A reader of this blog from Australia has informed us that Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas cruise ship is delayed at port in the South Pacific due to unspecified problems with the ship.

AIS tracking systems shows the cruise ship in the port of Port Vila, Efate in the Vanautu islands.

We do not see any news of the situation on line.

There is no indication of the reason for the delayed departure. 

If you are on the cruise ship and have any information to share, please leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Facebook page.

Rhapsody of the Seas - Vanuatu Islands


  • Bev

    We are on the ship and lots of rumours from we hit a reef, passengers were kidnapped, engine problems, a hole in the hull and divers/welders were flown in from USA. We are sailing again now though

  • Thanks Bev for the info. I hear that the hull needed repaired. What did the Captain tell you?

  • Max

    There was no kidnapping reported, or engine problems either. Two folk were called on the intercom, two people turned up and said they were there, but their passes had not registered. The Captain merely reported there was a minor problem that needed to be attended to, and they were working on the problem, and hoped to meet the deadline for departure to Mystery island, and did not confirm or suggest any of the above rumours. Repairs took too long and so we had to miss Mystery Island and remain overnight in Luganville. A few days later in Q and A he said it was a problem of corrosion. There was no indication that we hit a reef, and we certainly did not have a storm. because of the delays we missed Mystery island. The Captain shared our disappointment, and was very aggrieved. He was very good at relating to the passengers. Despite the delays it was a top cruise.

  • jan

    We were on the cruise ship and felt that communication was poor and thus gossip developed. Local taxi drivers said they had heard that the ship had hit a reef and that personnel were being flown out from USA.