The criminal trial against Captain Schettino finally started this week but, believe it or not, was suspended due to a national strike of lawyers in Italy.

Captain Schettino showed up for the first day at the theater in Grosseto where the trial will be held. The paparazzi photographed him wearing a snappy blue sports coat. No tie. An open collar shirt. Cool sunglasses. Tan. With his I’ll-say-anything-attitude. This guy is too much. On trial for abandoning ship and manslaughter with 32 dead on his watch and he appears like a playboy vacationing on a yacht in Monaco.

All he needed to complete his image was his blonde former cruise ship dancer Moldovan paramour at his side.   

The Telegraph newspaper reports Captain Schettino’s story changed. His lawyers stated that he really didn’t abandon ship. He was "inadvertently thrown from the ship" is the latest excuse.

From "I-slipped-and-fell-into-a-lifeboat" whopper to "I-was-inadvertently thrown-off-the-cruise-ship" tall tale. Oh boy.

What a soap opera will unfold when the lawyers come back to work from their strike.

Captain Schettino - Costa Concordia Cruise Ship

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Photo Credit: AP / Giacomo Aprili via Telegraph

  • Sal

    As a lawyer, shouldn’t you know not to try cases in public? This article can taint a jury and cause a partial jury, which reduces his chances for a fair trial. He is innocent until proven guilty. And until the jury comes back with a conviction, articles like this one are simply unacceptable.

  • Sal:

    Lawyers involved in a legal case are ethically prohibited from making statements to the public that are designed and likely to influence the jury.

    Jurors can’t consider anything except the evidence introduced at trial. Jurors have to take an oath that they will be fair and impartial and keep an open mind until all of the evidence has been introduced and then decide the case based only on that evidence.

    In Schettino’s case, there is no jury. His case is being decided by a judge. And I am not involved in the case anyway. There is no ethical or legal prohibition that applies to me or to lawyers not involved in the case.

    Members of the general public are not jurors and can form their own opinions whenever and however they want.