Carnival Poop CruiseIt’s been a long year for the cruise lines. Cruise ship fires, engine failures and other mishaps have dominated the travel news in 2013. We have written several hundreds of articles this year under our motto: "everything the cruise lines don’t want you to know."  

2013 has been the year of the disabled cruise ship. First, we suffered through the 24-hour-a-day CNN coverage of the infamous Carnival Triumph poop cruise. Next came the Carnival Dream, which experienced propulsion problems followed by the Carnival Legend which also experienced propulsion issues attributable to poor maintenance. Then the Carnival Elation and the Carnival-owned P&O Ventura joined the growing list of disabled/impaired cruise ships. It was only mid-March. Carnival’s reputation was circling the drain!

The rest of the year saw more of the same. Problems with the Regent Seven Seas Voyager (propulsion), Carnival-owned Crown Princess (sewage), Carnival Ecstasy (propulsion), Royal Grandeur of the SeasCaribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas (fire), NCL’s Breakaway (loose nuts & broken welds), Royal Caribbean-owned Pullmantur’s Zenith (fire causing loss of power), Bimini SuperFast (propulsion), Celebrity Millennium (propulsion), Carnival-owned Sun Princess (propulsion), Carnival-owned Royal Princess (propulsion), Carnival-owned Noordam (fire), Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas (propulsion), Carnival-owned Dawn Princess (fire), MSC Magnifica (allision), Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas (hull repair), Saga Ruby (generator break down), and Celebrity’s Constellation (propulsion). 

Wow what a list, but none of the disabled ships made the top 10 list. Luckily, no one was killed or seriously injured in these mishaps.    

So what’s the criteria for inclusion on the top 10 list of outrageous cruise stories you may ask? If it makes you spit on the ground, shake your head and stomp your feet in disgust, the story has a chance to make the list. I start with the least outrageous (still pretty outrageous), at number 10, and end with Rebecca Coriam - Disneythe most outrageous at number 1. 

Number 10: Disney and the Bahamas continue to refuse to cooperate with the Coriam family regarding the disappearance of their daughter Rebecca. 

In January, I wrote about a nasty tendency of the cruise industry: Stonewalling at Sea – Cruise Lines Continue to Cover Up Disappearances on the High Seas. This involved crew member Rebecca Coriam who disappeared from the Disney Wonder. Disney continues to refuse to provide meaningful information to the Coriam family about what happened to Rebecca, who was age 24 when she vanished. Although Disney’s legal and security departments conducted investigations, Disney deflects questions about the mystery off to the flag state of the Bahamas. The Bahamas sent one police officer from Nassau (Officer Rolle, more about him below) to Los Angeles to conduct what everyone now agrees was a Coriam Family - DisneyMicky Mouse "investigation." The Bahamas refuses to provide information to the grieving Coriam family (photo right). Why? To avoid embarrassing Disney it seems. Watch the video

The alleged cover-up by Disney and the Bahamas is, in my view, a chilling insight into the sinister nature of the cruise industry. Disney promises a fun filled family vacation, until a crime occurs or a person goes overboard. Then the floating Magic Kingdom becomes your worst nightmare in my opinion. Undaunted, the Coriam family created an international maritime victim’s website to assist other families.  

Number 9: 55 Celebrity cruise passengers robbed at gunpoint in St. Lucia.

Yes, crime and armed robbery during cruise excursions happen, although the cruise lines and travel agents hate to talk about it. Robbery at gun point of cruise passengers of their Rolexes, iPhones, cameras and cash in the Caribbean and Mexico is increasing. The cruise lines and local tourism bureaus deny it, but they’re usually lying. The most dangerous port of call?  Nassau, without a doubt. St. Lucia RobberyWe’ve written about murder, robbery, purse snatching, and rape of tourists, in addition to the usual drug solicitations. Read a compilation of crimes against tourists here. Read this local Bahamian man’s view of crime in the islands, published just today. The local police in Nassau can’t even keep the teenage girls sailing from Miami safe while walking back to the ships from Senor Frogs. And this place is in charge of flag state investigations into missing persons and ship fires regarding cruise ships flying the flag of the Bahamas?      

Number 8: Royal Caribbean cuts pay, increases work, takes crew tips, and axes 100 (mostly women) employee from its corporate headquarters. 

This was a year where cruise executives’ greed reached a zenith. And Royal Caribbean led the way.  It took away cash tips direct-to-the-crew, ripped off a percentage of the tips, decreased pay of officers, staff YouTube Banned Video - Royal Caribbean  & crew, increased work, and fired over a 100 (mostly women) jobs from its corporate headquarters. When a popular YouTube video "Screw the Crew" revealed the tip-snatching scam, the cruise line banned the video. No one can abuse its crew better than Royal Caribbean, except maybe Carnival (discussed below).    

