A newspaper in Australia reports that a cruise aboard the Dawn Princess for passenger Graham Welsh was suppose to be a vacation of a lifetime.  But things began to go wrong when he sustained an injury after roof panels and lights fell on his head in a hallway on the cruise ship.  The cruise line then left him stranded in a foreign hospital in Fiji without his passport or wallet.

According to a lawsuit filed on his behalf, Mr. Mr Welsh alleges that shortly after his accident he began to vomit and suffered headaches. The cruise ship’s doctor disembarked him at the next port, Suva, Fiji, to go to the hospital for a brain scan. The newspaper article quotes him saying: “They took me down the gang-plank and stuck me in a cab. I was surprised because no one accompanied me (to hospital). No one was assisting me and I didn’t know what to do.”  He basically had only his credit card which paid for the medical visit and scan.

Mr Welsh is suing Carnival Cruises Australia (as the owner of the Princess operated cruise ship) for the injuries and for the subsequent abandonment in Fiji.

The article explains that the cruise line is not denying that the passenger was injured but is contesting his claim that he is entitled to $750,000 in compensation. Dawn Princess Cruise Ship

The defense lawyer for the cruise line suggested that the lawsuit was less about the passenger’s head injury and more about seeking revenge for the way he felt he had been mistreated by the cruise line.

“You (were bitter) that you hadn’t got what you had bargained for, or paid for, and that was an enjoyable cruise,” the defense lawyer suggested.

This is the second highly publicized case where an injured passenger alleges that the cruise line dumped them in a foreign port and and then forgot about them.

Earlier we discussed the case of 89 year-old cruise passenger Dodge Melkonian who was abandoned in Turkey by Azamara after he broke his hip.


Photo Credit:  Wikipedia / Bahnfrend

  • Tim

    “Wow” is the only thing that comes to mind. And, one must wonder what the cruise lines are thinking when the respond the way they do…

  • So…what happened after he had the scan? He was hospitalized? When did he supposedly get this enjoyable cruise?

  • Kerry

    I witnessed a lady fall into a tender maintenance hatch up to her thigh. No first aid was provided ( a roll of toilet paper was offered to stem bloodflow) on the tender or ashore, her injuries worsened and she had to report it to security and the onboard Dr. Upon disembarkation ongoing medical treatment was required and bi weekly in hospital. Carnival have not managed that situation well either. Another lawsuit will not look good for a new cruise line to our waters.

  • Tiner

    Read the other articles about him too, claiming the injury made him an ‘angry’ person whom couldn’t cope with his high paying job at the time and supposedly resigned because of his injury. Lol, well it didn’t stop him from opening a multi-million dollar business straight after he quit did it? Oh wait, he forgot to mention he quit BECAUSE he opened a business!! What a joke of a claim.

  • Lidia

    Hi, I’m interested in this case… Does anyone know what happened? What was the name of the case? Thanks.