Royal Caribbean Cruise Line CEO Adam GoldsteinRoyal Caribbean Cruises President and CEO Adam Goldstein sold 44,256 shares of Royal Caribbean stock yesterday.  Zolimax News reports that Mr. Goldstein sold his stock at an average price of $52.96, for a total transaction of $2,343,797.76.

After the sale, Mr. Goldstein’s stocks total 358,804 shares, valued at approximately $19,002,260.

Royal Caribbean (RCL) has a 52-week low of $31.35 and a 52-week high of $53.42. 

We last reported on the cruise president’s stock sales in October of last year when he sold 7,855 shares of RCL stock at an average price of $43.22, for a total value of $339,493.10. At that time, he reportedly owned 335,654 shares of Royal Caribbean stock, valued at approximately $14,506,966. 

It looks like the cruise executive’s net worth has increased by over $7,000,000.

Royal Caribbean pays a salary to its waiters and cabin attendants of only $50 a month; the cruise passengers pay tips to the waiters and stewards but Royal Caribbean is scooping up much of the tips to pay other crew member’s salaries. Employees like utility cleaners earn a pittance of around $550 a month (with no tips) working around 11-12 hours a day, every day of the month during contracts that are 6-8 months long. 

In September of last year, Royal Caribbean fired over one-hundred employees in its corporate offices in order to increase profits. You can read about that here: Loyal to Royal? Royal Caribbean Axes 100 Jobs in Corporate Headquarters.


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Photo Credit: Adam Goldstein – Cruise360 Vimeo

  • tinikini

    Geez, if you do the math that means some employees make a $1.52 an hour. I made that an hour back in the 70’s when in was a teenager.

    I am torn at this point whether or not to keep cruising to help the crew make a living or stop cruising to wake up the cruise industry to treat them and pay them better. But I am only one person, so how could that ever hurt the cruise line?

    This is really so sad.

  • Bijosh

    My name is Bijosh I was crew member for princess cruises for 8 contract ,now I quit ,actually this is called modern slavery….there is USPH to care American s health but not any …… To care crew members benefits….

  • Deisha

    I am bartender at royal Caribbean for the past (10)years never took a work break , but one day come I had to I told the companie I had to they told me I should resign , so I did (2)mths later they told me I was no more employ with them ,so never get my (10) years money ,and I work for that companie for (10) years life .

  • Aytaç kuzu

    İ used to work at cruise ship as a waiter. İt was so hard and what makes me pay only one way ticket to go home.And also internet was so expensive for crew .İ know some guys they call home once a month .İt should be chepar

  • Harold Kurte

    Several years ago as a stock holder of Royal Caribbean I mentioned to Goldstein that most crew members are paid $50.00 per month and in his usual arrogant manner he relied not so that they also receive tips. The passengers actually pay the hotel staff with their tips. Yes Goldstein really struck it rich with his stock options and other perks. Remember that Goldstein does not give a damn about anyone except himself. Hopefully, he reads this board.

  • shantia rooplal

    Yes this is horrible modern day slavery because i work on legend of the seas for 5 years as a bell attendant and housekeeper.And the worst part rccl hire crew members from third world countries and assign them to manual labor once on board.And for your information take our passports and only give it back to us when the contract is over on the same day you have to leave the ship.Had i known some of the good old laws.

  • Stir Fry

    It really saddens me to read the stories of the crew members here. I hope their situation becomes more fair and equitable. They really seem to be indentured servants which should solely be a historical memory at this point. I certainly admire them since they do not let their situation show and are always cheerful and well-dressed.

  • anton ida saputro

    i used to work in celebrity cruise ship(sister company of rccl)as linenkeeper for (almost)3 contracts..they cut me in the middle of 3rd contract due to of arguing with my boss and others silly reasons….they gave me straight 3 warnings, just in 1,5 cruise…..and i didnt have any chance to defend myself..

    can u imagine this?event as a crew(not officer),the company treat us badly…its just another dark side of modern slavery in cruise ship industry…..

    but for us, in 3rd countries,(i come from indonesia), the demand to work onboard is really high, because our exchange rate compared to US$ still relatively high…perhaps, some people here can suggest us where can we find JUSTICE…

  • I also worked for RCCL for 7 years, and saw the treatment of the crew worsen during “economic hardships.” They pushed propaganda that people on land could not find jobs and that we were lucky just to be able to support our families. But they were lowering wages, tightening rules, removing privileges, cutting the pathetic food budget…and installing advanced camera systems and electronic propaganda devices in the main corridors. I can’t even describe all the corruption and lies, especially to passengers (lobster and chocolate are out of season, ha!) The solution to this and every other corrupt corporate problem is to stop supporting these companies, both in patronage and labor.

