George Smith Cruise Ship DisappearanceIt has been eight years since George Smith disappeared from the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas in the early morning hours of July 4, 2005.

The cruise line initially stated that it had no idea what happened. But in 2012 it was revealed that Royal Caribbean took possession of a video shortly after the incident which implicated several men who were last seen with Mr. Smith. The video shows one of the men saying "we gave that guy a paragliding lesson without a parachute."

The FBI took possession of the video back in 2005 and did not reveal the contents to any of the families.

Seeking justice on the high seas when crimes occur is often a difficult task. The FBI has a poor record prosecuting crimes on cruise ships. It often seems that the FBI is more concerned with not embarrassing the cruise lines than obtaining justice for victims of crimes and their families.

The George Smith case is a good example of justice denied. But the case is still "open" and has been transferred from the FBI’s office in Connecticut to the FBI office in New York. Say your prayers that there’s an arrest and prosecution.

You can read a series of articles about Mr. Smith’s disappearance here.


Photo Credit: CBS

  • Hhhhmmmmm

    Didn’t Royal hire some retired big wig from the FBI to head up their security department? Maybe some back door courtesy is being given to Royal?

  • Cindy Lee Maxion

    George Allen Smith IV was an All American young Man. He resembled us. The United States America. A perfect example of an american boy. He stood for the USA. Those men who killed him were jealous of americans and were anti american. I will do anything to see those 3 boys in jail and deported for what they did. I hope a way to get them.they hurt our country to some degree. Not only did they murder they murdered in a anti american way. I pray for Justice for George and his family. I feel there will be some.