Number 7: Cruise Industry ignores man overboard safety law.

In 2010, President Obama signed the Cruise Vessel Safety & Security Act into law. It became effective in 2012. Cruise lines are Man Overboard - Cruise Shiprequired to install state of the art technology to respond immediately to persons going overboard. The technology exists. But except for one or perhaps two cruise lines, the cruise industry refuses to comply with the law. Passengers and crew, who could be quickly rescued, die because of the cruise industry’s lawlessness. The non-compliance by the non-tax paying foreign flagged cruise industry also causes the U.S. Coast Guard to spend millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars in unnecessarily-wide search and rescues which are rarely successful. Making matters worse is the cruise industry’s substantial under-reporting of persons overboard. With a few million dollars spent lobbying Congress and federal agencies like the Coast Guard and the FBI, the cruise industry can do, or not do, pretty much anything it wants.   

Number 6: Breaking news – Celebrity crew member sentenced to 8 years in prison for child pornography. 

Two days ago, a Celebrity crew member was sentenced to 8 years in jail for child porn. Here’s the full Celebrity Cruise Ship Crew Member - Child Pornstory. I’m tired of these perverts. In April a 15 year old boy was sexually assaulted on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas. In May, a Royal Caribbean passenger was sentenced to jail for transporting thousands of child pornography photos and videos on the Monarch of the Seas from Port Canaveral. No it’s not rare. In the same month, a woman on her 17th cruise encountered a man stalking her and masterbating. She says Royal Caribbean could of cared less. Earlier this year, I wrote about Sexual Perverts & Pedophiles on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships. Some say that sexual crimes and weirdos are everywhere and such incidents are not limited to cruise ships. They’re right. Don’t believe the cruise lines for a second when they say their ships are super safe. Lesson to be learned: Watch your kids. 

Number 5: Cruise industry teams up with retired Coast Guard officials and uses official Coast Guard logo to sell cruises. 

What do you do when you are a Rear-Admiral and ready to retire? Go into business with the cruise industry as a consultant. Write editorials praising the cruise lines. Leave glowing comments whenever Coast Guard Consultants for Cruise IndustryCLIA CEO Christine Duffy writes an article praising the cruise lines. When cruise ships begin to ignite to the right and left of you, tell the public that cruising is the safest and most regulated form of transportation. Be sure to say that you and your family love to cruise all of the time.  Use photos of yourself still wearing your uniform and medals. Use the official logo of your former federal agency you no longer work for. No one will know the difference. But whatever you do, don’t admit that you work for CLIA. Don’t explain that the Splendor and the Triumph cruise ships both caught on fire the day or two after the so-called "rigorous" Coast Guard inspections.  

Don’t worry that the Coast Guard will protest your unauthorized use of federal uniforms and official logos. That’s because everyone at the Coast Guard will eventually end up working for the cruise lines too.   

Number 4: Carnival fleeces its crew members and insulates itself from liability.

Carnival’s outrageous conduct this year has not been limited to the Triumph poop cruise. It terminated Micky Arison - Carnivalits crew members’ retirement program leaving many of its crew, particularly its loyal Filipinos, feeling betrayed. Its brands dipped into the crew’s tips. The crew can’t protest, because they will be fired and black-balled.  Carnival has spent millions lobbying Congress for favorable legislation which insulates itself from legal and financial liability when crew members (as well as passengers) are seriously injured or killed on its cruise ships. Carnival’s brands, like Princess, also over-work their crew and subject them to grueling hours. Carnival pays no U.S. taxes.

Meanwhile Carnival Chairman Micky Arison is one of the richest persons in Florida worth well over $5,000,000,000. 

Number 3: Royal Caribbean ship doctor evades jurisdiction after allegedly maiming an ill passenger. 

A ship doctor employed on Oasis of the Seas allegedly commits gross malpractice on an ill passenger leading to sepsis, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Doctormultiple organ failure and cerebral hemorrhage. Think that the cruise line will be responsible for the doctors who are officers on the ship, wear cruise line uniforms and work in the cruise ship infirmaries? Think again. The cruise line and the doctor reportedly tell the patient that its impossible to arrange for a medevac helicopter from the Coast Guard. They neglect the poor woman and cruise on to Mexico. This case makes me sick.

November 11, 2014 Update: Breaking News! Cruise passengers are now permitted to sue the cruise lines for medical negligence. The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal ruled that cruise lines are no longer permitted to assert an "immunity defense" when their ship doctors and nurses commit medical malpractice. Read: 11th Circuit Rejects Cruise Lines’ Immunity Defense to Medical Malpractice Claims. Contact us for further information.

