The Cruise Critic message boards contain a discussion that there was a fire aboard Princess Cruises’ Coral Princess cruise ship last night.

The comments indicate that there was a great deal of smoke but the fire was extinguished without injury to passengers or crew. There is conflicting information regarding exactly where the fire occurred. There is a mention of the fire being on deck 9, although the heading to the comments refers to what is described as an "engine room fire."

Princess Cruises and the Coral Princess are owned by cruise giant Carnival PLC. 

Please leave a comment if you have information about the fire.

Coral Princess Cruise Ship Fire 

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  • Barbara

    We were on the Coral P the last two weeks, and, yes, there was a small fire in the engine room on Deck 2 last Wed., about 10:15 pm. We were in the theater (forward Deck 7)at the time of the announcement for the “assessment team” to report to Deck 2 (the lowest passenger deck is #5). Shortly thereafter there was a signal to all crew to report to their assigned place when an emergency arises. This was a precaution on the part of the captain in case the fire was not quickly contained. We neither smelled nor saw smoke as we returned to our cabin on Deck 9 forward, but the following day we did hear from a fellow pax about smoke in the Atrium (mid-ship, decks 5-8). Fortunately, the fire was quickly put out and the crew stood down within an hour. The captain made several announcements to the pax during this time to keep us up to date on what was happening.

  • Michael Magick

    We were on board the ship as well and were on Deck 5. Many passengers were in the hall way on deck 5, from my vantage point I could see down the deck 5 stairwell and see deck 4 where a white fire hose crossed the floor in front of the elevators near the medical center on deck 4 and they went down the crew stairs to deck 3 and below. We were told it was an engine room fire with plastic burning. Passengers on the open deck 7 reported seeing smoke and the ship clearly had the smell of burning materials. I happened to video tape down from deck 5 to deck 4 and have some 3 to 5 minutes of video. I actually saw two crew members fully suited up in their fire suits after the fire was put out. My recordings include some of the announcement the Captain made.

  • Jane Pym

    Myself, husband and two other couples were on the Coral Princess. We were all at the Casino. Although you could see that the staff were very uneasy, they were extremely professional and went about their business in an orderly fasion.

    I have travelled on many cruises with Princess and this has never happened. It certainly has not put me off travelling with Princess as they were highly professional and the Captain kept us appraised at all times.

    I would like to thank everyone concerned for making an unpleasant situation more bearable.

  • James Nicol

    May 1, 2013, at about 2230. My wife and I were on this ship at the time. It was about 2230 while we were at the night’s last show in the Princess Theater about 5 hours after leaving Aruba. Comedian was winding down his act when there was a very noticeable thud from the front of the ship and the ship shuddered mildly. Comedian remarked that we must have hit a whale and everyone nervously laughed.

    Then after a few minutes, we heard the emergency alert siren multi-blast, and the Captain instructed the “assessment team” to report to Engine Room#2 immediately and to report back”. A few minutes later a second emergency alert siren multi-blast and Captain called an “all ships crew report to emergency stations” alert. Cruise Director stopped show and told us all to go to our staterooms and wait further instructions.

    On our way back to our room, we had to dodge the ship’s crew who had donned life jackets and were RUNNING to their stations with VERY concerned looks on their faces. Some of the younger ones were visibly scared and this was probably their first real emergency alert. We could smell smoke in the hall ways and smoke bellowed out of lee side (port) of ship.

    A little over an hour later, the Captain made an announcement that the fire was being controlled and thanked us for remaining calm & cooperating. Then about 30 minutes later, about 2400, Captain announced fire was out and ship was back to normal operations and for the ships crew to “stand down” and return to normal stations. Needless to say, it was difficult to get to sleep for the remainder of the night.

    Next morning, Captain announced there had been a class 1 fire in the engine room#2 that was put out quickly and there was no compromise to normal ships operations. He thanked the crew for their professional response and the passengers for their cooperation and understanding.

    In the morning we could see the Dolphin port side Suites & hallway had been soaked and the carpets were pulled up with fans blowing to dry them out. During breakfast we learned from other passengers that there had been enough smoke in the port side cabins and hallway on at least the Dolphin Deck to trigger the smoke detectors and sprinklers and that the passengers were relocated to vacant dry cabins for the night.

    Also found out the Captain had changed course during the fire to try to prevent smoke from blowing back into the ship. Captain and crew were very professional thru out the ordeal and we felt things were under control.