The rumors of job terminations at Royal Caribbean ended yesterday when multiple news sources announced that the Miami-based cruise lines cut around 100 employees from its payroll.

Seatrade Insider was the first publication I read yesterday about the large scale termination at the cruise line’s headquarters. Its article entitled Royal Caribbean Global EVP Bauer is Leaving, 100 Other Positions are Eliminated showed a photo of  a rather somber Ms. Bauer looking tense with her hands clinched. Although the photo was probably a stock photo, the photo to me captured the anxiety and grim nature of mass lay-offs.      

Ms. Bauer has been a popular executive for Royal Caribbean and has been one the regulars photographed Lisa Bauer Royal Caribbeanwhenever a new cruise ship comes on line or a new terminal is opened. She has worked for Royal Caribbean for the past 11 years involved in sales, marketing, hotel operations and product development.

The photograph to the right shows Ms. Bauer in happier days when she was discussing the unveiling of the Oasis of the Sea. She is shown with the Royal Caribbean fraternity brothers Chairman Richard Fain, President Adam Goldstein and Captain William Wright.     

The Miami Herald published a story on the cruise employees lay-offs as well as Travel Weekly which ran the title Royal Caribbean Cuts 100 Jobs, Including Bauer’s.

In addition to Ms. Bauer, some 100 other level positions were eliminated.

A couple of years ago, Royal Caribbean initiated a similar purge of 400 employees when the vice president of risk management, the head of crew claims, the head of passenger claims and a senior representative in corporate communications were all fired. Like Ms. Bauer, these four senior employees were all women.

The other major mass termination occurred in 2001 when the cruise line eliminated 500 jobs.

I’d like to know how many of the 100 Royal Caribbean employees terminated yesterday were women? Anyone know?   

The Seatrade Insider called the most recent mass firings a "drive for greater corporate efficiency."  

Hogwash. That’s gobbledygook. The reality is fewer people will now do more work to keep money in the Chairman’s and President’s pockets.

In June, we published a spot-on article about Royal Caribbean cutting the senior officers in its marine operations department while increasing the work and reducing the pay of those officers which survived the cuts. You can read that article here: Cruise Lines Increase Responsibilities & Hours of Officers But Decrease Pay.  

These actions call into question whether "Loyal to Royal" is just a publicity slogan. 

  • Yoyo

    And it will be more interesting…

  • takie

    There will be more lay offs

  • stevie

    royal caribbean is on its way down. They only care about money and they are not even good with that!

  • techatsea

    at least is getting coverage.. Royal made a big change that directly impacted techs.. taking away cabins, cutting onboard privileges, and no raises… you wonder why hundreds of techs quit?

  • Fein and Goldstein….

    Anyone notice how Royal keeps slipping further and further behind in every area of cruising? Unhappy employees, fires, maintenance problems, PR, etc? Well…doesnt take a rocket scientist to see whos been at the helm. Fein and Goldstein. The srock price hasnt movedi in five years but other stocks of other companies has increased. Its time for the company to get rid of the yahoos who are running it into the ground, imo. Get rid of fein and goldstein. Next up should be the medical department that poorly handled the cruiser stranded in Turkey after a broken hip. The VP of medical really let his team bungle that one. A lay person could have told you the backlash would be greater than the few pennies spent to do the right thing. Oh ya. I forgot. Royal doesnt do the right thing unless it puts money into their pockets.

  • delusional

    It’s just karma that the ones on each end of that picture were fired.
    Please look into Captain Hollywood . Amazing what the truth is.




  • Mr Fister

    Doesn’t matter how much they cut for the crew, they will always find cheap labor from under privileged countries. That’s the future, instead of a department having 15 employees working 8 hours a day there will be less people working longer ships with less pay. I noticed this after 3 weeks in the company. And the hiarchy in the company is disgusting in a lot of departments.. The rich and privileged gets more rich and privileged!

  • scott rich

    Sad thing is the company is going down and down…they won’t even lay off he rest of their employees in Miramar and such…as they had promised. So, instead they are going to try and fire them. All hopes the company fails for how bad their own employees are treated and as well as customers

  • Tom

    So was Captain Wright fired? Seemed like a cool guy who new how to manage deck department really well.

  • ann

    Yes. He was.

  • Gerry

    We wondered what happened to Capt. Bill he was a first class Capt. He is the only Capt. that I have seen seeing off and welcoming them back the passengers at the tender station in my 41 years of cruising. I have been on a large number of cruises with him he is first class and a lot of people miss him.