Cruise Passenger George SmithSaturday night, CBS’s "’48 Hours" will air what is being described as "important new evidence" in the mysterious disappearance of George Smith during his honeymoon cruise. The episode is called "48 Hours: Murder at Sea?"

You may recall that George Smith from the Greenwich Connecticut area was enjoying his honeymoon with his newly-wed bride Jennifer Hagel when he disappeared from the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas in the early morning hours of July 5, 2005, leaving a blood-stained awning behind him. 

The cruise line quickly concluded that Mr. Smith was intoxicated and must have been sitting on a balcony railing and fell overboard, and it reported this self-serving opinion as its official report to the flag state. Royal Caribbean ignored the fact that four young men were last seen in the Smith’s cabin and that there were sounds of an argument and loud noises consistent with a struggle, followed by a resounding "thud" on the awning below.  

Gregory Rozenbeg - Cruise Disappearance of George SmithWe represented George’s wife, Jennifer, who instructed us to retain noted forensic scientist Henry Lee in the face of the cruise line’s lack of cooperation.

Last year, CBS reported that the FBI had possession of a videotape taken by the four men where they talk callously of George’s death. The video captures one of the men saying "we gave that guy a paragliding lesson without a parachute." Cruise passenger Greg Rosenberg reportedly flashes gang signs and says "Told ya I was gangsta." 

We have written prior articles about Gregory Rozenberg such as "Disappearance of George Smith Update: Do You Have Information About Gregory Rozenberg?"   Rozenberg’s mugshots are readily available online, including the one to the right taken last fall.

Royal Caribbean concealed this tape from us throughout our representation of Jennifer Hagel. The tape’s existence was revealed by the FBI last year to the lawyer for the Smith family. 

Its disgraceful that the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice have not proceeded with a criminal case. Its been going on eight years since George’s disappearance. A prosecution is long overdue.

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  • MJK

    Is it true that the FBI has the tape as a result of the sexual assault report filed, that nothing was ever done about either?

  • Richard Svoboda

    Have you heard of the drug used in ” Russia” that is like a “ruffi” that makes you compliant with any request and you go along willfully! The next day you remember nothing, and witnesses say you went along willingly! That’s fucked up!
    I wonder if Mrs. Smith was drug tested to see if she was slipped something?

  • lydia bouffard

    It appears to sound like a night of boozing, partying too hard, and a huge accident happened. Although the boys were obviously idiots… that’s all they are guilty of, Stupidity.

    It is hard to accept it, and the family want someone to hold responsible, but it looks like it was a simple foolish accident.

    I’m sorry if my comment might offend but this is my opinion per what I see outside the box.

  • yuiop

    I think he was murdered over money…Russians and josh.

  • gerry

    The wife, while heavily intoxicated, had her whereabouts accounted for, and she was not near the room around the timeline when Smith seems to have went overboard. However, these four men – they are not boys – were somehow involved in Mr. Smith’s disappearance, as well as the rape of the young woman on this same cruise.

    Their lies about ordering room service when they never did so, their denials about what they were clearly overheard saying by witnesses about Smith, their covering up their various versions of what they were doing in Smith’s room.

  • EDav

    The State Room of the Smith’s was apparently ransacked and in total disarray. That certainly indicates sinister activity. It is also odd that Royal Caribbean did not immediately relinquish the video recording it had showing thugs onboard bragging about being involved.

    Coincidentally, I cruised on Brilliance of the Seas on the next cruise that followed the cruise in question. The ship was truly fantastic. Incredible service! Also there were innumerable security cameras and an abundance of security personnel. Mr. Smith’s disappearance was a hot topic among the passengers. However, as you would imagine, this subject was absolutely “verboten” to the ship’s staff. Several of the bartenders stated the matter was closed for discussion and further several denied even knowing there had been an incident.

    There is just too much smoke for there to be no fire.

  • Priscila Cassou

    I just watched this now on TV and I can’t believe there is still no answer… after the tape was released is amazing that the guys are still out there… living a normal life…

    Please, Jim Walker, keep us updated!

  • Glenda

    There was some talk on the show about Mr. Smith having an expensive watch. Has anyone closely checked the video of the 4 guys being questioned on the ship to see if one of them is wearing it?

  • lynn taylor