Number 2: Silver Shadow fails sanitation inspection after caught hiding trolleys of meat, fish, ham, and cheese in crew quarters.  

We always knew that cruise lines played hide-the-ball games with the USPH inspectors, but haughty Silversea Cruises was particularly good at it. Crew members complained to us about the hide-the-food-from-the-inspectors games so we wrote to Silversea for an explanation. It ignored Silversea Cruises USPH Violationus. So we wrote about it. Silversea ignored us again. So we wrote about it again and posted photographs. Then we pitched the story to CNN which broadcast the disgusting story to a national audience in a well produced video.

For a high-brow cruise line to be both reckless and arrogant is a bad combination.

Number 1: Disney sails a crime scene and sexual predator out of a U.S. port to Nassau and flys the pervert employee home to India.

A 33 year old waiter from India brazenly follows an 11 year old girl out of the dining room and into an elevator where he kisses the child and gropes her breast. The little girl tells her grandmother who immediately reports the crime to ship security. But Disney doesn’t promptly report it to the local port police in Port Canaveral, or the Brevard County police or sheriff’s office, or the FBI.  Disney instead sails the ship, and the assailant and the crime scene, out of U.S. waters to Nassau, Bahamas. Even though the Bahamas is the flag state for the Disney Dream and is required to investigate crimes on Bahamian-flagged ships, Disney Cruise Line - Pervert Crew Memberthe Bahamas declines to make an arrest or prosecute. Law enforcement and prosecutors back in Florida are outraged. Disney says it did nothing wrong. You can read articles, see photos and watch video about the incident here, here, here, here, and here

Who was the police officer in Nassau who let the criminal go free? No one other than Officer Rolle. Remember him? He was responsible for botching the investigation into the disappearance of Disney crew member Rebecca Coriam who we mentioned in outrageous moment number 10 (above). What a fellow. He hides his report from the grieving family about a Disney employee lost at sea and lets the Disney child pervert go free. Yes, its a small and nasty little cruise world, isn’t it?

Worst Cruise Line in the Word:

If your child vanishes on the high seas or is assaulted during a cruise, the cruise lines may be your worst enemy. They may help the assailant escape justice. They certainly don’t think that they have any Disney Cruise Line - Worst Cruise Line in the Worldobligation to release any information to you. Disney hides behind the foreign-flag scheme of the indifferent and incompetent Bahamas. Disney, it seems to me, is complicit in the conspiracy to deceive the public. It’s a dishonest, secretive, and rotten system.

Who gets the trophy for the "Worst Cruise Line in the World" for 2013? Disney and its magical cruise ships. Carnival may have dominated the popular cruise news with its endless poop cruise, but no one comes close to the outrageous conduct demonstrated by Disney this year. 

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Photo credits: Grandeur of the Seas –; Coriam family – Daiy Mail; cruise passengers robbed in St. Lucia – DBS TV St. Lucia via the Times; Carnival Chairman Micky Arison – Forbes; man overboard – CruelKev2’s blog; retired Coast Guard official – Travel Weekly and Darley Consulting; Royal Caribbean ship doctor – LinkedIn; Disney – WKMG Local 6 Orlando.

  • Simon Howell

    It is a absolute disgrace that Mr Arison is worth so much he only does his job, there are Phillipino team members on his ships who are reliant on tips and wages to support their families back home they probably put in more hours per day than he works per week. When is this unfair practice going to stop? By all means pay him a good salary but also pay the crew who work on their ships a decent wage too!!!

  • Don Sayman

    just saw some report on how much money the Cruise
    industry brings into the Miami area. lots of money.
    ok let us destroy all of this. how you ask?
    start by forcing cruise co to pay U.S. minimum wage
    that should end this for good. bye bye cruise ships
    a $3000.00 cruise will go to $11,000 got mine in
    we have completed 65 different cruises sorry to see them go but we must pay all on ships at least $10.00 per hour. no problem any hard working U. S. family can afford $14,000 for a 4 night cruise. Happy new year all ( I have no solution) just comments.

  • Kristoffer

    Better idea-enforce U.S. minimum wage, and enforce price controls on the fares. Watch as most cruise companies stop showing up in the U.S., and the few that can meet the requirements by cutting executive salaries get a chokehold on the U.S. cruise market at the expense of their competitors.

  • Annoyed

    Disney clearly does not deserve the title of the worst cruise line in the world. They keep their ships in top condition and are environmentally friendly, not to mention packing them with entertainment. Two investigations on people out of the control of Disney are far better than the many failures of Carnival with their maintenance problems. Any normal person would clearly go Disney over Carnival, so I respectfully ask you to change your thought to make this site credible.