  • sweetgirl

    Its true..they signed contracts for 8-10 months with 50$ salary every month..and the guests will pay the gratuity..and they company will slpit it for Cabin stewards, waiter/s,front desk and back of the house…but they never posted how much gratuity they got and explain how they split the gratuity…even sometimes they let the guests pull their gratuity back…

  • Renato

    Is true about how Royal is not loyalty to their employees.I used to work for them for many years till they took me out just to complain several times in a week that i can not take shower or use the toilet of my crew cabin because all system was not working in that cabin since a few contracts ago and water is coming from toilet flooding the cabin.
    The real is they make a final warning to me which i never sign because i was not agree with their deception.
    They gave me a paper to sent to their headquarters to let them now that i was not agree with that and they suppose to investigate and answer to me in a few weeks.
    What happens?.
    In other words they laugh on their workers and no moral at all in this company to the workers.

  • angelo




  • annonymous

    i am currently working for rcl and i am on ship now you have no idea how bad this company is. no money for crew working long hours. no one cares about the crew its just work work work. they go on about safety and othe rthings but how safe is it to finish work at 4 or 5am and then have to be awake again at 8 or 9am for drill. the owners of this company have no idea what its like they should come onboard and do just 1 contract then the would see.

  • Norwegian

    Sad reading but I belive every word written above, I worked for rccl, they fired all Norwegians shoreside, my word is the company was started by Norwegians and run by Norwegians, then Fain and his cussine Goldstein came in the back door and all ethic in the workplace went out the same door.

  • Previous employee

    Had my wages cut so much I couldn’t afford to take care of my kids. I worked sales and ended up quitting because while we are getting paid much less the CEOs are raking it in. They don’t care about their employees only money. Was a great company to work for until Greed got to them. We also had commission cut and not paid to us. Horrible company and their cruises are over rated. I will never cruise with them again. Customer service is getting bad because the employees are not treated right. Glad I no longer work for them.

  • Long gone

    I worked for this company for over 10 years. My-oh-my, are they indifferent to the welfare of the crew…Adam Goldstein in particular.

    You would think these execs would have had their answers worked out in advance. When one crew member said publically that the execs didn’t understand what it was like to live and work in this way, Adam Goldstein dropped the facade, and we got to see what a horrible, impetuous little man he was. This was not the first incident, another time I believe (before he became CEO) he was sent off the stage by the captain for being horrid to his crew.

    He would write insincere, quarterly missives to the crew, where the language was verbose and inaccessible to his multinational crew.

    Nepotism…I discovered with horror that a nephew of Goldstein’s had been hired shoreside. Same horrible person who, as a teenager caused a major scene when asked for ID. His father, Goldstein’s cousin, made a very public scene over what was most definitely standard practice for anyone in their teens…all because he was related to Goldstein.

    That is the CEO. The man who instills pay cuts and freezes wages for the crew, while building more ships and encouraging terrible labour practices:

    1. Their flawed rating system determined which cabin stewards would be working for tips, 2 weeks out of every 4. The lowest rated would be sent downstairs to work for no tips (someone has to be at the bottom, no matter how friendly and efficient).

    2. Waiters would have to give kickbacks to supervisory wait staff.

    3. There were slot machines down in crew areas on some ships, where the cruise line was making a profit out of crew with definite problems.

    4. Cabin Stewards were cut en masse, leaving a massive workload for those lucky enough to keep their jobs. Cabin stewards would actually hire other crew members (also working extremely long hours) as it was a virtual impossibility to get so many rooms done in the small time between one cruise ending and another beginning. So…getting paid $50 a month, with the possibility of not getting tipped (cultural norms vary) would sometimes result in cabin stewards working a full cruise and not only not getting paid, but running at a loss on account of having to pay their ’employee’.

