KRBD FM Community Radio for Southeast Alaska has an interesting story today about cruise passengers aboard the broken down Celebrity Millennium cruise ship calling 911 in Ketchikan out of fear that a "riot" would break out. 

It seems like some cruise passengers were unruly about the cancellation of the cruise and communications about where the passengers were to be flown.

A local police chief told KRBD:

“We, the police department, received three 911 calls from passengers on the MV Millennium who stated that people were getting unruly on board the ship, and they believed a riot was about to begin. Officers responded to the ship, met with ship security and advised them of the 911 calls. Ship security and officers contacted approximately 500 guests on the third floor of the vessel, and subsequently peace was restored and officers left.”

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Just imagine if the Millennium was stuck in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico for four or five days.

Millennium Cruise ship Alaska

Story & Photo Credit: KRBD

  • Thaddeus but munch

    Those fools promised ME airfare to anchorage and ended up in Vancouver! They are paying hotel bills here and doing their best but still NO excuse for the ship to not be fixed they got us off ASAP because of riot fear no doubt I shoulda burned the drapes in the theater with my hand sanitizer but I don’t have a match hope some chairs go thru some mirrors and they sink it with c4!! Violent man violent home violence only way I ever known!!

  • Tom Beekman

    Celebrity handled this with class and dignity. They chartered flights for us, put us in hotels paid for everything to make a bad situation right. There was no threat of riot. The ship could not be fixed where it is. It had to be taken to a special dock to be repaired. What idiot posts they just wanted us off the ship. Give me a break. Get real and realize the outstanding job they did. Grow up things happen and when a company handles their guests with finesse.Accept it like an adult of travel on a lower class company that strand you at sea.

  • thaddeus buttmunch

    Tom..Tom..TOM..try to UnderStand. They PROMISED Me and others airfare to Anchorage. They Sent us to Vancouver or Seattle and we had to buy one way tickets to Anchorage if we were touring Denali Park, etc. A refund CANNOT make up for the lost week of my life and my only yearly vacation!

  • Ilene Flanagan

    I think the big difference was as soon as the cruise was cancelled, we called and made reservations in Anchorage. We were in Ketchikan until 10:30pm 8/22, Thursday and they did fly us to Anchorage since we had reservations. We weren’t thrilled that we didn’t get to our Anchorage hotel until 2AM & we had a 4 year old.
    We made the best of being in Ketchikan & did have a good time.