  • Steve

    You people have got to have better things to do! I’m trying to get info for my very first cruise!

  • Paul Hinds

    Things have been rotten in the FoC world for many decades. There either needs to be a non-recognition of any FoC ship loading or unloading passengers in US ports (including excursion passengers) or an agreement that puts any law enforcement or passenger safety operation out of the Cruise Line and FoC hands and into responsible US/UK independent hands. Couple this with stripping any immunity clause from any ship travel document/ticket.
    There are too many money executives and too few professional mariners in the Cruise Line industry!

  • Fact

    Carnival corporation are the umbrella company for many major cruise lines. They have 102 ships within their fleet. To infer that carnival is any worse than the other lines is crazy. Ships are like cities, they generally hold in excess of 3000 people and operate 365 days of the year. Just like a city, things go wrong, despite the best intentions. Also, if you look at a cross section of 3000 people on land, not all will be law abiding. This is the same on ships whether it be passengers or crew. This article is wholey unfair to the cruise industry… An industry which has grown ten-fold in the last decade. It should also be noted that these cruise companies are providing many jobs in around the world and have provided a more cost-effective alternative to other vacations. No crew member is forced onto a ship. The jobs onboard and very much in high demand and many crew of all nationalities have long and happy careers at sea. Companies ultimately have to look at the money they make for their shareholders in order to survive and remain competitive. Adjusting pay structures and cutting the corporate fat is just prudent business. The option is to reduce wages and cut some jobs in order to survive this economy, or bankrupt the business from poor management. This article feels like a cruise industry witch hunt

  • David K

    I worked for Princess Cruises for just over six years as an entertainment officer. These stories are awful, and inspire anger. However I can’t say I’m surprised at any of them. In the six years at sea, I saw some of the most vile, wretched, and underhanded things done by crewmemebers and the company, to each other and to passengers. I saw things that would make the average person sick. Don’t get me wrong, I observed passengers up to their share of no good, but there are some things that go on with the crew that would blow your mind. It can be a very evil industry, I’m glad I got out when I did.

  • lisa

    I also worked for Princess in the entertainment department… And agree with David… none of these things surprises me. I always said…. There should be a reality show of crew members on board. .. People will then see what really goes on. But then the cruise unfussy would really suffer. I wished more crew took their jobs more seriously.

  • Vladimir K

    Easy to find fault. These cruises are closed little cities of partying and sometimes outrageous behavior. Cruise officials and staff bend over backward to provide relaxed atmosphere and best of service. Few things are bound to go wrong and a few pax can never be satisfied no matter how accompdating the cruiseline. Cruising is still fun and cheap. Pax are still as responsible for their families welfare as they are at home.

  • Charles st martin

    having read Many articles on the cruise ship industry , I blows my mind that “they still don’t get it” . I have refused a Free trip this year as a result .

  • T.Crumwell

    of course we do Steve I just returned from a cruise myself however I am very happy someone took the time to help those that may be totally unaware are just a eye opener .You of all people it may seem would be happy about knowing all the pros and cons and still go and do all you can to enjoy yourself.I bet you didnt know half the stuff you are just being warned and educated about anyways just felt like posting this no disrespect meant oh and plz excuse any misspelling I am just a college student trying to learn and enjoy life hoe you have a great trip #ifUgo 🙂 and life .

  • Michael H

    Something very strange going on here with the staff? That was my first thought on my first cruise; Vancouver through Alaska on a Celebrity cruise. As a practicing HR Manager, the first thing I noticed was that in every service location there seemed to be one of every nationality. It occurred to me that this is the way you would operate if you didn’t want staff talking to each other or unionizing if like. Am I just paranoid? I started asking staff questions in English. Wages? Contracts? Tips? Working conditions? You name it, I asked it. And every question was met with a sudden loss of understanding and or fear or stress before the staff member walked away without responding. My wife speaks several languages so still intrigued I asked her to speak to one of the crew in their native tongue and ask the same questions. The crew member answered all the questions only pausing to look over his shoulder to make sure none of the other staff could hear him talking. The answers horrified me; made me feel sick. Human exploitation at every turn. And I had contributed to this by buying a ticket. Never again.

    I will give you just one example. Crew were paid according to rank and how much profit the ship made on any particular cruise. Their contract did not specify their earnings only the hours to be worked. From cruise to cruise their earnings were based on what share of the profits the cruise felt like sharing. In some cases they got just pocket money; enough to buy personal effects. On occasions they got between USD$100 and $250; roughly between $0.80 and $1.60 per hour. Most were working 12-14 hours on a promise to to feed their families living in 2nd and 3rd world countries. As I write this story I am upset; again.

  • Jon Nett