    5. So many more

    The Next Level- some marketing genius did a whole campaign for the crew outlining how the corporation needed to cut corners to make bigger profits. Posters up all over the crew areas reminding crew of how exactly they were being screwed for the good of the shareholders. Like having someone spit in your face.

    A couple of my friends were sent back to work when feeling ill for weeks, even months…then getting diagnosed with cancer when they eventually got time off to visit a private land-based doctor.

    Doctors were on commission for their budgets. Some very unethical decisions were made in the name of profit- not to send sick crew ashore for blood tests, cat scans etc.

    RCCL seem to get exponentially worse with the passing years. They are unregulated, so they get away with it.

    The only thing they understand is money, so each time you book a cruise and sail with them, you are propagating this treatment of other human beings, voting with your dollar.

  • Norwegian

    Me again, more sad reading, but one thing you people should know, Goldstein can do this to other human beings because Ricard Fain lets him do it,, And believe me Goldstein is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, a spoiled kid will be the right name. We all seen revolution against dictators the past years,,TO ALL THE CREW WHY NOT SAY US OR HIM? and organise you all.

  • Andrew

    Yep, now this is not an employment -it is modern days slavery. 11 hours working day – official, non-official – depends on your manager. 🙂
    salaries cut, bonuses removed, workload is much higher. loyal to royal?? not sure, they don’t care about crew, as they know – you resign – there are 20 more on your place, no matter if they are qualified or not. qualification onboard cruise ships does not matter. you have high education, you can mop floors, but at the same time we have executive housekeeper who does not know how to write 🙂
    that is how it is.

  • Andrew

    Peeps… by the way, do you know how much royal pays for food for crew per day? – It is 1.39 USD. This is correct!!! Imagine food quality

  • Bob

    Agree with most of your article. However with the MLC now in full swing with RCCL, the salaries that you quoted are incorrect. That being said, for a company to cut cost just to increase profits, you really have to question when their empire will fall.

    Great article.

  • Bob

    Hi Andrew,

    Seriously though, on some ships the food quality is alright… It all depends on the onboard Executive Commitee & how much they want to be under bucket to clect a nice fat bonus at the end of the year..

    If anyone reading his wants to know anything from the inside just holla…

  • C

    HI Sailors,

    Worked on cruise ships for many years (still at sea, but in other leisure area), for various companies. All are the same. SHIT food (totally unhealthy!!!), hard working conditions, 11+ hrs/day for “n” months in row, heaving the obligation to smile non stop to your guests (most of them very nice people who think that you have on board same conditions as they have!!!!) even if your inside moral is fucked up, limited free shore time (if you are lucky), super expensive internet fees!!! (the only way to relax and spent your little free time on board).

  • Tattozapata

    Let me say something for all of you, I’m not defending any kind of bad labour practices, I just want to state the context, This is a business as any other in the world, who ever want to come and work in this company is welcome under the conditions establish for this company, who ever is not agree with these is also welcome to leave and find a better job with the diss are conditions, privileges and any other related good wanted, like it or not, this is reality in any country and business around the world, if you desired to resign in the middle of the contract is up to you and you will be given your passport back when you leave, unfortunately by internationals conventions not all nationalities in the world by social conditions are admitted in every where and if a crew member leave with out notification a fine have to be pay…..THIS IS A BUSINESS. If you believe is the kind of slavery or the new age slavey, you’re also welcome to not participate, Don’t be part of it, don’t slave yourself with something that you’re not agree with and be happy, I’m a Royal Caribbean employee, I know the conditions of my position, I started as a cleaner, now I’m an officer and everything that I did and do, is the result of what I wanted, every achievement is a result of hard work and swim in the waves that I had too, this is a life style and if this company is the garbage that many of you say it is, go and work in another cruise line and come and tell me that the others are better, that you have better salaries, better food and less months of work and less day hours labour, GO GO GO, be happy and find yourself a clue, I’m happy as an employee and the conditions thanI had accepted are my responsibility and me and only me who decide what’s fair for me or not…..

