Bloomberg News reports that Viking Line’s M/S Amorella passenger ferry lost power and ran aground in the Aaland archipelago southwest of Finland.

According to the ferry company’s website, the ship carried 1,945 (with capacity of 2,400) but no one was injured and the passengers will remain on the vessel which will continue its voyage to Mariehamn. 

M/S Amorella was en route to Stockholm from Turku, when it hit rocks at Julgrund, outside of Foegloe, at 12:40 p.m. today.

The vessel was built 25 years ago in 1988 in Split, Croatia. 

Viking Line Amorella

Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Jonas Bergsten

  • Simin

    Thank you for the information. Who knows any more about the topic? My sister was in that ship and I cannot call her…what has happened to them?

  • Simin:

    News reports say that the ship lost power and hit some rocks. No one was injured.

    Regards Jim Walker

  • Martin Ericsson

    M/S Amorella run on own engines to Mariehamn at Aland. The vessel arrived to Mariehamn at 1.20 pm on Sunday and the passengers to Sweden where booked om M/S Rosella and the passenger to Turku slept on the vessel over the night. There was no panic ombord acording to all the Finnish and Swedish news papers.