Today local NBC affiliate channel 6 aired a story today about a 9 year old boy who underwent emergency brain surgery after being injured during a cruise sponsored game on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

The incident occurred on the Monarch of the Seas. 

The child’s family say that they trusted Royal Caribbean to organize safe activities for their son during the cruise. The family claims that two staff members threw balls at the boy who ran to avoid getting hit.  The boy collided with another child and then struck his head on a hard object.

Monarch of the SeasaThe child then underwent emergency brain surgery in Nassau.

The family is now suing Royal Caribbean claiming that the activity designed by the cruise line was unreasonably dangerous for the child.

Royal Caribbean responded with the following statement:

“We regret that a young guest that sailed onboard Monarch of the Seas was injured. A vacation is supposed to be filled with fun, rejuvenation and relaxation, and it is regrettable that this family’s vacation was interrupted by their son’s injury, However, Royal Caribbean believes that while this unfortunate incident happened on board a cruise ship, it is not unique to a cruise ship, and could happen at any school, playground, or daycare.”

It should be interesting to see if Royal Caribbean releases the true number of injuries caused by the game – or whether it hides the ball so to speak.

The child and his family are represented by Miami lawyer Spencer Aronfeld.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia / Sparrowman980

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  • Patty Goodell

    The game is dodgeball and played regularly in gym classes across the country. It is no more dangerous than any other ball game!

  • Beto Garcia

    Dodgeball is played everywhere around the world.
    The child´s behaviour during the kids activities should be investigated as well and not to blame the cruise line as only responsible. Survelliance cameras should be reviewed.

  • Bobby Malbrough

    As a personal injury attorney I fail to see the “negligence” of RCCL. While this incident is unfortunate for the child and the family, if it was in fact dodge ball and it was an organized activity, running into another child and then falling does not consitute negligence. I wonder if the parents sued the parents of the child the boy ran into. But then again, there is a move afoot in the U.S. to get rid of any activity that involves a chance of a child losing in a game. The courts should be reserved for real litigation and I do not believe this constitutes negligence on behalf of RCCL. Just my opinion. I feel sorry for the child and hope his surgery was successful.

  • Patches O’Hoolihan

    Remember the 5 d’s of dodge ball:
    Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.