  • maria

    Used to work for RCCL for 3 years and thanks God i quit.the most i wanted to see some new places but really there is no time working seven days a week, 10-11 hours:-/ and it s true! Every time i got my pay check it was a mistake, less than i was suppose to get.. Once 60$, other time 25 $ and so one:-oif u don t say smth , they won t neither ! But they couldn t mess with me:-) they wanna look like they care for staff, but they don t at all!:-$

  • cesar serracin

    I did work for Royal Caribbean as a waiter for 5 years, use to work almost 14 to 16 hours a day for 6 months contracts, and who really pay your salary its the guest with the tips they give you;I never went back to work with them cause it become another oportunity for me to work at land in my country Panama; the never pay me for the years I work for them! I will not recomend this company to nobody.

  • chris

    It’s Modern day slavery.

  • leandro negri

    And nobody say nathing about how many hours per day First officer who are responsible for the rudder and no lower than 12 to 14 hours of daily work not reported under threat of senior management. And all under the capitalist logic. the heads of the company safe because on paper they do things well but in reality everything is evación income tax. but to investigate the secret accounts that are handled in the accounting RCCL casinos. and that’s a lot of black money

  • Linda Lester

    We just got back home from a RCCL cruise, and I’m ashamed that I went. I’ll never go again. How awful that the employees get $50 a month. The public is paying the workers salaries, and they work long long hours. Sounds like they are treated like slaves. Our cabin boy cleaned our room every time we left our cabin. He worked long hours and deserves more than $50 a month. It should be against the law to treat people this way.

  • martins

    Yes, Mr. Tattozapata. I do understand you.In the time you were a cleaner, the crew condition were not the same they are now. And you are aware of that, dont you? And now that you are an officer and dont share cabin and have slaves to take care of your clothes and food from the officers mess, and a good salary, you came in here with that talk? You are the ones Mr Goldstein wants to be happy. To make others live a hell. Y know very well how things are working on RCCL. Pay well the officers with two and a half stripes above and give them better conditions, but force them to apply the rules to the rest of the crew.
    You capitalist view of live is a very sad thing to see. Good luck to your live wen capitalism will turn against you, ok?

  • Peter

    ok,i just got job with RCCL am suppose to report end of this month,and i was offered $998 so you mean they will not pay this amount?what is this $50 everyone is talking about,please advice..

  • martins

    Peter, probably you are going to work as a purser, no?
    That is more or less the salary they pay now. Good luck to you. Please take out of your mind that romantic view of working on board cruise ships – specialy on Royal ships. It is not what it looks, and you are going to feel disapointed, most probably, (hope not)!! Slavery is the appropriate word for what is going on the cruise lines industry.

  • Tonya

    I just came back from a cruise and was thinking about the good people that waited on us. I have read the comments and it has almost made me sick to my stomach. We always elect to give the tips to our wait staff personally. If we do this do you the crew get to keep the cash? Or does the cruise line take that too? We usually palm it when we shake hands.

  • JeanMario

    Hi there guys, i have read your comments ,i wonder how much a waiter assitan can do in a month?,could you helpme with this, im aplying for this job possition.

    I knew that rcc pays 50 bucks per month, and all what a waiter earns are tips, but what happen with the waiter assitant?

  • Izzaty Arita

    Hi everyone. I am supposed to report to rcl’s jewel this march and I’ve been offered the position of Cook 2 with the pay of $760. Pls advice me on whether is that a good amount or not….

  • David

    Hey guys I HV been offered job as a cleaner 740 USD ,do you mean they might underpay once on board

  • Mad

    I have just returned from my second cruise with RCCL, I feel disgusted that I have taken part in such misery to other humans. After talking to crew members on board, I have spent many hours researching this horrible company, I never will cruise again, unless I can find a company that pays it’s staff correctly and treats them as all humans should be, with dignity and respect. My mission now is to spread the word about RCCL. Good luck to you all x

  • Franco


    May I know the salary of an IT Staff in Cruise Ships like RCCL? Or Cunard?

    I hope someone could give me an insight of what it is like working at RCCL as an IT Staff.

