A dispute has erupted in Nassau whether cruise passengers who disembark in the Bahamas should be warned of the risk of violent and often deadly crime. 

In response to the widespread violent crimes and high homicide rate in the Bahamas, Carnival Cruise Line finally began warning its passengers of the crime problems ashore before the passengers disembark. The warning comes in the form of a letter which Carnival provides to its passengers before they arrive at port in Nassau.

Carnival’s warning includes telling the thousands of passengers Atlantis Nassau Bahamas - Carnival Cruise - Crimeon each ship not to carry large sums of cash when disembarking in Nassau.

Tribune 242 reports that the Atlantis Resort in Nassau (which can accommodate some 4,000 cruise passengers a day) is “very concerned” about the crime warning sent by Carnival. Simply put, it seems like Atlantis is afraid that the cruise line will scare off the resort’s potential customers.

The newspaper reports that local merchants in port including those along Bay Street, in addition to the Atlantis mega-resort on Paradise Island, have expressed concerns over the effect of Carnival’s warning on their business.  

David Johnson, the Ministry of Tourism’s director-general, told the newspaper that the Bahamas was trying to respond to the anger expressed by Bahamian merchants over the impact on their businesses by Carnival’s warning letter. Mr. Johnson said that the letter was being left by Carnival employees in cruise passenger cabins. Johnson was quoted saying:

“Every passenger receiving a note like that, even before they arrive at the destination, that’s not what we would wish to see. We want to optimize the tourism dollars businesses are getting, so we’re very concerned about that." 

Johnson also said that it sent a "negative message about Nassau to potential visitors before they even set foot in the city." 

“We’re disappointed that the cruise lines may be discouraging passengers from venturing off the ship,” the Atlantis executive George Markantonis told the newspaper. 

My take? How irresponsible on Atlantis’ behalf.

Atlantis has experienced significant problems with tourists robbed at gunpoint or its own employees attempting robbery, as you can see here and here.

Cruise lines like Carnival have a legal responsibility to warn cruise passengers of the risk of crime which it knows or should know about ashore in its ports of call. Crime in Nassau is well known to the cruise lines but not generally known by passengers.  Read our recent articles here and here. Crime in Nassau has been a major problem ever since I started this blog: Bahamas Cruise Crime Nightmare Continues

Carnival is finally doing the right thing by warning its passengers of the crime in Nassau. Atlantis, on the other hand, seems driven only by the Almighty Dollar.  

September 10 2013 Update:  Read the U.S. State Department’s warning about Bahamas. 


Photo Credit: Atlantis – Carnival Cruise Line

  • Matt

    If they are so concerned they should put pressure on the local government to get this under control. I have a business and if the locals are the issue you deal with the local government. Do not blame others for your own internal issues. The resorts hold the economic power on that island. Use it!

  • Chris

    Well done to Carnival, as an ex employee of a cruise line that frequents Nassau, I think it is great that they are doing so. As part of the Guest Relations team I had to deal with many traumatized guests, that has fallen victim to the crime in Nassau. Not just just once or twice but on a weekly basis. Robbed at gun point, even sexual harassment and a case of rape. I truly don’t understand why cruise lines actually still go there. Cheap port of call? Yes, definitely! but is it worth the risk????

  • marianne

    here are a few of the alleged murder suspects smiling at their new notoriety http://jonesbahamas.com/murder-suspects-in-custody-2/
    ps the police say they dont need defence for help.

  • marianne
  • marianne

    US embassy Nassau, warning May 2013.

  • Ramon

    Instead of issuing warnings, Carnival should just call at safer ports, such as Key West. Canival pulled 30 port calls out of Key West in 2013 and switched them to Bahamian ports. They can easily switch back to provide their guests a safer trip.