In a case likely to have long term ramifications for the image of Disney Cruise Line (Magical Cruise Company), the story of Disney-flying-a-child-molester-back-to-India which was broken by a local news station in Orlando last night has already reached a national and international audience.  

The case is essentially no different that an airline learning that one of its flight attendants, age 33, molested an eleven year old child on an airplane and then flying the crime scene, the assailant, and the victim to a foreign country where it knows that criminal prosecution is impossible. Then, to top it off, paying for the crew member to fly home to the other side of the world rather than returning him to the U.S. for prosecution.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship Sexual Crime Cover UpDisney’s outrageous conduct is not lost on reporters from around the world. 

Daily Bhaskar (India) reports Caught on camera: Disney Cruise Line employee molests 11-year-old in ship elevator.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail published The Shocking Moment Disney Cruise Line Dining Room Server, 33, Molested Girl, 11, in Ship Elevator.

The International Business Times reported: Did Disney Cruise Line Let A Child Molester Go Free?

News Beat (Greece) reports Ship worker sexually harassed 11 year old girl

The New York Daily News published Disney Cruise Line Failed to Promptly Notify Police that Crew Member Molested an 11-Year-Old Girl.

The highly respected travel writer Peter Greenberg wrote: Cruise Scandal: Did Disney Cover up Employee Sexual Misconduct?

The Stir (a popular blog catering to moms) got it right in the article Disney Cruise Employee Caught on Camera Molesting 11-Year-Old But Goes Free Anyway

There are other news articles on line from China, Romania, Turkey, and Germany about the case.

Expect others in the news media to cover the disturbing story of how the family-friendly Disney Cruise Line responds to crimes against kids on its cruise ships.  


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Image credit to WKMG Channel 6 in Orlando.

  • Theo


    I am a lawyer too in Australia although not in maritime law.

    Isn’t the ANYTHING that can be done to hold Disney to account on this matter? For example, their failure to report the matter in the States?

    I already wrote a letter to Karl Holtz, President of the Disney Cruise Line, expressing my disgust at this situation. I also told him he should resign.

    Obviously that will go nowhere so isn’t there any legal action that can be taken?

    I would happily donate my time for free on a full time basis to see both the perpetrator and Disney held to account.

  • David S. Pressler

    My family had been saving for a Disney cruise, but after reading the sexual abuse stories surrounding Disney Cruise Line we are finding it more and more difficult to move ahead in good conscience.

    I also heard that following a separate molestation incident in 2014 that led to an arrest, the Disney Cruise Line manager (James Willowby?) was discretely transferred to a high ranking position inside Disneyland in California, possibly to help him avoid being named or involved in the criminal investigation on the sexual abuse cases that took place while he was in charge? If this has any truth to it, Disney’s claim of zero tolerance seems to apply to everyone except their managers or executives!

    This is starting to sound like the Catholic church shuffling priests around to sweep things under the rug… someone should be held accountable.

    Royal Caribbean of one of the other lines will be our choice.

  • Andrea G

    News of this is appalling! Just this last month, during our visit US my family were invited as guests for lunch at Club 33 inside Disneyland by a dear friend who has been a member there for a number of years. Our party a truly amazing experience. The food and service were superb, and and to describe the ambiance and decor wondrous and second to none would be an understatement. Truly a lovely, once in a lifetime event that our group will cherish for years and years.

    However, after reading and hearing the current manager of Club 33, James Willoughby is part of a long history of child compromising or molestation cover-ups I am feeling quite sick in the pit of my stomach.

    How can behaviour of this sort be tolerated, or transferred to another department, now in the 21st century, especially by a company so child oriented as Disney? I am truly flabbergasted.

    There is simply no rationale or excuse that has settled my disgust.

    Thank you for your reporting on these matters. It helps parents like me make more informed decisions about keeping our children and families safe.