    All the best,

  • Scott Lee

    We just returned from a trip on the Oasis of the Seas. We’ve been raving about what an awesome trip until now! I am disgusted and saddened by what I’m reading here. I feel horrible for everyone working on that ship. They did their best to make our time so wonderful and carefree, yet they’re living a nightmare. It’s true that they are charged full price, the same as passengers, for the Internet. I was in shock when a crewmember told me this, as it makes it very difficult for them to communicate with their families in their homeland. I really wanted to take another cruise with Royal Caribbean, or any cruise line, but will now reconsider. I also wish I would’ve read this article this before I left for the cruise, I would’ve tipped much more generously than I did (and not prepaid tips). I cannot believe that the employees smile all day long and will do anything you ask them to do with a “yes sir no problem”. I’m irritated enough that when I’m done here, my next letter will be to Adam Goldstein. How can he sleep at night?? I guess it’s easy on a pillow filled with millions of dollars.

  • Employee

    Hello, i’m planning to work in RCC as a cook. May I know how much is the starting?

  • Lynne C.

    My advice to anyone going on a cruise, do what my husband and I do, tip your staff directly, ie. your waiter, busboy and room stewart. We don’t believe in pre-paid gratuities because we don’t know who actually gets the money. Employees are paid by adding their salaries to a prepaid credit card. If they want to take out their own money using the ship’s debit machines, they are charged withdrawal fees. And please be generous, these people work for peanuts. The working conditions are terrible, the food for staff is really bad. We know this for a fact because our daughter worked for RCCL for 4 months and had to come home because the food made her very ill. She actually spent most of her pay paying for food in restaurants when she would disembarked for the day. Please treat the staff with the respect they deserve, they are humane just like you and I. Should you see someone being disrespectful to a staff member, please stop them.

  • Matt Feldman

    Anyone that has insider knowledge of this, if you’re a past employee or family member or cruiser, please email me directly at I am a collegiate journalist and I’ve had my work featured in numerous local and regional newspapers as well as online publications. I am writing a freelance story about these atrocities and am trying to get it published by a BIG source like the Washington Post or CNN. Please email me and give me some insider intelligence. Thanks!

  • homefree

    also, a good look should be given at the shore excursions and port agency contracts………incredible corruption by top level management…… particularly in the Med the kickbacks are so obvious they hurt your eyes……. Goldstein and Fein are no good liars and one day they’ll get their due….

  • Nina

    Wow I literally just got off the Oasis of the seas. I decided to look up how much the cruise workers get paid. I am so disgusted by this and it breaks my heart. My stateroom attendant was the sweetest ever. I fell in love with him and wanted to take him with me! He was this cute little old Asian man. As I was leaving I said to myself man he is lucky to work here. I can’t believe he gets paid shit! I will never cruise with Royal again and will send a letter a month until someone take me seriously. This is not fair! Everything I need he says yes or right away. I even tried to help him make my bed he said no it was his pleasure. I hate rcc for this.

  • An aggrevated past guest

    I am disgusted and saddened by what I have found out/ experienced with this cruise line. I will be contacting/ writing letters to see to whom needs to look into the fact the Stateroom attendants DO NOT GET PAID. How dare you only give them a PERCENTAGE of the gratuity, IF the guest do not take the gratuity back. This is SLAVERY! I cruised with Independence of the Seas 2 weeks and the talk of the ship was, “Stateroom attendants of the employees do not get paid.” This is ridiculous. I will NOT cruise with Royal Caribbean again. You all will NOT get my money and treat people like this.
    Also, my experience on this ship was the ABSOLUTE WORST. The stateroom attendant was the highlight of my ENTIRE cruise honestly. She was the absolute best. I will be doing research on how to change this.

  • Dave

    Let’s not get all tearful for the cabin stewards. Yes $50 a month is a poor wage but they make there money in tips! Royal Caribbean add $12.95 per person per day to our sea pass account. From this the cabin guy gets $3.85, so double occupancy cabin will pay $7.70. A steward will clean around 12 cabins per day, this will give them a total of $34,326 per year (including Royal’s $600). This is based on double occupancy, some cabin have 3 or 4 sharing!
    It now seems like the cabin guy is on more money than me, the only difference is they live rent free and I pay a mortgage, food bills, utilities bills, car costs, etc… And I’m still working a 12 hour day!

