Carnival Valor St. ThomasWe have been notified that there was a fire which affected a "few cabins" this afternoon on the Carnival Valor, which is currently docked at port in St. Thomas U.S.V.I.

A person on the cruise ship informed us that the cruise ship was supposed to depart St. Thomas at 5:00 P.M. but the captain of the ship announced that the departure was delayed due to the fire which apparently (reportedly) went from one cabin to another. The cause and type of fire has not been explained to us.

The ship reportedly will sail later tonight. 

We are awaiting confirmation and an explanation from Carnival which we contacted upon receipt of the information.

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Update: Here’s the statement which we received today from Carnival at 6:21 P.M.:


February 10, 2014 – 5:15 pm EDT

Earlier today while the Carnival Valor was docked in St. Thomas, a small fire was detected in one stateroom located on deck 8. The ship’s automatic sprinkler system activated and quickly extinguished the fire. All of the ship’s hotel and safety systems continued to function as normal.

Although there was smoke in the area, there were no injuries to guests or crew. Other than the one affected cabin, all other cabins in the area are undamaged.

The ship, which departed on a seven-day cruise from San Juan yesterday, is scheduled to sail from St. Thomas later this evening and arrive in Barbados on Wednesday.

Carnival Valor operates year-round seven-day southern Caribbean cruises from San Juan.


Update: The Cruise Critic message board includes comments from passengers, including this one:

"No power at lido buffet and still have not left port and we are a hour late. Some aft stairwells have been block of and aft elevators are not operating." 


Photo Credit: Wikipediia / ckramer

  • Ann Adams

    We just got back from that cruise last week and that was the best cruise we have taken yet. The crew members are the best. DeDe on deck 10 was wonderful. We love him. The islands are beautiful. We are thinking of maybe doing it again.

  • Justin B

    I love when the comments section here becomes a review for someones last cruise. lol. Any updates on the valor, jim?

  • Josh

    Gotta love it. No power at the Lido buffet and dysfunctional aft elevators as a precaution, and for quick transportation. We’re doing fine, St. Lucia tomorrow.

  • Deanna

    I was one of the passengers on board this ship and from my personal opinion Carnival handled this HORRIBLE. I was in my cabin getting when we heard the Alpha call. We didn’t know what this meant so we continued to get ready for dinner. I was out on the balcony when my husband came out and said get dressed NOW because we lost power. I heard men running down the hallway so I looked out the door and seen about 20 men in head to toe fire gear. I asked, OMG is there a fire? only to be told… Oh No Fire! No Fire! You are OK. BUT YES EVACUATE!!!! When we tried to go down the stairs they were blocked off and many doors were closed. We had no idea how to get down. My husband was guiding people thru doorways that were closed which scared me even more. We had no idea where the fire was so we didn’t know how or where to get down at. Finally we found crew stairs which smelled of smoke and fire and made it to the Washington Dining room. I was scared but what made it even worse is everyone and I mean everyone said there was no fire… but yet we knew there was a fire. Finally after getting calmed down and assured 2 hours later there was a fire and it was put out we went to our cabin. Only to have another fire break out in the back dining room the following day. Which Carnival kept a secret. There coffee pot in the dining room started another electrical fire. As far as the cabin fire… It was the fault of a lamp that caught the bed on fire. I went into the room with a Carnival employee and he addressed this with me I needed some assurance that the fire was out I needed to see for myself since no one would give us a straight answer.