Carnival Cruise Lawsuit A local news station WSVN – 7 reports on a lawsuit filed by a South Florida family after their son was allegedly beaten up by a security guard on board an unidentified Carnival cruise ship.

The lawsuit contends that a 14 year-old boy snuck into a nightclub on the cruise ship with his friends. When spotted by security, the boy ran out of the club and into a stairwell where he claims that the security guard roughed him up. He says the guard "grabs me by the shirt, slams me like really heard against the wall." 

The family’s lawyer, Spencer Aronfeld, sued Carnival because the family wants the security guard fired and to prevent another family from going through a similar experience.  Aronfeld is seeking damages for what he claims are serious neurological and psychological damages suffered by the boy. 

Expect a vigorous defense by Carnival.

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Photo Credit: 7 – News / WSVN


  • John Goldsmith

    So many questions pop up with a story like this.
    I trust , Jim, you will keep us informed throughout this case. I would like to hear both sides.

  • Sam Cheyne

    Carnival needs a little more training and leadership from the top on down. They think they can just run a cruise ship line with their own rules that do not get the proper scrutiny or training on how to conduct themselves.

    I think that the overzealous Security Guard acted like George Zimmerman and needs to be terminated. A 14 year old clean-cut kid may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but this type of treatment does not warrant such abuse.

    Sam Cheyne

  • Alan

    What about the culpability of the boy intentionally sneaking into a night club where he did not belong? He knew he wasn’t supposed to be there, that is why he ran away. If it wasn’t for him, none of this would have happened.
    And what about the parents? Where were they? Instead of accepting their blame for not properly supervising the boy, they choose to blame someone else. That is what is wrong with this country in the first place – too many people not accepting blame, and trying to put it where it doesn’t belong, and money-hungry lawyers pushing them to it.
    I think they ought to throw the boy, the parents, and the lawyer(s) of this lawsuit in prison for filing a frivolous claim. Maybe that will help them see how stupid they really are.

  • Arvind Mahajan

    Roughing up the boy is not acceptable. That does not mean the boy should get away. The parents should have been called and they should have been made accountable.

    The boy should have been given a warning.

    The security staff needs to be sensitized and trained. This needs to be done regularly. In fact, before the staff mounts duty, this briefing needs to be done daily.