  • Jon

    Yes these crew members are paid a low wage, that is their own choice to make. They were given the terms of contract and they agreed. If those terms are no longer worthwhile to them they have the option to find other employment.

    To quote Madonna, ” this is a material world”. We do live in a ‘mostly’ capitalistic world that is ruled by greed. Mr Adam Goldstein may well be a greedy ‘Hitler’ as some may call him, but the plain fact is that if any of you had the opportunity to have his lifestyle you would probably jump at the chance.

    In conclusion, cruise or don’t. But if you do please treat the staff with kindness and tip appropriately.

  • kitty

    “Stateroom attendants DO NOT GET PAID.”
    They do, just not much. I talked with stateroom attendants. Most of them told me that they are happy to have this job because in their own country they’d be working for a lot less and the conditions would be a lot worse.

    Let’s not forget that many of the ship employees come from poor countries where the salaries are less. 1.65 an hour is nothing in the US, but it’s more than a poor factory worker makes in many third world countries if he is lucky to have a job.

    You want to help stateroom attendants and other ship employees? Be nice, treat them with respect, don’t make their jobs harder, and tip generously in addition to $12.95 a day you pay. I just left $40 to my stateroom attendant after a week long cruise. If you want to help, think how much a certain amount of money means to you and how much it’ll help them. I pay $12.95 a day the ship charges as well because laundry workers, kitchen workers – all those people you don’t see but who also work hard, need to get their share of the tips as well.

    “ow dare you only give them a PERCENTAGE of the gratuity,”
    Stateroom attendants aren’t the only low wage workers. People who work in the laundry, kitchen, restaurants need to get their share as well.

  • Shyam

    I am a Royal carribeen employee and it is very sad the way they are paying us and the horrible thing is …we got our new shore side manager Barbara…she is from Germany and she is a shore side manager of shore excursions. She came onboard and had a talk and she pretend like she gonna do something good for everyone means to all employee…honestly we were happy to talked with her and sharing our ideas but instead doing good she decreased our salary….we are not foolish as she increased few dollar in our salary and decrease our almost 1000 dollar from commison so eventually every month we have almost 800 dollar less money. Already we were not getting good money now it is worst! we r here far from our home leaving our family for 06 months behind and do we deserve a salary decrease and the manager on the top getting better money in every time more and more…..Please God help us…I miss my wife and daughter and it seems to me like to end up my job soon.

  • Ferdinand De Laet

    Hi, it seems the dream job, is somewhat a nightmare! I read so many comments, and I am so worried, frightened because I recently applied for the RCC, I am preparing for my next online interview.

    I am a European citizen and knowing the difference in Laws of being a waiter in the US and the EU makes me doubt my decision!

    I am getting confused $50 what? all these slavery stories…I thought since we work long hours the more the pay?

  • Vaibhav Kapoor

    Then why are so many people working? should everyone leave? but they are not. They continue to work. If their needs are not being fulfilled then they wont continue.

  • Hiljunino

    I will not continue my plan to apply Royal Caribbean, after reading the comments. I will not resign on my present job in UAE,even my salary is 400 dollar ,food and accomodation excluded and yearly ticket 2 way,and I can chat and skype my family everyday.


