Over the past six weeks, we have received emails from Royal Caribbean crew members saying that the Allure of the Seas has suffered propulsion problems. The crew members have been told by their supervisors to tell the cruise passengers that nothing is wrong.

Well this evening the story broke on Cruise Critic that Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas Suffers Propulsion Issues.

According to Cruise Critic, Royal Caribbean has admitted that it has experienced a significant reduction in the cruise ship’s speed which has caused delays and shortened calls during its cruises. A Royal Allure of the Seas Cruise ShipCaribbean spokesperson said:

"Allure of the Seas currently has a small restriction on her top speed. All equipment is fully operational, and there is no impact on the maneuverability of the ship or on the safety of our guests and crew."

A Cruise Critic member said: "When we were checking in the day before, they handed us a sheet of paper indicating that the Nassau short stay will now be shorter by one hour, on top of a delayed arrival in St. Thomas two days later. The reason stated was technical issues with the ship’s top speed. I was also told while on board that they want to slow down a bit to save fuel."

The cruise line changed recent itineraries by shortening stays in Nassau by one hour and St. Thomas  by three hours. The Royal Caribbean spokesperson told Cruise Critic:

"I won’t be able to provide you with additional details. But yes, the plan is to get Allure back up to top speed."

Can you imagine owning the world’s largest and most expensive cruise ship that already has problems maintaining the speed advertised when sold? 

Are you a crew member or have you sailed recently on the Allure of the Seas? Do you have information about the propulsion issues?  Please leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Facebook page.


Photo Credit:  Wikipedia (Zache)

  • Gabs

    I understand the companies have a policy of no refund in cases of short or missed calls due to nature and other factors outside their control, but if they knew about these mechanical problems beforehand, shouldn’t the passengers be reimbursed something?

  • Lisa

    Wow!! I am a little concerned because we are suppose to leave on Allure 10 November…I was so excited now I’m concerned

  • John Goldsmith

    Wow, I hope that Royal Caribbean Cruise lines bought the extended warranty when they signed the ownership papers. This situation cannot be swept away with corporate retoric and misleading statements. Park the thing and fix it.

  • Deanna

    We leave Jan 26, 2014 for Western Caribbean.. I hope that we aren’t affected by this!!

  • Karla Baggett

    I am leaving on Jan 5 and hope its fixed by then 🙁

  • Debbie

    What really bothers me about this is that Royal Caribbean is keeping silent on this issue instead of informing it’s passengers about the problem. Haven’t they learned anything from the problems that Carnival faced by not keeping their passengers informed?

    I thought it was interesting that I called my travel agent and she was not aware of the problem but said that she would call the company. While I waited for her to call me back I called RCCL’s customer service line to ask about the propulsion problem. The operator hemmed and hawed but wouldn’t give me a straight answer. She even tried to tell me that there was a small problem and it had been fixed. When I told her that I knew about the problem and that it hadn’t been fixed she said she needed to call her supervisor. I never did get a straight answer out of either of them. I, as a customer think that I have a right to know what is RCCL hiding? I think the media should be asking this of Adam. And is the ship actually safe to be sailing?

  • Thomas

    I have booked the Allure for March 29 and don’t really care if I arrrive into some of the stops an hour late or leave early. As long as the diving show, ice show and stage shows are going to happen – I am good.


    we are booked on 12-8-2013 and we book especially for the island and ports. shouldn’t rccl compensate for these issues if they aren’t delivery what they promise.
    thank you

  • Daniel Cruz

    I am from Mexico and left a complaint against Royal Caribbean with the BBB. For a detour they announced (voyage 378), we had a chance to go to Jamaica or go back (twice in a trip) to Nassau. Now I undestand Royal Caribbean (with the excuse) safety first (when is business first) they took us to shorter distances than what I bought. (Saving during 5 years for our trip, and completed disapointed with the change of destinations with business and saving purposes.) Thank you