Carnival TriumphCarnival told a television station last evening that after an "electrical breaker failed," the Triumph cruise ship lost power. This "affected ventilation in the ship’s incinerator, sending smoke into limited areas of three decks."

Well, that’s not what the Cruise Director told the passengers last evening on the ship.

According to a passenger, the Cruise Director said that "frazzled wires" caused the smoke.  This was broadcast over the intercom throughout the ship. The smoke from the electrical fire entered the ventilation system. 

Here’s what the Cruise Director said in the video below:

"I’m telling you the truth right here. So folks, if there is a bit of smoke anywhere near you, head on up to the open decks. Just a couple of wires have been kind of frazzled. So big apologies about that. Once again, absolutely folks nothing to worry about at all. We’re getting the power restarted as soon as possible and we will be off and on our way. Thank you very much everybody."

Carnival also claimed that the power was off for a mere 8 minutes. Passengers are also disputing that too, saying that the propulsion was shut down for over an hour. 

It seems like the "incinerator smoke" excuse is as bogus as the "8 minute" power loss excuse.

I’m still receiving a lot of information from the passengers who were on the cruise so check back on this story. 

Photo Credit: Carnival Triumph – Reuters



  • Ray Pile

    My wife and I were on this cruise. It was our first cruise. We were dead in the water for 1 hour, drifting off course. Jen, the director gave updates about every 15 minutes. We got back to port over 2 hours early and disembarked 2 hours ahead of the posted schedule. There were some who got their life vests and went to the muster area. The emergency lighting worked well. We were in a cabin w/o a window and we were able to leave it and make our way to the deck. We never saw or smelled smoke but those in the aft did. We would still go on another Carnival cruise.

  • Laura

    We were on the Triumph last year when boat caught fire and we drifted for days!! Same type of announcements we recieved over and over.. Nothing to worry about!!
    My first(and last) cruise also. Yes, we ended up being OK, however, its was very frightning especially at night with no power.
    Ive got to say just hearing Jen’s voice brings back bad memories for me. BRILLIANT!!

    Carnival Sink that ship!!