  • alex

    i agree & disagree with all these comments..i am currently employed at the rccl for 5years (8contracts) i started working at the galley as a utility earning the basic salary $ my posistion is assistant waiter & get the average salary about $1800 a the question is,is that worth enough for the hard work that im doing include the situation that im very far away from my family?my answer is YES!!aldo i miss my chance to do my part as a father for my kids but i a have this peace of mind that i am providing things that maybe i cannot provide if it wasnt because of this company..most of the comments i agree with is those words saying you have your choice if you werent so happy then resign & sell some manggo back home!words we usually hear from our officers & managers.$50 things is not really true,they get more than what you can imagine,waiters,bar servers & house keeping is the posisition with the same average of $3000 monthly base on the big size of their section.ship also gives opportunity to all employee to grow on their career & i think that is the reason why despite of the hardtime & loneliness being far away from our family we keep coming back.if you notice some of the comments saying they in the company for 10yrs 5yrs.i know some of them is 30yrs on the company.why you think they spend that years if they not getting the salary that they supposed to get..?in my case,i get 4 promotion in 8contracts started from the lowest position in the galley,utility then i become a mess attendant after a year i become a room service attendant & now i am assistant waiter earning the amount i mention above.right now im waiting for my 5th promotion for waiter & hoping i get it soon coz i have the oportunity to work as a waiter on my last contract & i can say that the salary is much better compare to my salary now.
    some of the things i agree is about the food for the crew,system on the ship,& the way our maneger treat us.1st,the food is not really bad if you going to have for only a few days,but if you going to consume it for the rest of your contract i can say you gonna sick of it!thats why i always buy some food outside the ship & stock it in my cabin.
    2nd,system on the ship is like a mafia thing,promotion is promotion not like what they do to me in many occation,when i was room service attendant i become a phone operator but at the end they dont give me that as my permanent position .recently i work as a waiter for almost half of my contract & when i comeback they also put me back in assistant waiter position!i also hate the fact that you spend 5years on the company to reach your current posistion & then some of the new employee coming with same position!we the crew member train this new crew member to know everything they need to know & when they learn something they are the one who will end up educating you about the ship.,imagine that!& the last on my list is this manegers & supervisor who acting like they owning the ship!i mean com’n most of them also came from my position before they become a leader & yet they will always asking you to do sort of things that i can say even for them is imposible to do it!
    well,thats all on my side.enough said im not happy on my job but i have no choice.i dont want to sell manggo back home so i will stay until maybe my body & my mind said enough.

  • Mel

    I agree with all these comments – I worked at sea for 25 years in the shows and as cruise deputy / cruise director- luckily I was on very good salaries as I was officer rated. It’s true the crew were paid $50 dollars a month and work for tips . This is the American way, the pax should not be paying the tips to make up the wages- I worked for Rcci in the 8o’s. Cunard, Costa and p & o. P & o were the best -I had my own cabin and company provided pension too. They pay all their staff proper salaries – no one works for tips- waiters earn approx £1200 per month ( $2000) from the company plus extra tips from the pax. Also hours of work are controlled – 10 hours a day as per the ilo – international labour organisation – carnival cruises has to comply- p & o is British run not American!-so not run like slave ships, !

  • nelson

    Iam in the process of applying for assistant waiter, please advice ,the comments are very disgusting

  • After I red all the comments bellow, I am little worried on what should I do. I have a contract with RCCL and just waiting for the assignment letter to see when and on which ship I will start my first contract as a Bar Server. My questions are :
    * What is the real salary for Bar server position nowadays because in the contract I will start with $1200 and plus tips and commission but I don’t believe on that so if anyone knows from experience please tell
    * Is the food onboard really that bad, because I used to have stomach ulcer and I am really really worried not to have that problem again (bad food can easily result in that again)
    * Tell me something more about the sea sickness, Is it that bad ??

    Thanks to all of you, who will spent a little time to answer me!


  • Fede

    On Princess Cruisess the salary of a waiter is also $50, its maritime Law made by companies for their own benefit.
    All companies are horrible! Specially if there are no stripes in your shoulders!!

    12 to 16 hs a day, no dayoff, sometimes 10hs without break! Straight!
    Very bad food for the crew, its made with all scraps and leftover and spoled veggies from the provision (cambusa).

    Internet is expensive as f…! 20 dollars for 220 mins!

    I resigned 1 week ago, but im still onboard waitting for my flights.

    On Princess they are also cutting benefits, salaries and hiring more asians with lower salaries and 10 months contract!

  • Gregory Dawson

    Hello, I just received my Royal Caribbean letter of employment and ship assignment to work as a bartender. How much can I expect to receive in gratuity income above my base pay salary? Will my tip come be shared or be paid to me directly? Thank you for your feedback.

  • Ayung Banner

    If All this are true and if You hold a Seaman Book and are a member of the ITF (International transport worker federation) of any seafarers Union in your own Country.Than why do You fear so much to bring to light what is unjust. For Fuck sake ITF is your only hope to mold RCCL. Supremo and come to term with it. Don’t go work blindly out of your own knowledge. Besides there’s also ILO (International Labour Organisation) who keeps tab on all seafarers REST HOURS and WORK HOURS. One cannot imagine how all are U working eventough there’s No difference between the Devil and a Demons treasure Chest.

