried to keep it in a secret or the told us first, “there are some illnesses among the crewmembers”, maybe measles. In Rom they told also, that we will have go out later (five hours!), then we must wait for the ambulance (they brought 40 people to thee let them there!) hospital).
    My doughter is pregnant, but nobody was interested in the ship on it. Before leaving the ship in Savona they told us, everybody must sit together in the theatre (we were there half an hour and then we let them there!). I was 4 days ill with high temperature, but the doctor said, everything is negativ, he didn’t find any problem with me – but the fever and cough were there 4 days and nobody wanted to know, if i have measles, too. Since Wednesday my husband has high temperature… we hope, that our illness has another cause and we go to a normal doctor as we can. We were 4 days in our little cabine, because we didn’t want to infect other people (not the doctor told us!) NO MORE TRAVELLING with COSTA!!!