Carnival Triumph Cruise Ship KATC reports that the infamous "poop" cruise ship, the Triumph, lost power today as the Carnival cruise ship was sailing from Cozumel, Mexico back to Galveston, Texas.

According to KATC, Carnival says that the Triumph lost power "for eight minutes" after an electrical breaker failed. Carnival says the loss of power "affected ventilation in the ship’s incinerator, sending smoke into limited areas of three decks."

Everyone will remember the Triumph which floated around in the Gulf of Mexico last year after an engine room fire knocked out power to the ship. Whatever happens with this infamous cruise ship will forever be closely monitored. Carnival denies that a fire broke out on the ship and denies that a fire caused the electrical outage. We have heard these denials before, like this case and this one too.

Carnival notified the U.S. Coast Guard of the incident. 

KATV reports that passengers are still on the deck waiting for the smoke to clear.

Whether a fire broke out or not, what caused the breaker to fail?

If you are on the cruise, we’d like to hear the passenger’s view of what happened. Was the power out for just "8 minutes?"

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February 1 2014 Update: Passengers getting off of the ship are stating that the power was out for an hour.  Also passenger records Cruise Director announced  that "frazzled wires" caused smoke.  


Photo Credit: Dave Martin / AP

  • Stef Brower

    The power was out for almost an hour.

  • Tracy Kaufman

    We were on the ship, and are safely back in port now. It wasn’t horrificly scary (except in the beginning when I was desperately searching for my 12 year old son in the pitch black interior of the ship and trying to figure out how to open the fire doors by feel alone!) but it was frustrating because we got conflicting orders from various crew members (get your life jackets and go to your muster station, no, put your life jackets up and go to the lido deck… Etc) as well as different stories as to what happened and no thorough explanation at all.

  • Kathy

    My entire family was on that cruise. My four year old granddaughter was terrified. Entire length of power outage was much more than eight minutes. My son said is was more than one hour closed to two before things returned to normal. They went one place then another. Conflicting directions. The cruise was cut short and they disembarked early. I am sure there are tons of details I didn’t get yet since they are currently driving back.

  • Lisa McBride

    It was about an hour. Power came up and went down 3 times or so. Honeymoon cruise. It didn’t ruin out cruise, but it didn’t make for a ‘relaxing’ fun day at sea. Afterward, the computers took forever to come up so we could check our account, but the crew had no problem continuing to collect from the passengers for drinks and whatnot. At one point the cruise director came on and said there is smoke, but don’t worry there’s no fire. I’ve always heard where there is smoke there is fire. They rushed us off the ship this morning far ahead of schedule. If I were booked on the next voyage of the Triumph, I’d have to pass.

  • Deannie Goss

    I just got off of the triumph. Yes we lost power for about a hour but no one was in danger during this situation. They come over the intercom and told everyone that everything was fine and there was no need to get life jackets and go to your muster station. I can honestly say that carnival employees handled this situation very well.

  • Bob Grado

    I was on this cruise. All power was out for about 15 minutes. No lights, elevators stuck between floors, complete darkness. Very limited back up power came on and we were powerless drifting in the Gulf of Mexico for more than 1 hour! Smoke and diesel odors filled the aft floors 0-5. We saw crew members wearing life vest. My wife tried using the main floor bathrooms and the crew would not let her in. Finally we climed to our cabin and she used our powerless toilet . . . the cruise director stated the smoke acumulation and orders were from burnt and frazzled wires below. I was told smoke went into the ships ventilation system and senors shut down the entire ship. I was traveling with 2 other families that were first time cruisers that were horrifed by the event! I can’t believe there was no press coverage on this.
    We still love Carnival and will probably try again with them.

  • Andy Smithers

    Do they evacuation lights that can help you see the exits? The lady that had to feel for the fire door….

  • Robin MCGrew

    I was on that ship and it was at the very least an hour with no propulsion at all. The back up generators kicked in bit also failed for a bit. It was not too bad but I did feel bad for the lady and her kids that pulled out all of their life preservers.

