Cayman 27 reports that three armed men robbed a jewelry store in downtown George Town, Cayman Islands this morning. It was initially reported that shots were fired during the robbery although no one was injured. The local newspaper now indicates that the local police deny that shots were fired. 

The armed robbery occurred while five cruise ships, with over 14,000 passengers, were in port. 

The Cayman 27’s report indicates that the jewelry heist occurred at Diamonds International, which Diamonds International Cayman Islandsis located across the street from the cruise terminal.

The island’s police commissioner reportedly drove his vehicle into the robbers’ getaway car.

Taxi and tour operators were involved in chasing and apprehending the robbers. A tour operator broke his arm during the chase.

The robbery occurred when cruise passengers were in port. The Cayman 27 article has photographs of the robbers, crashed cars and one of the guns involved in the robbery. It also has a photo of tourists with cameras around their necks at the scene.  

Crime in the Caribbean islands is an issue which we discuss regularly on this blog. Crime in ports of call in the Caribbean is increasing, especially in the Bahamas, Honduras and St.Thomas, although the Cayman Islands is generally not considered to be dangerous.

The U.S. Department of State states that: "the crime threat in Cayman Islands is generally considered low, although travelers should always take normal precautions when in unfamiliar surroundings. Petty theft, pick-pocketing and purse snatchings occur. A few cases involving sexual assault have been reported to the Embassy."

We have written about crime against cruise passengers in the Cayman Islands before, including the rape of a teenager from a Carnival cruise ship.

Cruise lines promote the ports of call as tropical paradises. Many passengers are lured into the world of cruise fantasies and lower their guard.


Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

  • The Cayman Islands are dreadful. Their treatment of Gay people is miserable. That wretched Turtle Farm is an affront to animal rights. The Swim with the Stingrays is a horrid experience and now apparently the island is rife with crime.

  • Barbara Richards

    So Richard, you size up the Cayman Islands because they offend you and as a result you are offended. Believe it or not, Richard, in some countries, being gay is illegal and you can be sentenced either to prison or death. It is unrealistic for you to travel to places that do not accept your behavior. They also don’t have the same view of turtles and stingrays that you do. I don’t condone that but they do and I respect that. We cannot go to other countries, be a “guest” and expect them to conform. We are visitors in these countries and we must respect this regardless of whether or not it is right or wrong. Crime is everywhere. I don’t like the way you deduce the Cayman Islands to be dreadful. Just because it is for you doesn’t mean it is for everybody else. New York is dreadful. Chicago is dreadful. El Paso, TX is the most dreadful. It’s all relative Richard.

  • trevor Wellington

    Barbara I don’t agree with Richards view of Cayman. I work on a cruise ship and go there on a weekly basis. It is gorgeous, safe, and clean. One thing though, I am a straight male and don’t think it should be illegal for a person to be born a particular way. Being gay is not a choice, as I’m sure you have probably heard. Making it illegal is a violation of human rights.

  • Tim

    So if I go to the Cayman Islands by airplane nothing like this will happen otherwise. Jim, you make it sound like this is only because of cruise pax or something. Oh and happy New Year!

  • Barbara, I think it’s important for travelers to know where a place they will visit stands on the issue of gay rights. Hundreds of gay travelers unknowingly visit a place that condemns them and is bigoted against them. My observations on the Caymans are a warning to gays not to spend money in places that don’t accept them. It doesn’t surprise me that they have a crime problem. Most societies that are intolerant do. For your information, New York, meanwhile, has the lowest crime rate of any large city in the US.