Cruise Ship CrimeTonight NBC News aired a segment on the recent hearing before the Senate regarding the issue of cruise ship crimes.

Senator Rockefeller scheduled the hearing in a year filled with high-profile cruise ship mishaps. NBC correspondent Mark Potter reports that lawmakers are turning their attention to the amount of crime that takes place while vacationers are out at sea. 

Senator Rockefeller’s staff conducted an exhaustive analysis of cruise ship crimes. Senator Rockefeller discovered that of the 959 crimes alleged to have occurred on cruise ships since 2011, only 31 crimes were disclosed to the American people.

Concealing the accurate number of crimes, particularly sexual crimes against children, is a real disservice to the cruising public. 

I was interviewed at the Port of Miami about the need for cruise passengers to remain vigilant during cruises.  

Professor Ross Klein, a cruise expert who has testified before Congress on several occasions, explained that 18% of the sexual assaults on cruises, occur against minors.  

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Watch the video below.


  • Michael Bauman
  • I like how the report implies it is the cruise lines hiding the “alleged” crime statistics but then the NBC news reports says “Of the 951 crimes reported to the FBI by the cruise lines, only 31 were posted on the Coast Guard web site.”

    Whose fault is that? The cruise lines reported the crimes – yet Rockefeller continually acts like it is a cruise line problem.

    Did Rockefeller even once say anything about the responsibility of the FBI or the federal government in these cases? No, rather he implied that because the initial reports were made to a cruise line staffer that they were being covered up.

    In other words – pure nonsense. The cruise lines are reporting to the proper authorities. The cruise lines are not policemen, they have no jurisdiction, no courts, no penal system. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (whom Rockefeller represents) has the responsibility to follow up.

    But he did he ever, once, even address that issue? No.

  • Paul:

    The cruise lines with the assistance of the FBI altered the language of the proposed Cruise Vessel Safety & Security bill so that the cruise ship crimes could be concealed. This subverted the original intent of the cruise safety bill. Senator Rockefeller has introduced legislation that will correct this problem.

    Senator Rockefeller has addressed this issue and Congress’ shortcoming. But he is on the right path and he is not going to let the cruise industry continue to conceal the 97% of crimes which are currently being concealed.

    Jim Walker