Our law firm handles cases on behalf of injured passengers and crew members against cruise lines.  Other law firms handle auto accidents, dog bite cases and whatever may walk in the door.  Our firm sues only cruise lines in cases involving serious injuries. That’s all that we do.

One of the cruise lines that we file lawsuits against on a regular basis is Royal Caribbean.

Types of Royal Caribbean Lawsuits:  The type of cases we handle against Royal Caribbean can be divided into two general categories – personal injury cases and crime cases.

Crime Lawsuits:  Most of the crime cases we have handled over the years involve sexual assaults on Royal Caribbean cruise ships.  We have represented women who have been sexually assaulted on cruises by cruise line ship doctors, security guards, waiters, bar tenders and cleaners. The rapes have occurred in the passenger cabins, utility closets, and crew bathrooms. 

The crimes are not limited to the cruise ships. Crimes against passengers have occurred during cruise sponsored excursions such as diving and snorkeling trips, sailing and catamaran outings, and in and around bars at the cruise port in the Caribbean and Mexico. We have represented parents whose minor children have been molested by Royal Caribbean crew members and teenagers who have been sexually assaulted by older passengers.

Injury Lawsuits:  Passengers on Royal Caribbean cruise ships have been seriously injured in a wide FlowRider Danger - Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship variety of cases.  Passengers occasionally slip and fall on slippery decks and floors and sustain serious injuries such as fractured ankles, knees and hips. Injuries on the cruise line’s wide variety of recreational attractions are common, including skating rinks and rock climbing attractions.  Injuries on the Royal Caribbean FlowRider surfing simulator are frequent.  Royal Caribbean passengers have sustained serious, permanent and debilitating injuries, and have even been killed, on the highly dangerous FlowRider. 

The FlowRider is a major money making attraction for Royal Caribbean, but it’s unreasonably dangerous in my opinion.

You can read about FlowRider accidents and injuries here.

Types of Clients:  We represent cruise ship passengers and crew members. Most of the passengers we represent are from the United States. We have represented clients literally from across the United States. 

Our crew member clients, who sustain back, neck and wrist injuries due to the long hours and repetitive nature of their work, are typically from Jamaica, St. Vincent, India, Argentina, Venezuela, Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia, among other countries. 

If you or a family member have been seriously injured due to the negligence of Royal Caribbean, consider hiring a law firm which focuses its experience and resources on cruise ship lawsuits – not auto accident or dog bite cases.

Call our office at (305) 995 5300 or email me at jim@cruiselaw.com. 


Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean FlowRider Sign – Jim Walker

  • Tresea Miller

    My family of 11 boarded Freedom of the Seas (RC)
    on 11/15/15 .Immediately after the second meal in the dining room my husband was plagued with diarrhea and projectile vomiting. As were 5 other members of my family. We brought every product we could think of to cover most illnesses as this was a first cruise for some , so we attempted to treat the problem with Pepto-Bismol .Stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting continued so we called the medical staff. We were given Imodium , Tylenol , and Phenergan .Then we were told
    we were quarantined to our state rooms until further notice and if we didn’t stay willingly then security would hunt us down and shut us in forcibly. We were told there were numerous other cases as well. anyway we docked on the 22nd, but 3 family members still have severe stomach cramps , diarrhea , and nausea . We feel we were cheated by RC and that we should be compensated.

  • Kathy brown

    I was on Anthem of the Seas in hurricane! They put my husband and I in grave danger!

  • William Smith

    I was on the February 06, 2016 cruise with the Anthem of the Seas and on the following day February 07, 2016 off of the coast of Cape Hateress our family went through a terrifying and Scary hurricane like winds for twelve hours straight. According to the ships own itinerary Chanel winds topped as high as 156 knts, listed 45 degrees, and experienced 33 ‘ waves which I believe we’re 80’ because the swells were as high as our deck 8 balcony states room. Prior to this storm warnings and alerts front NOAA’S and the National weather channel that this low pressure system was dangerous and imminent and dispite these warning RC and the Captain took us into harms way. Our group consisted of 8 adults and four children. I am 59 years of age and can tell you this is the most frightening experience I have ever had and I’m sure the others 6,000 crew members and passengers feel the same way. Serious injury would have been welcomed compared to twelve ours of hell. Thank you, William Smith 301-697-4612