  • Jason Atlo

    That is the reason many cruise lines fly flags of convenience , so they do not have to adhere to US standards, most of the ships are registered in the Bahamas etc.

  • Michelle

    Adam Goldstein should go to prison. The entire company is disgusting. I worked for the company for 11 years and got $7.93 an hour.

    The company is deceptive. I was entitled to only one paid 7 day trip for the entire eleven years I worked for them.

    The managers are kiss ass incompetent morons . Goldstein and his cronies are corporate crooks as well as greedy bastards who could care less about their employees conditions or their below poverty level pay. He is living in opulence while his underlings are barely able to feed their families.

    He should rot in hell

  • Alea

    Hi. My boyfriend is working in one of the ships. He’s an i.t. officer and earns $2000*/monthly.
    Its really hell there that’s why he wont let me work in any cruises, though my family wants me to because all they thought is the salary. I’m always telling them how hard it is to work on board. So i just wanna badly tear out these tarpauling posters advertising good employment for cruise ships. It makes me sick. I’m also in to food and beverage and customer service industry so it hurtd for me to see those who get paid lesser than they deserve.

  • Alfonso

    Is it possible to know how much is the salary for a Security Officer working on board at Royal Carivean? Thanks

  • Karen

    Royal Caribbean is is not a bad company to work for. Just like any large corporate company some things are better than others but at least they don’t discriminate on nationality!! you get the salary that goes with the position no matter what country you come from. There are other companies (like Holland America) who have two people stood next to each other doing the same job but pay them differently acording to where they are from which I find truly disgusting.

    I have worked myself onboard Royal Caribbean for 7 years and don’t really understand the people who have commented on here who have worked for them for many years and only have terrible things to say – why on earth then stay for so long? If you think you can do better elsewhere you are free to go (no, they do hold onto your passports, they keep them altogether in a safe area as each week the ship goes through immigration and the immmigration officers may need to see certain passports – in order not having to get 800 plus employees line up each week for hours to do this in person, the pursers take care of it on their behalf. If you wish to quit or need to go home unexpectedly because of an emergency, they will help you find the quickest ticket to go back home).

    The people that earn the ‘low’ salaries and are relying on tips – this is the American system and its the same deal when you eat in most US restaurants on land. What nobody mentions here is that most employees (except US citizens) do not have any taxes deducted from their salary, all their food, accomodation, medical care etc is taken care of so every dollar they earn can go to the bank. I saved enough money in 7 years to purchase a house in England in CASH, not needing a mortgage, and I know many more people who did the same!!

    For those people who wish to move up the ladder, there are many opportunties and most people I used to work with and stayed for longer than one or two contracts, all ended up being promoted and ending up in very high positions onboard.

    Guests should also realize that the tipped staff (cabin attendants, waiters, assistant waiters etc) are ofcourse not telling them they earn a lot of money – because that would mean getting less tips from that particular guest – we all love to complain and cry poverty, but if working on a ship was so rubbish then there must be hundreds of thousands stupid people out there as all of these ships are fully stocked with multi-national crewmembers and long, long waiting lists of people waiting for an opening for a position!!

  • bob

    KAREN! it’s because your white skin’ discrimination is always on-board RCCL believed me.
    open your eyes not your mouth. so you can see how the system goes for ordinary ratings crew member.

  • Job Seeker

    If all of that unlawful practices happened at RCCL,then is there anybody or employees organisations who filed cases against the rccl management? Yes we have ILO, MLC and other unions that will help us, but why still happening that?

  • brad

    I worked for a terrible company one time. Guess what? I left. So seeing stories of people who worked for 7 years, 10 years, whatever amount of time then calling it slavery, last time I checked, slavery was forced. At any time you can quit, leave, stay on an island, jump overboard, whatever you feel appropriate to get off the ship. Slavery should not be even used as a word here. Is the pay low? Maybe, so then don’t take the job or quit after your contract.

  • mondale jose

    It is a good company.But the persons are always neglated
    Is galley people like chefs,commies,galley stewards etc. Rather

    Than others their salary is too low as they work day and night.
    It is very true and clear.Thank you.