  • julie

    We were on that cruise! Power dropped at 3:15pm and back up at 415Pm. Wires burned from incinerator vent system. Back up generator started in about 20 minutes running only the lights! Crew wonderful, ship not the cleanest nor in the best shape. Cheap cruise, bad cruise director, won’t go again.

  • Heather

    My husband and I were on the Triumph. The power was out for right at an hour. It wasnt extremely scary but we were certainly worried and concerned. Carnival did handle the situation very well, however, they just need to retire the Triumph. I will certainly cruise Carnival again!

  • Jackie Wagner

    My girls and I were on this cruise. These people make me sick. Quit trying to get some kind of compensation out of this! The ship lost “complete power” for about 8 minutes. The generators began coming up after that 8 minutes. We were restored back to full power after 45 minutes to an hour. It was a very calm environment because Jen the cruise director was very good about coming on every 10-15 minutes with updates. Carnival handled this very well and it was not a scary experience. Of course everyone had a moment of panic for a few minutes when it first happened but NOBODY was EVER in a any danger. I will still cruise with carnival and still on this ship.

  • em

    It really wasn’t that big of a deal. The electricity went out at about 3:15. My husband and I were on the second floor. There were 2 employees cleaning a room across the floor who assured us everything was okay and that there should be an announcement if anything was wrong. The cruise director did make an announcement over the loud speaker that everything was okay and there was no reason tonc or go to the muster stations. After about 15 minutes the emergency power came on and lit the hallways enough that we could safely make our way to the deck. It wasn’t pleasant climbing nine flights of stairs but it was a very pretty day once we got to the deck. The employees were very reassuring and helpful the whole time and during the whole thing and the cruise director made frequent announcements with updates. Overall the entire thing lasted about an hour and really wasn’t any different than any other hour in the sun. This was our honeymoon trip and overall it didn’t make a bit of difference. There was smoke but not enough to make me think the ship was on fire or anything. The toilet in our room did not work during the blackout but had taken care of itself by the time we went back to the room. This was our first cruise and I will definitely be going again asap. I respect carnival staff for the way they handled the situation.

  • Lisa

    I was on this cruise and I have to disagree with the comment that our cruise was cut short. It was not. We simply were back in port in Galveston a few hours earlier than scheduled, which was only 8:30 AM to begin with. Yes, they did seem to “rush” us off much earlier than planned but hey, we were glad for that as we were ready to go anyway and had a long drive in front of us. Otherwise, the rest of the comments are pretty much on target. It was much more than “8 minutes,” pitch dark in halls, rooms without windows and the stairwells; but much calmness noted by all staff that we came in contact with.

  • Vic

    Boat came to a complete halt and drifted off course for a full hour, not 8 minutes. Had emergency power after about the first 30 minutes but that only lit hallways, nothing else. Funny how fast the food went during that time when you can’t cook anything! Crew was amazing, but this boat is cursed -REDO the whole thing and name it something else!

  • Monica Blanton

    We were first time cruisers aboard the carnival Triumph.It infuriates me that Carnival would down play this event! It was well over an hour that we had no access of any bathroom facilities and axcess points
    so we couldn’t get back to our rooms which is were where my family was. The smoke by our rooms was not only strong by oder but visable as well! We were in the photo gallery when this happened and it was pitch black! Thank God this happened during the day and not at night otherwise it would have been 100 times worse! I hope and pray the passengers that boarded the Triumph today are safe not knowing the incident that occurred the day before! I am not looking for compensation from this event, I would just appreciate a little bit of honesty! There is a big difference between 8 minutes and an hour!

  • KC

    The power was out from around 3:15-4:10. Carnival handled the situation pretty well by keeping us informed every 10-15 minutes or so (I doubt we were told the “whole story”). Although we felt a bit of anxiety in the first couple of minutes, it was not a scary situation. We were advised by intercom right away that it was not necessary to go to our muster stations. I imagine it could be a bit scary initially if you were separated from your family members. I do think it would’ve been nice to have heard from the Captain himself opposed to hearing the updates from Jen, our Cruise Director. (We did not hear from him until after the power had been restored) It turned out to be a peaceful float on a beautiful afternoon and I seriously doubt that we drifted too far off course as calm as the ocean was. The cruise was not cut short as mentioned above, although we did arrive Galveston well ahead of schedule due to the “possibility of fog”. Carnival handled the situation very professionally and I would not hesitate to cruise with them again!

