A reader of our Facebook page "Cruise Law News" informs us that the Sun Princess was delayed ten (10) hours departing Sydney last tonight.

The cruise ship’s captain, Andrew Froude, issued a letter which was distributed to passengers informing them that the ship was experiencing technical issues which have prevent our ability to operate at full speed."

Passenger were informed that the cruise ship would be missing the Bay of Islands.

You can see a copy of the captain’s letter below.

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Sun Princess Cruise Ship

  • Steve Spencer

    My wife and I were on the Caribbean Princess this past January. This was our 4th cruise on her, the previous 3 were fantastic but this one was just one f–k up after another the entire cruise. It was so bad we decided NO more cruises!

  • Jeff Billings

    Sun Princess Dec 2013 – 13 day cruise from Sydney to New Zealand return…”the cruise from hell”!!!…norovirus swept through the ship, toilet vacuums constantly malfunctioning, ship’s excursions slow and boring (and expensive!), restaurant food very, very poor quality.
    Previous cruises with P & O (also Carnival ships) no problems and enjoyable, but this cruise has made us return to the fly in, fly out type of travel!