Tom Stieghorst of Travel Weekly reports that Royal Caribbean may send the Allure of the Seas, which has been plagued by problems with its propulsion system, to an early drydock in order to fix the problem.

The article says the scheduled drydock is not until in 2015, but the cruise line may take the giant ship out of service earlier.

Travel Weekly quotes cruise chairman Richard Rain as the source of the information. 

Allure of the SeasRoyal Caribbean has been criticized for not being transparent in telling the public of the problem before cruising. Passengers aboard the Allure began noticing that the cruise ship was shortening its stay in Nassau and then arriving late in St. Thomas. Some excursions have been cancelled.

USA TODAY also weighs in on the issue with its article "World’s Largest Cruise Ship May Need Repairs." The newspaper explains that the Allure is just the latest in a series of ships that have experienced problems with pod propulsion systems. Three months ago, sister cruise line Celebrity Cruises’ Millennium suffered a pod problem resulting in the cancellation of several cruises. 

We have been contacted by cruisers who are booked on the Allure over the next several months, wondering whether the propulsion problems will be fixed by the time of their cruise.  

This news will create only more speculation and worry, as it now seems probable that the Allure will be taken out of service for a week or two sometime in the next few months. Exactly when is anyone’s guess.   


Photo Credit:  Wikipedia (Daniel Christensen)

  • John Goldsmith

    You can bank that while the ship is out of service, the losses will be tabulated and the supplier for the Pods will be charged back for the loss.
    I have a question though, Why was nothing discovered during the sea trials? I’m going out on a limb here, but should not the supposed sea trails have discovered any defects? What are the standards for testing the new technologies that are entering the industry? You can bet that new airplane technologies has real high standards, what about Ocean vessels and Navy ships?
    Just askin…..

  • Ed Enos

    Good comment-question about why things were not discovered during sea trials. This routine procedure for all new ships is conducted by the yard, with various contractors on board to “prove” that the equipment they provided for the ship, performs as planned, designed and intended. That’s all. To a limited extent, they run some tests over an extended period of time, given the limits of their construction and delivery schedules. So the azipod manufacturers were probably standing right there both on the bridge and in the engine room, while various tests were conducted at sea and within the harbor for maneuvering. But these pods are the biggest ever built and installed on any given ship. Some of the problems would not be apparent until some time has passed. This was the case for the azipods supplied by Rolls Royce on the Celebrity ships. Bearings wore down after far too soon than anyone expected (faulty design??). So the ships were plagued with bearing related issues.

    I truly have no idea what the problem is aboard the ALLURE. But I suspect it is similar issue. Just a guess. As posted before, figuring WHAT to do is one thing. But when and where is just as challenging. As Jim’s article states, I’m certain RCCL is probably already trying to find a yard that can receive this massive sized ship and be able to perform the repairs…whatever they may be. Please note, as I said before. The BIGGER the ship, the BIGGER the problems. The BIGGER the bills.

  • Daniel

    of course there were sea trials, but mechanical problems occur at any time, see your car for example. machinery wear and tear. by the way It is Richard Fain and not Rain, although he amy feel that the Allure is raining on his parade LOL

  • Cliff

    Our son is on the ship now for a 7 day cruise, is it safe?

  • John

    Was on ship (11/3 – 11/10) top speed per in cabin CCTV ship info channel was 17 kts

  • Dale

    I am on the ship next week. What is top speed supposed to be?

  • 22.6 knots

  • Tups

    “I’m going out on a limb here, but should not the supposed sea trails have discovered any defects?”

    That’s the same as asking if a test drive should have shown a bearing failure you got into your 4-year-old car…

  • Kyle Nelson

    I just got off the Allure. We were 3 1/2 hours late to St. Thomas. Winds were moving day during our day at sea to get there. Only two pods running whole trip. Are the problems back?

    I am not sure if RC is transparent here.