  • Don Sanders

    I think all cruise lines should shut power off during muster drills so that the people who are so appalled with the fact that s$&t happens, can then decide if they want to still go on a cruise. Come on, one hour in the dark? Never been in a thunderstorm on land? Prolly the same people who stay at home and panic for 3 says when there is 1/2 inch of snow. Calm down and relax. After being on 12 cruises I can say the cruises would beuch better off with these people.

  • Vanessa

    I just got home from that ship and I cannot believe these people were “terrified” and they complain they couldn’t flush for an hour is so completely outrageous! What a bunch of spoiled whiners! At no time did we feel scared and I was in the elevator bank in the pitch dark with my two young children! Jen did a great job informing us of everything and the crew did great staying calm. Those that ran for their life jackets are way way over reactors and should stay off my cruises because we don’t need that, ever!

  • Fred

    Well, it was off for 1.5 hours!
    Here is a run down of what we heard.
    1. 01, 01 to the bridge
    2. Alpha team, Alpha team to the incinerator room muster …
    3. talking head, well folks we have had a power problem?
    4. Talking head, they are working on it
    5. Talking head, if you smell smoke go somewhere else on the ship?
    6. Power comes on and off 8 times
    7. we finally have power and start to come back on course from drifting dead at sea.

    Food for thought, how can one electrical fire (short) knock out power from both generators? If this is how they have the ship wired the it would be like you trip a breaker at your home and the whole house goes dark! Or you blow a fuse in your car and everything quits!
    Sounds like either a major design flaw or a BIG coverup of what really went on!!

    One more thought, if an airline used the same maintenance routines as carnival we would have planes falling out of the sky all of the time!

    Thanks for listening!

  • The ship was out of power for almost an hour. The link provided is a video I made on it.

  • I was on the ship, I took this video

  • mari

    we were there.. in the theater when all of the sudden everything went dark; then the power back up came back and we took advantage to go to our room; thank God we had a room with a window so it wasnt dark then everything went dark so we went up to the lido deck; Everyone kept asking each other how they were ok. the crew kept saying to stay calm everything was ok; but we met a kid that was stuck in the elevator between floors and he was fine. honestly it wasnt that bad; and we took pictures and videos of when the ship came back on we could see the in the ocean the streak of the ship turning around; we were drifting for a while. The Cruise Director Jen was very informative; and later on the Ship Captain spoke too.. The Tech Team did an awesome job getting the ship back and we were in Galveston way before time.

  • Angel

    I was in the boat when it happened, it was actually pretty cool, a story to tell, it was not nothing serious though, the power died out and yes we did smell some smoke on or level but it wasn’t bad at all, I’m still being faithful to carnival on my future cruises. We were well informed about the situation when the power shut off, the entertainment works kept us busy/entertained and we were having a good time with it being dark and all, we were in the Rome auditorium, the people that worked to activate the ship again did a marvelous job and fast too, when it was restored everything went back to normal. I dint know why people would be scared ti cruise, things happen, it’s just like having a car and you get into an accident, are you going to stop driving just cause of that. It was a cool experience for me.. see you on my next voyage carnival.

  • Ann

    So we lost power on our way back to Galveston. It was not a big deal as some of these people make it out to be. It was off for about an hour at the most and the electric did come back on a few times before the situation was resolved. I was however glad that I had a balcony as we chatted with all of the other balcony neighbors. It was a calm and beautiful day at sea. No one was in a panic. Our Cruise Director Jen was great at keeping us informed and we did hear from the Captain once power was restored. I do not know what the real problem was other than what they told us and we arrived to port early Saturday morning. I had woke up 5:30 to see that we were already at Galveston. Yay! At 8:30 on Saturday we got to leave and go home. Also, during our “blackout” that happened in the middle of the day I used this time to pack my bags and get everything ready the next day. I will use Carnival again.

  • Margo

    No big deal about losing power! The smell of smoke had me a little worried but all in all it was a very calm environment. The ship was back up and running within an hour. Had a good experience and will try another carnival cruise in the future.