Norfolk Virginia Port - Carnival CruiseThe Carnival Glory made its last home port stop today in Norfolk. It’s now heading here to Miami.

According to the Washington Post, Carnival said this summer that it would not deploy the Glory (or any other Carnival cruise ship) from Norfolk in 2014.

According to ABC-13, Carnival cited new environmental regulations on emissions (requiring more expensive but far less toxic fuel) as a factor behind the decision: "The 2015 North America Emission Control Area (ECA) requirements would significantly impact our fuel costs for operating cruises from Norfolk and many other ports around North America."

Only Carnival could justify abandoning a cruise port by explaining that it wants to avoid compliance with an environmental law. 

The Glory has been seasonally based in Norfolk since 2001.

Easy come, easy go. Here today, gone tomorrow.

But don’t be sad Norfolk.  Carnival is one fickle lover.

Carnival talked Mobile, Alabama, among other broken hearts, into building a new cruise terminal for tens and tens of millions of dollars. After the new terminal was built, Carnival left Mobile high and dry. The city officials were shocked and the city was saddled with debt. Even today, Mobile is still lighting a candle like a spurned lover hoping that Carnival will return. 

And Carnival dropped Antigua like a hot potato; read how Carnival broke up with its "business partner" with a "Dear John" letter sent via e-mail.  

Norfolk, it’s time to move on. It’s time to look for sustainable industries and responsible maritime corporate citizens to fill your port.

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