Today, after a cruise passenger disappeared from the Princess cruise shipSun Princess, the cruise line admitted that "there is no CCTV footage of the man falling overboard" according to Cruise Critic.

How is this possible?

Sun PrincessOur U.S. Congress has already enacted legislation requiring that cruise ships implement state-of-the-art technologies to detect man-overboard situations. Perhaps the Sun Princess because it was operating in Australian waters didn’t bother to comply with U.S. standards.

But what is the excuse for not having a single image of the passenger going overboard?  

Cruise ships like the Sun Princess are money makers, collecting many millions of dollars every single cruise.

So why no CCTV?  Why no automated man-overboard alarms? The technologies are old school at this point.      

Why should there ever be a controversy regarding how a passenger or a crew member goes overboard on the high seas? 


Photo Credit: The Australian 

  • Mike

    Automated man-overboard alarms??? What is this and how its works?!CCTV of course must be in place for open decks

  • janice Caplin Perth Australia

    There is no way a passenger could fall overboard accidentally, one would have to climb onto the rail and jump or be thrown over. How to stop this would be an impossibility. Although I must say that the lifebuoys are so secure the ship would be kms away before one could throw one over. Crew members are not wandering the decks all hours of the day and night. people must take responsibility for their actions