Carnival Magic MedevacThis morning at 7:39 AM, I received the following information from a passenger on the Carnival Magic returning to port in Galveston:

"We sit outside the harbor in the fog this morning. Last night the coast guard had to airlift a passenger for medical reasons and yesterday morning we had a fire. Deck 11 forward. The crew says it was not a fire but hot electrical. Smoke was coming down to other decks, there is water and wet floors up there so they can call it what they want . . . Pic of the chopper attached."

We are also told Carnival had fans and machines out on deck 11 and there was standing water in the halls. One passenger said "it might have just been a hot circuit but they sure used a lot of water, which made no sense on electrical."

Passengers are now disembarking from the cruise ship.

Does anyone on this cruise have information, photos or video to share?

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Carnival’s response:

"On Saturday morning aboard the Carnival Magic, there was a smell of smoke reported along a guest corridor. The issue was identified as an overheated electrical component within an air conditioning vent located within a guest stateroom. There was no fire. The issue has since been fixed. Guests were kept apprised of the situation with announcements over the ship’s public address system and shipboard staff were positioned in the area where the smoke was reported to advise guests and answer any questions.

Additionally, on Saturday afternoon, the ship rendezvoused with a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter to airlift a guest in need of immediate medical attention. The guest was taken to a shoreside medical facility for further treatment.

Carnival Magic was on a seven-day cruise to the Caribbean that returned to its home port of Galveston earlier this morning."

  • Don Sayman

    1:30 pm there is a carnival ship docked Galveston tx
    looks like a Carnival

  • Dumbfounded

    Why doesn’t Congress wake up and smell the coffee? One part of the reason we have a growing deficit is due to “freeloaders”. “Freeloaders”? Who? Cruise lines who rake in millions and millions of dollars, pay NO TAXES, but still use OUR services. People are so up in arms about illegals coming in and using OUR services. What about the illegal cruise lines? Illegal cruise lines? Illegal? Yes! They are breaking the law every time they enter OUR ports without safety equipment mandated by Congress installed. If Washington D.C. is serious about easing the debt crisis, they can (1) start fining the cruise lines for not having mandated safety equipment installed, and (2) require cruise lines to pay for services they use from US, AND increase their cost (tax) to dock in the U.S. Afraid they’ll pull out? Where will they go? The whole world wide economy is a mess! Do they seriously think that cruisers will fly to cruise ports outside the U.S to cruise? Think again. Sorry for the rant, but this is getting w-a-y too old.

  • Don Sayman

    just wondering what life without cruise lines would be like. how many florida jobs lost? who cares1
    lets charge and tax them dam cruise line out of biz yea!!!

  • Kelley V

    The standing water was due to a flooded shower. I got my information from not only the neighbors of the passengers in the flooded cabin but they were friends as well. The smoke was due to a passenger who got cold and wanted to be warm in their cabin. The passenger turned on the heat and was still cold. So the passenger decided to jam up the vent with towels. It caused a belt or something to burn and smoke. I got this info directly from the Captain. I got to tour the bridge and met him. He told us what happened. As far as the ill passenger being air lifted, I have no info. I did see the rescue. I was watching from my balcony, located all the way in the back on the 8th deck. It was a sight to see.

  • My wife and I were on this cruise. It was wonderful.

    The “fire” was not a “fire” and did not impact most passengers at all. The fog was a natural part of traveling in the Gulf and hardly delayed our return. We were well treated during the “delay.” It was much better than a flight delay.

    A passenger was removed from the ship, but it has done professionally.

    People who complain about such wonderful service have “first world” problems.

  • L. Enright

    I was on deck 11 in the room directly across the hall from the room with the fire. When we heard someone yelling fire I looked through the peephole and saw the open door with a crew member aiming a fire extinguisher at the vent in the ceiling. We opened our door and went into the hall about 25 ft from our room. I was standing and talking with the lady from the fire room. She told me smoke started coming out of the vent and then flames started shooting out. The comments above about towels being jammed into the vent are false. I did not see any towels or anything in the vent or on the floor. Later in the day in speaking with crew members it was obvious the incident was being downplayed. There WAS fire and it was very scary to be that close to it

  • Jennifer McBrayer

    There was no fire, the Captain kept us informed. The photo of the helicopter…. what the heck, they asked you NOT to take photos! Some people are jerks, no respect, no sympathy and just fine with starting trouble or stirring a pot. I hope the person that took this photo and reported this crap is NEVER on another cruise again since they have a distorted view of the occurrences.

  • Dusty

    I was on this cruise. Carnival kept us all informed of what was going on with the smoke situation and also with the US Coast Guard situation. They did a very good job. we were on the Lido deck when we were informed of the smoke, and there didn’t seem to be any panic from the passengers. To me it seems that someone just likes to complain to try to get something for nothing. Thanks Carnival Magic for a great vacation.