Disney Cruise Ship Crime - ChildrenTonight at 11:00 P.M. WKMG-TV 6 (CBS Orlando) will air a special report on crimes which occur during cruises, including ports of call.

Investigative producer Lauren Sweeney and investigative reporter Tony Pipitone take a look at dangers ashore in countries like the Bahamas where cruise passengers have recently been robbed at gunpoint and sexually assaulted. 

We have written extensively about the high crime rate in Nassau which has led to the U.S. State Department recently issuing two warnings that crime in Nassau is "critical."  

If you are a victim of crime in a place like Nassau, unfortunately neither the local police or the cruise line will do much at all.

Last year this WKMG investigative team aired the disturbing story of a 33 year old waiter on a Disney cruise who molested an 11 year old girl. Rather than report the crime immediately to the FBI, local police in Port Canaveral, or the sheriff’s office, the cruise line sailed the ship out of the U.S. port to Nassau where the police there did nothing. Disney then flew the pedophile crew member back home to India.

Photo Credit: WKMG TV-6 (CBS Orlando) 

The video below is a three minute introduction of the special tonight.

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  • Jj

    The young lady that was looking for drugs should have had better sense. The cruise lines are not responsible for what happended to her when she was looking for drugs… Shame on her.

  • Sorry “JJ” men don’t get to sexually assault women even if they are stoned, drunk, or trying to get stoned or drunk, or they are immature or just plain stupid. This guy got away with it because the local police and cruise line security could care less. He will do it again.

  • Nenny

    That happens A LOT to the gringo locos who go on vacations abroad, specially to the young ones. they get stoned and flirt with everybody, they dance topless, and do anything for drugs and alcohol. when their parents find out they start with all this scandal.

  • Stir Fry

    The fact that the ship pulled out the US and into Nassau and that the crew member was merely flown home says it all.

    It is appalling that the tired “blame the victim” argument was attempted in this case of an 11 year old girl.

    Quite frankly, I think it’s obvious of the crime rings operating on the islands and on the ships themselves.

  • John

    I know, nothing justifies sexual assault. oohing at all. but, what about all the tourist that go on a cruise and do any kind of things against law? what about all young people going to caribbean, or, mexico or some ports in south america and like in this case avoid law by using drugs and all kind of ilegal substances? or, in the same idea, talking about crime, what about guest stealing on the ships and no one can say anything to avoid bad comments?? The cruise crime is not only against tourist, but also form tourist to the same cruise lines or the countries they visit. don’t forget that.