Carnival Dream Cruise ShipSeveral cruise passengers have stated that a passenger died aboard the Carnival Dream on September 20 2013.

Cruise passengers indicate that they got into one of the hot tubs on the cruise ship Friday evening and realized that another passenger, a man, was under the water.  The man reportedly was removed from the tub, and the medical staff was notified and arrived at the scene. They tried to resuscitate the man for a period of time but were unsuccessful in doing so. The incident apparently happened around 7:45 P.M. Friday evening.

A passenger on the ship contacted us and inquired whether we have other information about this incident.  We contacted Carnival and informed them of what we leaned and sought a comment from the cruise line.

Today at noon, Carnival provided the following statement:

"September 22, 2013 – 12 noon

On Friday evening, while the Carnival Dream was en route to its homeport of Port Canaveral, Fla., the shipboard medical staff was notified that a 42-year-old male guest was experiencing a medical emergency. The medical staff responded to the location, one of the ship’s Lanai areas, and administered emergency aid but, tragically, the guest passed away.

Carnival’s CARE Team is providing assistance and support to the guest’s family.

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the guest’s family and our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.

Carnival Dream operates seven-day cruises from Port Canaveral."

The last passenger death aboard the Dream occurred two months ago: Questions Swirl Around Death of Passenger Aboard Carnival Dream Cruise Ship.

In May of last year, we reported on the death of another passenger from the Carnival Dream who allegedly received bad medical care on the cruise ship: Carnival Dream Turns Into Deadly Nightmare

September 25 2013 Update: Carnival Hot Tub Death Involved Survivor of 1985 Philadelphia MOVE Bombing


Photo Source: Wikipedia / Kuloskulos

  • Steve Smith

    With 90,000 passengers a week sailing on Carnival, sadly people pass away.

    Stop acting like an ambulance chaser…..

  • Mr. “Musical Cruiser” Smith:

    The story has been widely published by other publications here in the U.S. and in the U.K.

    In any event, thanks for your 7th comment to our blog. In prior comments on this blog, you make abusive accusations like calling people who die on cruises “plain negligent” or “irresponsible morons.” You relish name calling. Its a shame that you express such bitterness to fellow cruisers.

  • Sandra Wylds

    Myself, my husband and five of our friends was on this cruise and heard the rumor right before dinner. We heard a woman stepped into a hot tub and realized there was a man in the bottom, he was 30-40 years old and he was dead. We hoped it was just a rumor. Apparently not. Thank you for the article. Prayers for the family and friends. Very sad.

  • Morlan Reynolds

    Heard that a passenger (male) died on our cruise Friday, November 28, 2014, aboard Carnival Dream in his cabin 2215. I know an Operation Bright Star was called to that cabin repeatedly not long after we sailed away from Cozumel. No idea if this rumor floating around ship is true.