The L.A. Times Travel Section reports today that three cruise lines have announced that they plan to return to crime-plagued Mazatlan.

First, Holland America Line’s Veendam will return in November. Norwegian Cruise Line’s Star will return in December. The third line, Azamara, will sail the Quest to Mazatlan in February 2014.

In 2010 and 2011, Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line and Holland-America stopped calling at the Mexican port.  As the newspaper states, most of the cruise lines listed crime in the port as a major concern.

Mazatlan Mexico Crime - Cruise ShipThe issue of crime against cruise passengers in Mexican and Caribbean ports has been a hot topic on this blog. Read our article two and one-half years ago: Cruise Lines Skip Papua and Mazatlan, But Sail Passengers to Nassau – the Cruise Crime Capital of the World.

Don’t miss reading the Gadling article: Mazatlan and Cruise Lines, Not a Good Match Anytime Soon which was published in May 2011.

But that was over 2 years ago, the Mexican tourism people say. The officials of Mazatlan assure the cruise lines that the city has new security precautions. The police and army have allegedly cracked down on crime and they invested in security cameras, accordingly to Mazatlan officials who commented to the L.A. Times. 

The L.A. Times writes that city officials hope the three cruise lines will signal to other lines that "Mazatlan is a safe, enjoyable port where the margaritas are large and luscious, the shrimp tasty and the scenery grand."

Sounds like a good Mexican restaurant in Miami to me. Someone needs to provide me with more detailed and assuring information before I pay to sail my family to Mazatlan and go ashore. 


Photo Credit: Mazatlan – AOL / Gadling

  • mauricio bogantes

    i dont think Mazatlan its worse than Naples and even do all the cruise ship companies takes cruisers there, so many weird things happening right outside the Naples dock

  • Gustavo

    I worked for four years in different cruise lines and its more dangerous in Nassau and some other Caribbean places.

  • Sandy Pool

    Well, I am a single female that has lived and worked in Mazatlán for almost 9 years now. I am all over the city both for work and leisure, usually by myself, usally walking or taking the bus. I have never felt unsafe for a second. The cruise ships pulling out for ”security reason” was laughable to begin with. Yes, come down for a vacation and bring the family. You will not regret it! Mazatlán is a wonderful city full of wonderful people!

  • Damian

    The only dangerous thing in Mazatlan for tourist is the timeshare people!, cruise lines skipped Mazatlan due the high taxes and fees corrupted government put on them, fare enough but shame to blame it on the insecurity, cruise lines stop in places like Jamaica and Panama canal where passengers get rip off and assault from even taxi drivers every single stop,…

  • oscar escobar

    mentira, pura mala publicidad para nuestro puerto, en estados unidos las ciudades estan llenas de violencia, las pandillas tienen controladas las ciudades y atacan o asaltan a quien sea, no solo a bandos rivales, es cierto aqui en mazatlan hay violencia por parte del narcotrafico, pero no es una zona de guerra como lo hacen ver los medios de comunicacion de paises extranjeros, ellos solo se matan entre ellos, los demas, quienes no debemos nada, nada tememos, uno camina con su familia por toda la ciudad tranquilamente, pasea por el hermoso y de los mas grande malecones del mundo, el faro natural mas alto del mundo, sus hermosas playas, hemos estado en la playa vecinos con todas nuestras familias hasta 11:00 o 12:00 de la noche, sin preocupaciones, todo se encuentra perfecto,tranquilo, si no, preguntele a muchos de los extranjeros d radican aqui en mazatlan, veran que es un puerto seguro, bello e ideal para vivir o vacacionar…

  • i cant beleave that you people are still saying that mazatlan is unsafe, when you havent been down here in a long time… mazatlan has been always safe, it was just the media who represented it as a dangerous place. if you have come down here you would have seen it. mazatlan is a frendly place to visit, where the taxy driver’s treat you right, and locals give you the respect you deserve as a tourist. we live our life directly or indirectly from the tourist. so please STOP the BS. come visit mazatlan NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU OR YOUR FAMILY. Ps. Sorry my english is not perfect.

  • CR

    Seriously Jim, “bulletproof jackets”? I thought the fear mongering editorials about Mexico had become passé by now. Everyone knows the reason the cruise ships pulled out of town was due to politics and port fees, and not because of some crime against cruise passengers. I guess you’re just trying to generate readership by posting inflammatory titles, rather than writing something truly compelling to the reader. Why don’t you write about how much you and other writers have destroyed families ruined businesses and hurt tourism in Mexico in order to gain readership? I’m so tired of the misleading stories that are pushed out to the public. How about interviewing some locals, ex-pats, or tourists who still flock there year after year because they know better than to rely on your drivel? Now that would be a good read…

  • Marlene S.

    Hey, Jim! Yes, I have to weigh in, too. As a long time fan (and more) of this website, I have to say I was disappointed to see this damaging headline. I have lived here in Mazatlan for 13 years and feel 100% safer than I did in Vancouver, Canada, or anywhere else. I work over the internet, in social media moderation, so I have the option to work anywhere in the world. My husband is a musician who also can work from anywhere, but we love Mazatlan best. It has a small town feel and treats tourists better than anywhere we have ever seen in Mexico. Our taxi drivers are safe and honest, unlike many other ports. Our tour guides, the same. I hope you will reconsider.

    Please just give this port a break. It is far safer than any other port in Mexico. As a former AAA travel agency manager, I have cruised the world and experienced some very unsavory ports of call, so I know of what I speak. You have the power to change the myth. Please consider it so we can remain friends. 🙂

  • Ann Benson

    My husband and I have been going to Mazatlan for the last 9 years. We have never felt unsafe. The people are very friendly and always willing to help you if you need it. We have made many lasting friendships with some of the local people. You should go there yourself and experience the culture and friendliness and see some wonderful scenery. We have never thought of not going because of danger. It is everywhere but if you don’t go looking for it you won’t find it.

  • Amy

    I have been going to Mazatlan for over 20 years. To say it is unsafe is laughable. The people on cruise boats that get in serious trouble on stops, often bring it on themselves by attempting to buy drugs. Mess the cartels, you may regret it. But law abiding citizens will be fine. When the Cruise boats left, the tourism industry was crippled and people have been hurt. Stories like this, based on no knowledge of the actual city and its people, have caused far more damage to good, honest people than an incident two years ago.

  • Duncan Walker

    ok been here for a month eat the vendor food walk the streets at night live a normal life rv down from bc Canada not only safe but really inexpensive average meal is 5.00 US couldn’t even come close in US moral standards are 10 times better here if u come here for any length of time u will be looking at living here

  • William

    Is more dangerous in USA than is in Mazatlan, in Mazatlan you will never see a kids killing his schoolmates or a wife killing her husband in America people just kill because they can… so stop to this really stupid new, if you dont want to go to Mazatlan dont go, but yoy should wear bullet proof jacket every day in America, never mind you are allowed to have guns right for your self defense