Allure of the SeasRoyal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, will enter dry dock in the Bahamas in February 2014 to undergo repairs to its propulsion system.

The decision was finally announced after the cruise line had been under criticism for not disclosing the Allure was unable to cruise any faster than around 17 knots rather than its top of over 22 knots. 

Several newspapers are saying that the cruise ship had a problem with one of its three propulsion "pods." The ship has been arriving late and leaving early from its ports of call and cancelling some excursions.

The Allure will undergo repairs during the week of Feb. 24, 2014. The cruise scheduled for that week will be cancelled and the cruise fare refunded. 



    Was wondering if things will be ok for Jan 12,2014 as i will be going on her. Will the excursions be still happening or are they shortened because of the problem.
    Just thinking if i and my friend should change cruise ships….

  • phyllis chin

    Royal Caribbean has cancelled Allure departing on 2/23/14. We are trying to rebook on another RC ship. The deal is not comprable to what we booked originally many of us have been dropped to low decks for almost what they paid for rooms on high decks with inside balconies. Some have been charged almost double to stay in rooms with balconies. About 30 of us booked a family cruise. Refunds are not available they are offering credits only. They are not doing the right thing for loyal RC customers.

  • CCL Crew Member

    I really don’t understand RCL! If they had the guts to overtakle Celebrity, why not taking care for the whole fleet and especially for being safe and sound! Me as a cre member i have seen a lot, what is happening on the Celebrity ships! At least 3, 4 of the ships deserve dry dock immediately!

    I am on one of those ( Millenium class ). And took lots opf pictures what is happening around the ships! leaks, rust, water coming out of the electrical devices ( that brings a fire up yes? ).. etc etc! Crew sleeping in really bad cabins! Open AC slot, where lots of dust and dirt is coming down!


    For being safe and for being healthy… I am resigning soon!
    My life is way more important!

  • GBS worker

    Little bit concerned about this vessel going to Grand Bahama Shipyard. When I was working there the largest dock could barely lift the Freedom class vessels, Oasis class vessels weigh over 30 000 tonnes more. Unless GBS has done some major modifications to the Docks this sounds rather dangerous.

  • im so sad for that news because the big ship no w will go to dry dock