A newspaper in the U.K. reports on a "dream luxury cruise turned into a holiday from hell" when an elderly couple were brutally assaulted by a fellow passenger. 

The Gazette Live states that the violent crime occurred aboard the Thomson Celebration. The woman suffered "serious spinal injuries" and her husband incurred "serious facial injuries." Both victims were taken to the hospital. 

A spokesperson for the cruise line said the assailant left the cruise after the attack, and that it "is very Thomson Celebrationsorry to hear of the injuries." 

“We would like to reassure our customers that their safety is of paramount importance and incidents such as this are extremely rare.”

Cases like this never cease to amaze me.

Instead of apprehending the assailant and confining him to the brig or secluding him to his cabin under the watch of a guard, the cruise line lets him disembark and escape justice. Invariably, the cruise line’s PR team expresses condolences and claims that the crime is "rare."

In my opinion, the captains and security officers of cruise ships which permit assailants to flee justice should be arrested for aiding and abetting a criminal.

The cruise ship sailed from Santa Cruz in Tenerife to exotic ports like Las Palmas, Santa Cruz, Funchal and Agadir in Morocco.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia / ozgurmulazimoglu

  • craig parkin

    that is really bad to hear.where are security, for sure some one saw this, this should not happen on a cruise ship (or anywhere else.) how come they just let him walk off the ship??????

  • tinikini

    I agree Jim, that is aiding and abetting. This is such a sad, sad story. If someone did that to my parents…and then knowing that the cruise line will treat the family like crap and put up a wall.

  • Paul Keates

    As an ex sailor and a trainer in physical restraint and self defence in the UK I would like to know what sort of training if any the crew and the security staff on board the ship are give. do they actually know what they are permitted by law to do and if not why not.